donald trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check 2018 images

Donald Trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check

President Donald Trump is standing his ground with the immigration policy feeling it will keep mid-term elections in Republicans favor plus five fact checks on his immigration claims.
how did star wars fandom get so racist 2018 images

When did ‘Star Wars’ fans get so racist?

Sadly, fanboys are showing the dark side of "Star Wars" fandom as they've run another actress off of social media with racist and misogynistic comments and taunts. Kelly Marie Tran is the latest actress to leave Instagram after being verbally attacked by 'fans' not liking her character.
facebook privacy problems worsen while donald trump blocks twitter again

Facebook privacy problem again plus Donald Trump’s Twitter blocks

Facebook is back in legal hot water again over privacy issues and Donald Trump is appealing the decision that forced him to unblock users on Twitter.
donald trump distracts again with philadelphia eagles 2018 images

Donald Trump distracts again with Philadelphia Eagles ‘Patriotism’

Donald Trump's latest stunt of uninviting Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles shows that he has become the arbiter of American patriotism or is he trying to distract from Paul Manafort's attempted witness tampering charges?
russian hackers hit more than clinton plus zuckerberg joins bill gates 2018 images

Russian hackers hit more than Clinton plus Zuckerberg joins Bill Gates

ISIS took credit back in 2015 for Twitter threats against United States military spouses with a Bloody Valentine's Day message, but it turns out the Vladimir Putin's army of Russian hackers were behind this along with election meddling and unleashing the Hillary Clinton e-mails.
donald trumps china tariff battle affecting more people than expected 2018 images

Donald Trump’s China tariff battle affecting more than expected

Many people haven't paid much attention to Donald Trump's continued battle with China over tariffs, but more people will be affected is this does actually happen. Over 2,400 companies have sent in application waivers just in case.

Clearing up Donald Trump’s ‘facts’ on Robert Mueller

Donald Trump is keeping Republicans and political pundits on their toes wondering if he'll fire either special investigator Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in hopes of shutting the Russia investigation down. Here's what Congress is considering in case the president decides to hamper the investigation before it's able to finish.
andrew mccabe faulted by fbi report but not like trump claimed 2018

Andrew McCabe faulted by FBI report but not like Donald Trump claimed

FBI finds some fault with Andrew McCabe in new report that had Donald Trump all-capping on Twitter Friday, but we've broken down exactly where fault was found with the former FBI man and his response.
Top 10 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Congressional testimony takeaways 2018 images

Top 10 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Congressional testimony takeaways

Mark Zuckerberg manned up and faced the music about Facebook in front off Congress on Tuesday and here are the main highlights from the social media titans time being grilled by 44 senators.
will donald trumps fixer michael cohen survive fbi raid 2018 images

Will Donald Trumps ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen survive Stormy Daniels, FBI raid?

Donald Trump's personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen has really stepped into after tangling with adult film star Stormy Daniels as Monday's FBI raid looks to test his loyalty. Will he really take a bullet for the president and his family like he's claimed in interviews?

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