environmental change will move on with or without donald trump 2017 images

Environmental change will move on with or without Donald Trump

Cities and states realize they don't need President Donald Trump to move ahead with climate change programs to help environment.
donald trump cellphone opening up security concerns 2017 images

Donald Trump cellphone opening up security concerns

While in Europe, Donald Trump seems to urge world leaders to just call him on his cellphone, which raised some security professionals eyebrows.
fact checking donald trumps paris climate agreement job claims 2017 images

Fact checking Donald Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement job claims

Donald Trump continues claims that leaving the Paris climate agreement will result in more jobs for Americans, the facts just don't add up in his favor.
white house gifts 14 people with ethics waivers 2017 images

White House gifts 14 people with ethics waivers

Remember when candidate Donald Trump stated over and over that he would be making it so no lobbyists would stain his White House?

Jared Kushner feeling the Russian heat

While many within Donald Trump's White House rally around Jared Kushner, defending his back channel Russian efforts, their efforts haven't minimized the scrutiny he's now under by both the media and investigators.
john kelly homeland security on board with jared kushner

Homeland Security fine with Jared Kushner’s Russia back channel plan

Like many in the Donald Trump White House administration, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is more worried about intelligence leaks than Jared Kushner's plan to create a back-channel network with Russia.

Mitch McConnell’s Senate health care headache

Donald Trump's antics have kept both the media and American busy while members of the Senate have spent the past few weeks discussing how to pass the health care bill the easiest way possible.Even though media pundits have said...
department of justice getting even harsher on crime 2017 images

Department of Justice getting even harsher on crime

Jeff Sessions has easily found his match in Steve Cook with someone who feels the United States has gotten soft on crime.

NBC News Confirms MTTG story on Jared Kushner’s Russian FBI Probe

Jared Kushner under FBI scrutiny dealing with Donald Trump administration Russia probe.
will greg gianforte pay the price for assaulting reporter ben jacobs 2017 images

Will Greg Gianforte pay the price for assaulting reporter Ben Jacobs?

Montona U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte picked the wrong time to live up to his words Wednesday night about wanting to "wring their necks" when it came to reporters.