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Storms Hit On ‘Walker’s’ Fine Is A Four Letter Word 108 – In Multiple Ways

Walker 108 had plenty of literal and emotional storms for Jared Padalecki with some great moments for @FangasmSPN.

Safe Video Ads on CBD Products

While CBD popularity has grown quickly, knowing the laws for advertising those products isn't so easy. Here is what you need to know.

Facebook gets Supreme Court on its side for robocall ruling

The Supreme Court ruled on Facebooks side regarding a robocall violation causing many advocates to worry about a flood of robotexts hitting users soon.

Hottest 6 Luxury Gift Watches for 2021: Men and Women

Watches will always be a statement piece and we chosen our top 6 luxury timepieces of 2021 that will make the perfect holiday gift.

‘Walker’ has Jared Padalecki go undercover as Duke with Episode 1.05 plus get shirtless

Walker 105 gives Jared Padalecki an excuse to warm fans up as he goes undercover as Duke. Our FangasmSPN gives her indepth Supernatural spin on it.

Jared Padalecki’s ‘Walker’ 104 Don’t Fence Me In offers up a ‘Supernatural’ Easter Egg

Jared Padalecki's Walker Don't Fence Me In gets deep with secrets and there's a fun Supernatural Easter egg for #SPN fans.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2021 With A Zoom Movie Marathon

With a non-travel Valentines Day approaching, why not try it with Zoom and your favorite romantic movies.


Warner Bros. 2021 slate shakes up industry stocks

Warner Bros will unleash their 2021 movie slate on HBO Max with theater release causing a stock price shakeup for exhibitors.


Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan lead rockers selling off publishing rights and making a bundle!

Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan are part of the groundswell of veteran rockers selling off their music catalogs. Here is why they are doing this.


Benefits of breaking some family holiday traditions

As we get older, family holiday traditions can become overbearing. Here are some ideas of how you can change these while keeping the holiday spirit alive.