‘Avengers: Endgame’ closes Marvel’s decade long thrill ride

After a ten year rollarcoaster ride, Marvel will be ending the Avengers saga with Avengers: Endgame. Bookies have set odds on who will die and who will survive.

Samsung Galaxy Fold breaks for some while Amazon ends YouTube battle

Samsung's pricey Galaxy Fold smartphones are beginning to break already, Amazon and Google end YouTube feud and Drones helping flood victims.

Mueller report shows Trump tried to take control of Russia probe

While Attorney General William Barr tried to paint a rosy picture for Donald Trump Thursday morning, Robert Mueller's report is showing a different story.

‘Supernatural’ 14.18 Absence – A Title With Two Meanings

I’ve come to the conclusion that the last episodes of Season 14 and the entirety of Season 15 of Supernatural are...

Apple, Qualcomm settle iPhone dispute as billions won’t solve broadband issue

Tech giants Apple and mobile chip maker Qualcomm have decided to drop and settle a blockbuster financial dispute centered on some of...

Bookies set odds on Mueller report as Donald Trump unleashes anger

Bookies are now setting odds on how Donald Trump will reacts the days leading up to the Mueller report coming out.

Donald Trump Investigations: What you need to know.

While Donald Trump is claiming full exoneration, there are still several investigations going on with the president. Here's what you need to know.

Barbara Bush really didn’t like Donald Trump

Barbara Bush knew how to bite her tongue when a Bush was in...

Puerto Rico disaster aid bill blocked by Democrats

Democrats have clocked a Republican disaster bill that doesn't provide enough relief for Puerto Rico. The fight with Donald Trump continues.
Rob Gronkowski shirtless for retirement Super Bowl Wins 2019

Gronk Retires: Rob Gronkowski ready for life after NFL, New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriot's fun-loving tight end, loved by all football player is finished with the NFL.
can any team like sharks stop tampa bay lightning from stanley cup 2019 images

Can Any Team Stop the Tampa Bay Lightning from Winning the Stanley Cup in...

Another thrilling regular season in the NHL is coming to its conclusion, revealing all of the teams which have proved themselves worthy of...
samsung galaxy fold with model holding close to face images

Samsung Galaxy Fold: What you need to know

Samsung is about to unleash its Galaxy Fold smartphone phablet, but is it something you really need? Here's our breakdown.
why simple games always popular with gamers casinos 2019 images

Why Simple Games Remain Popular at Online Casinos

Complicated online video games always sound great, but have you ever noticed it's the simpler games that are always the most popular?
fcc push for 5g plus facebook recovers 2019 images

FCC, Donald Trump 5G push plus Facebook, Instagram recover

Donald Trump and FCC decide to go 5G in a big way while Facebook, Instagram have third major outage in 2019.
europe rewrites copyright rules it will affect you 2019 images

Europe rewrites copyright rules; it will affect everyone

Europe is giving their copyright reform a refresh with the addition of Article 13 that will affect YouTube, Facebook and what you share with friends on social media.