big brother 1734 judas austin comes to play 2015

BIG BROTHER 1734: Judas Comes Out

It was a rollarcoaster of raw emotions on this episode of "Big Brother." Liz was in tears that she might be going home. Steve said his number one goal was to break up Austin and the twins.
big brother 1733 julia ready 2015

BIG BROTHER 1733 Steve Takes On Austin & Liz

The power in the house shifted once again on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," and Liz said tonight reminded her of a category 5 hurricane and she knew she had to win head of household for herself and Julia.
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BIG BROTHER 1731 Meg & James Out Steve In

It was double eviction nite on last night's episode of "Big Brother," Meg sarcastically thanked Vanessa for nothing. James said if Julia doesn't get evicted people are missing the chance to break up the alliance between Austin and the twins.
big brother 1730 julia meg nominated eviction 2015

BIG BROTHER 1730: James Ready For Vanessa

Things got very tense on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," Vanessa said she nominated James and Meg because she doesn't trust them and putting them up for eviction won't get blood on her hands.
vanessa changes up big brother 1729 recap 2015

BIG BROTHER 1729: Vanessa Turns Things Around

Vanessa is proving to seemingly be the smartest player in the house, and on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," the head of household competition continued. Shelli said it was the most important competition so far and she might go from the jury house to the head of household.
big brother 1728 vanessa tears into steve recap 2015

BIG Brother 1728: John Out In & Vanessa Rules

Things were looking like they might get unpredictable on last night's episode of "Big Brother," and John said it was good news for him that Vanessa seemed mad at Steve. Steve said he was upset because Vanessa attacked him in front of the whole house.
big brother 1726 john going home recap 2015

BIG BROTHER 1727: Austin’s Girlfriend Zinged With Liz

John knows his time is pretty much up on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," Austin said he didn't put Vanessa up for eviction because she might have to go up for eviction if the right person wins power of veto.
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BIG BROTHER 1726 Recap: Austin Gets Dramatic With John & Steve

Austin brought out Judas in dramatic fashion on last night's episode of "Big Brother," and John said winning head of household this week would keep him safe in the game and help him target Vanessa.
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BIG BROTHER 1725: Becky Out Austin In

Becky felt the brunt of a turning house on last night's episode of "Big Brother," and Liz decided this week was not the time for her to target Vanessa for eviction.
big brother 17 24 vanessa slides again 2015 images recap

BIG BROTHER 1724: Vanessa Slides By Again

Vanessa proves she's playing a great game on Wednesday night's edition of "Big Brother," Austin said that John made a deal with him and then flaked on it. John said he knew Vanessa was throwing him under the bus and she is his only enemy in the house and the only one he'd go after.

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