BIG BROTHER 17 Finale: Steve Wins & Liz Runner Up

On tonight's season finale of "Big Brother," Liz said she needed to win head of household to be in the final two. Steve was eliminated from the head of household competition, which had two more parts to it.

BIG BROTHER 1738: Johnny Mac Out Final 3 Battle & Vanessa...

On Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother, Vanessa said sending Austin home was the worst thing she has ever had to do in this game. Vanessa tried to apologize to Liz, but Liz wouldn't listen.

BIG BROTHER 1737: Austin Out & Vanessa Freaked

The house flipped again on the latest episode of “Big Brother,” and Julie Chen announced that there will be a surprise eviction tonight. Steve said he was upset and kind of surprised that Vanessa is protecting Liz and Austin rather than himself and John.

BIG BROTHER 1736: Vanessa Does Steve & John Again But Austin...

Things seemed to not be any different with this episode of "Big Brother," and Liz said she wanted revenge on Steve for getting Julia evicted. Steve said he hoped Vanessa or John would win head of household for the week rather than Liz or Austin.

BIG BROTHER 1735: Vanessa Keeping the Power

It was a calmer night on this episode of "Big Brother," Vanessa said she adores the twins but its better for her if at least one of them is gone. Liz said if she leaves the game she is leaving with integrity.

BIG BROTHER 1734: Judas Comes Out

It was a rollarcoaster of raw emotions on this episode of "Big Brother." Liz was in tears that she might be going home. Steve said his number one goal was to break up Austin and the twins.

BIG BROTHER 1733 Steve Takes On Austin & Liz

The power in the house shifted once again on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," and Liz said tonight reminded her of a category 5 hurricane and she knew she had to win head of household for herself and Julia.

BIG BROTHER 1731 Meg & James Out Steve In

It was double eviction nite on last night's episode of "Big Brother," Meg sarcastically thanked Vanessa for nothing. James said if Julia doesn't get evicted people are missing the chance to break up the alliance between Austin and the twins.

BIG BROTHER 1730: James Ready For Vanessa

Things got very tense on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," Vanessa said she nominated James and Meg because she doesn't trust them and putting them up for eviction won't get blood on her hands.

BIG BROTHER 1729: Vanessa Turns Things Around

Vanessa is proving to seemingly be the smartest player in the house, and on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," the head of household competition continued. Shelli said it was the most important competition so far and she might go from the jury house to the head of household.