The Hottest Celebrity Sunglasses Trends of 2020

Sunglasses aren't just for summer, they are a hot accessory for celebrities all year long. Here are the hottest trends of 2020.

Zoom Video Conferencing: Understanding and Making It Work For You

Everyone has heard about Zoom, but we show you how it works and making it help you or your business thrive.

Walmart vs Amazon Hottest 40 kids toys of 2020 Part 2

2020 40 hottest kids toys deals comparing Amazon to Walmart Part 2 for Black Friday easy holiday shopping.

Amazon vs Walmart: Hottest Kids Toys of 2020 Top 40 Part 1

We're comparing Amazon with Walmart on the nearly 40 hottest toys of 2020 Holiday season that every kid wants.

Top 5 Hottest Kids Toys for 2020 Guide

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3 Nostalgic Gift Ideas For Disney Movie Fans

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michael jordan 1998 final shot images

Record-Breaking Televised Sporting Events

As we stay home through the pandemic, here are the 4 biggest record breaking televised sporting events.
warner bros delays robert pattinson the batman movies 2020

NFL pulls off Virtual Draft as Warner Bros delays ‘Batman,’ ‘Sopranos’ again

Warner Bros is forced to delay The Batman and more movies again from the Coronavirus pandemic while NFL pulls off their 2020 draft virtually.
google antitrust lawsuit from bill bar 2020 images

Google gets antitrust treatment from U.S. plus major takeaways

Donald Trump's AG Bill Barr is taking on Google in an antitrust lawsuit that has been years in the making. Major takeaways that could affect you.
gil darnell actor from supernatural movie tv tech geeks

Facebook threatens Movie TV Tech Geeks Over ‘Supernatural’ article

In it's sweep of knocking out hate speech, Facebook has threatened Movie TV Tech Geeks because of an interview with a Supernatural tv show actor.
instagram clamps down on social media influencers plus twitter 2020 images

Instagram clamps down on social media influencers plus Twitter apology

Instagram is clamping down in Britain on social media influencers not playing by the rules and Twitter's Jack Dorsey apologizes about blocking New York Post Biden story.
microsoft takes over to take down trickbot 2020 images

Microsoft takes over to disable Trickbot before 2020 elections

Microsoft has taken on the role of James Bond to help defend America's 2020 Presidential election from cybercrime digital network Trickbot.


‘Mr. Mercedes’ gets more life at Peacock plus Rudolph for sale

Mr Mercedes is getting picked up NBC's Peacock to finish its Season 3 and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer goes up on the auction block in November.