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‘The Boys’ Season 3 Finale tackles Fathers, Sons and power of choice deep dive review

The Boys Season 3 finale really tackles intergenerational trauma that can lead to father son toxic masculinity. FangasmSPN tackles it all in her review.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Boys’ Jensen Ackles talks finding Soldier Boy’s nuanced core with Eric Kripke

Exclusive Jensen Ackles interview where he discusses playing Soldier Boy toxic masculinity but making him still someone to root for and working with Eric Kripke again.

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‘The Boys’ Ep 3.7 Drops Tons of Bombshells plus a music video Deep Dive with SPOILERS

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EXCLUSIVE: Jensen Ackles talks Soldier Boy and that scene in ‘The Boys’ Episode 3.7

Jensen Ackles talks Soldier Boy and toxic masculinity themes in The Boys with our FangasmSPN for Episode 3.7.



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