‘Walker’s’ Penultimate Episode Is All About Letting Go

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The title of the penultimate episode of “Walker” seems eerily fitting, even though at the time they filmed it, they weren’t sure if the show would be renewed or if this would be its final season.

“Letting go” is something that’s hard for fans to do when they’re invested in a show and in the community of fans that grows up around it. Especially with a show as successful as “Walker” has been, few of us were prepared for it to be ending. This was one of the more successful shows currently on CW, but the network is looking to make changes. It wouldn’t be too surprising if “Walker” gets another reboot in the next five to ten years as networks and studios love repeating themselves.

I guess that’s to say I’m going into watching this one with a bit of trepidation and anticipatory grief – but also determined to enjoy the ride until the very end. Letting to is hard, as all the characters also find out in this episode.

The episode spools out mostly coherently, in real-time. We pick up as Luna has been shot and Cordell rescued. Trey tries to comfort Cassie, who begs him to help Luna, but it’s too late.

Trey and James go after the Jackal, giving Cassie something to do by taking care of a trembling and shaking Walker, but you can’t miss the glare she sends his way either. 

Cassie looking dead in the eyes with Cordell Walker after Luna dies.

A gunfight ensues in the woods (with music) and James gets shot (luckily with a vest on). Trey and the Jackal fight, and the Jackal almost gets the jump on him before they finally manage to take him down.

Later, the whole family gathers around Cordell’s hospital bed, Liam freaked out because Cordi was buried alive and it brings back horrible memories of when he almost was forced to bury his brother’s body when they were kidnapped. It’s a Wizard of Oz situation, with Cordi telling them “I have so much to tell you – all of you. I dreamt you were all with me.”

Mawline and Bonham hug James in gratitude for saving their son. Cordell asks to talk to just Stella, asking if she really ran away, went off on her own trying to find some necklace.

Cordell: What were you thinking, babygirl?

Stella thinks he’s being hypocritical, saying she only did what he would’ve done – what he did. He points out that he’s a Ranger and she’s a teenager, but she insists she’s an adult and he has to accept that.

Wow, harsh. Maybe not the time, Stella? On the one hand, every teenager is hugely invested in being treated like an adult, but on the other, their situations really were not comparable. And she is not – as evidenced by her actions this season – an adult. That prefrontal cortex is most definitely not done yet!

The next day, Geri’s not too happy that Cordell is going back to work and not taking it easy – he’s off to talk to the Jackal aka Cole.  She’s also upset that he lied to her about getting the motel room, and didn’t tell her how much he was struggling.

He insists he was trying not to bring that obsessive energy around her or anyone else, but then realizes he hasn’t been giving her much of himself lately, flashing back to the drugged dream where the words “she deserves the best” ring in his ears.

Cordi: You deserve the best. Tonight, after dinner?

Geri: We’ll see.

That sounded harsh but I think she meant, we’ll see if you come home and actually sit down with me.

And then there’s Cassie. Ashley Reyes did an amazing job in this episode as Cassie deals with the grief of losing Luna. She picks up his discarded shirt and inhales, something everyone who has lost someone you loved has done. She calls him to hear his voice and leaves a message on his voicemail, tells him how sorry she is that she didn’t get to that grave first and in time to save him.

Cassie: And I’m sorry that I never got the chance to tell you I love you.

They chose a beautiful sad song to play during this scene, and ouch. 

The Rangers try to make the case against Cole, realizing he was trying to punish “bad parents” but also that he has an adult daughter himself, Rebecca. Her mom died during childbirth apparently. James and Cordell stare at Cole’s photo with such hatred, the aftermath of obsession.

When they confront Cole, he stares at Cordell in the most creepy way imaginable, which actually gave me goosebumps. He insists they’ve got the wrong guy (in one of the most creepy voices imaginable).

Cole: You’re trying to force me into a box… but I won’t fit in there.

Walker The Jackal talking creepy to Cordell and James 4.12.

He plays mind games with Cordell, remembering “little Augie’s” boot camp graduation, everyone there to support him…

Cole: Except for you, Cordell. If the so-called Jackal is still out there, I hope he ticks off a few more scumbag parents like you.

Walker throws the chair over; James insists they take a break.

James: Get a grip!

Cordi: You think he bought it?

I love smart Cordell.

He also recognizes that comment about not fitting in the box from his dream, realizing he has bits of memory of reality mixed in with the hallucinations.

Cassie and Trey meet with Rebecca, who insists she’s not close with her dad so they let her go. Cordell says the appropriate thing, that they have to get this to stick because Cole is responsible for so many deaths, including Luna’s. Cassie says she doesn’t blame that death on the Jackal – she blames it on Cordell.


Cassie: I warned you that someone would get hurt if you went rogue again and you ignored me.

I’m gonna put it down to her grief, but that was unfair. The Jackal killed him. Would she have blamed any other victim if that’s how Luna died??  Poor Cordi, he just almost died and everyone is kicking him when he’s down. It’s kinda been a theme of this show.

Meanwhile, Abilene and Bonham show how it’s done by both admitting they’d been obstinate (or in Bonham’s case “dug in like a tick”) and that life is short, don’t waste it bickering.

Back at HQ, Trey explains that digoxin paralyzes your body but your cerebral cortex remains active, so Cordell might have some actual evidence in his subconscious. Cordell recalls some of the dreamscape for Trey, that he was at his own funeral.

He remembers the dirt falling on his face, Hoyt and Sadie saying “I forgot how tall he was” then “I’ll get the shovel.”

They suddenly realize Cole was having a conversation with someone else, that there was someone else there! Little by little, Cordi remembers more of reality. That wasn’t Sadie, that was Rebecca!

Sure enough, the DNA results from Luna’s body come back at 50% not 100% and they all realize it was Rebecca after all who was the accomplice.

They confront the Jackal about his daughter, trying to convince him that “your little girl” is in danger if he doesn’t fess up and help her.

James: Isn’t that what any good parent would do? What kind of father are you?

Cordell Walker confronts the Jackal about his daughter Rebecca 4.12.

He suddenly decides to tell them anything in return for them bringing her in safely, so clearly that was a good strategy but it worked so well it was a little convenient.

Cassie’s turn to go rogue after going off on Cordell for going rogue, taking off after Rebecca to get revenge for Luna. They all converge on a warehouse because those make the best chase environment for sure.

Cordell Walker watching Rebecca with Cassie.

Another “Walker” music montage.

Rebecca goes over the side, many stories up. Cassie stands over her, taunts her that she’s helpless as a child now, while Rebecca says her dad forced her to do it and pleads for help.

Walker watches from far below and tries to get through to Cassie.

Walker: I know you’re angry at me, but don’t do this!

Cassie: Why did you kill him??

They all stare up, watching. Finally, she goes to grab Rebecca’s hand but then lets her go, remembering Luna.

Cordell: I know what you’re feeling, I felt it after Emily died. Don’t let your grief make decisions you’ll regret.

She pulls Rebecca up, anguished.

Cassie ugly crying after Lunda dies on Walker 4.12.

The Rangers hold a press conference to close the six-year investigation.

James puts the photos of the Jackal and his daughter into his journal, along with Luna’s photo. He closes it up, puts it away in his desk drawer, and locks it.

Cordell comes to talk to Cassie, but she says not today.

Trey takes down Cole’s photo from the evidence wall, takes down the photos of the victims, and files them away.

Geri comes home to find Cassie grieving, curled up on the couch. She says that after Hoyt died she sat on the couch for three days straight. Geri has empathy, not sympathy, and says what Cordi did – don’t make any life-altering decisions right now. She normalizes the numbness and says not to throw away something good just because something bad happened. Geri holds Cassie as she grieves.

Walker Geri comforting Cassie after Lunda dies 4.12.

Cordell comes home to find Stella and August asleep on the couch which for some reason made me start tearing up, remembering how the series started.

Cordell Walker with gay son Augie asleep on couch.

Stella says she warmed up some chili for him, and Cordell says he’s ready to listen to her whenever she’s ready; she asks if they can talk tomorrow.

She snuggles up against her dad as Augie sleeps, and wow, it’s going to be hard to lose this show “Walker.”

One more episode of “Walker” left – do not miss the series finale this Wednesday on the CW!

Jared Padalecki's Walker nearly over for the entire series 2024.