Fact vs Fiction: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford

Brett Kavanaugh has now been confirmed to the Supreme Court 51-49, and here are the top three fake news articles that spread quickly on social media. We give you the real facts behind these fake stories.
donald trump tax problems hit 2018

Donald Trump facing possible tax fines

Donald Trump could be facings tens of millions in civil fines to the IRS if state and federal authorities find a New York Times scathing investigation to be accurate on how the president really made his fortune.
correcting donald trumps false health plan claims 2018 images

Correcting Donald Trump’s false healthcare plan claims

Donald Trump is back to making some big claims about your healthcare coverage under his Administration, but we've broken the facts vs fiction of these.
voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers 2018 images

Voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers

With 2018 mid-term elections coming in November, a disturbing new report shows that voting machines in 23 states can easily be hacked. This report came from the hackers that were able to breach them.
brett kavanaugh exoneration check plus rob rosenstein delayed by trump images 2018

Brett Kavanaugh exoneration check plus Rob Rosenstein delayed by Trump

Brett Kavanaugh got one major fact wrong in his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, and Donald Trump delays Rob Rosenstein meeting again until next week.
donald trump with jeff sessions on rob rosenstein firing ag

What happens when Donald Trump fires or forces out Rob Rosenstein

Donald Trump stirred up plenty of concern for deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein's future, but what exactly would happen if the man overseeing Bob Mueller's Russia investigation was bumped out? Here's what you need to know.
donald trump imposes more tariffs on china

Donald Trump’s tariff benefits plus hurricane death claims

Donald Trump is boasting about his tariffs working for Americans but he's got some of his 'facts' wrong along with his new claims about death estimates for Hurricane Florence. Here's the real deal on his claims.
mike pence leading bookie odds as new york times op ed author 2018 images

Mike Pence leading bookie odds as New York Times Op-Ed author

Gambling sites are jumping into the who authored that New York Times anonymous op-ed piece that has driven Donald Trump to new heights of anger and Mike Pence is way in the lead.
how michael cohen and paul manafort can hurt donald trump images 2018

How Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort hurt Donald Trump

Just how does Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen's day in court affect President Donald Trump? Top 11 burning questions answered.
facebook pulls russia iran linked accounts while microsoft becomes internet police 2018 images

Facebook pulls Russia Iran linked accounts while Microsoft now internet police watch

Facebook has pulled hundred of accounts linked to Russia and Iran the day after Donald Trump said that silencing voices their system was dangerous. Microsoft has stepped up its internet policing efforts.

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