BIG Brother 1728: John Out In & Vanessa Rules

big brother 1728 vanessa tears into steve recap 2015

big brother 1728 john out in 2015 recapThings were looking like they might get unpredictable on last night’s episode of “Big Brother,” and John said it was good news for him that Vanessa seemed mad at Steve. Steve said he was upset because Vanessa attacked him in front of the whole house. James said all he cared about were him and Meg being safe in the game. Liz said she was trying to be as upfront with Vanessa as possible this week. Vanessa told Austin and Liz she was upset with Vanessa. Audrey said John did nothing for himself trying to break their alliance. Liz asked John why he told Vanessa about the deal their alliance has. John said he thought they went back on their word when they put him and Steve up for eviction. John said a good alliance member doesn’t put one of their own up for eviction.

John said he needed Vanessa on his side to stay in the game and that he had to get Vanessa to trust him. He said if he could get Vanessa to trust him more than she trusts Steve, John would be safe. Vanessa said John has to convince the twins to keep him in the house. Vanessa said if Steve lied to her one more time she would have had enough. Steve said Vanessa is very intimidating and that he is going home if he can’t get her vote to keep him. Liz said she, Julia and Vanessa had all the power to send someone home this week. John said the twins were saying all the right things to him and that he might be able to stay in the house.

Julie Chen announced the live vote. John said that he and Steve were the biggest dorks in the house and that Steve knows more about the game than he does. Steve said when he got to the house he was an awkward nerd but now he’s had a lot of life changing experiences and he feels more socially competent than before.

big brother 1728 vanessa tears into steve recap 2015Meg, James, Julia, Liz and Vanessa all voted to evict John from the Big Brother house. John said he knew his eviction was coming. John said Austin and the twins are allied with everyone and are playing a good game. He also said his biggest problem was that he couldn’t win competitions or make deals that actually last. John said he didn’t think he got evicted because he talked about wanting to get Vanessa evicted. John said if he gets back in the house he would go after Meg to break up her alliance with James.

At the jury house Shelli said the vibe was more low-key than the Big Brother house. Jackie said she was anxious to see who was joining them in the house. Becky said she wanted to take Vanessa out of once she got back in the house and that she would want to team up with James and Meg. Julie Chen announced John, Jackie, Becky and Shelli were competing to get back in the house. The four then entered the Big Brother house.

big brother 1728 hoh slap job 2015This week’s competition will get one lucky person back in the Big Brother house in addition to naming a new head of household. Each player has to hold onto a spinning rope for as long as possible. The juror that lasts the longest gets back in the house and the regular housemate that lasts the longest is named head of household for next week.

SPOILER: Who’s Back in Big Brother House & HOH

After being such an expert at throwing comps Johnnie Mac finally won one and is back in the Big Brother house. Here’s the rub, the person put him out of the house is also this weeks HOH. Now that there’s not much chance of the weaker crew getting back in power, Big Brother’s falling into that summer malaise that happens when it all becomes too predictable. Hopefully next week’s double eviction will be as jaw dropping as last weeks. We can only hope!