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Mueller report shows Trump tried to take control of Russia probe

While Attorney General William Barr tried to paint a rosy picture for Donald Trump Thursday morning, Robert Mueller's report is showing a different story.

Bookies set odds on Mueller report as Donald Trump unleashes anger

Bookies are now setting odds on how Donald Trump will reacts the days leading up to the Mueller report coming out.

Donald Trump Investigations: What you need to know.

While Donald Trump is claiming full exoneration, there are still several investigations going on with the president. Here's what you need to know.

Barbara Bush really didn’t like Donald Trump

Barbara Bush knew how to bite her tongue when a Bush was in office, but she didn't have to worry about that...

Puerto Rico disaster aid bill blocked by Democrats

Democrats have clocked a Republican disaster bill that doesn't provide enough relief for Puerto Rico. The fight with Donald Trump continues.

Donald Trump’s Russian, health care, Great Lakes, immigration facts still wrong

Donald Trump has been telling everyone he's exonerated from Bob Mueller, but his facts are off on that along with health care and immigration.

Fake News: Nancy Pelosi bills, Muslims demand Sharia Rights, ‘Boo’

Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters came under fake news attacks this week for not getting enough bills passed. A fake Facebook video showing Muslims rallying for Sharia rights trended also.

Brenton Tarrant: terrorism for an internet age

While another white supremacist terror attack came on Friday and President Donald Trump said nothing to worry about, we can see an alarming trend with online terrorism growing.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s past week of story telling

While it's generally accepted that Donald Trump loves to tell stories where the facts don't add up, this past week he truly outdid himself with North Korea and CPAC.

Fake News: Robert Mueller gouges taxpayers, Elizabeth Warren stiffs interns

Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump top our fakes news report for the week.