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Donald Trump, China prepare for a long trade war: Farmers get...

As the Dow had dropped around 400 points Thursday, Donald Trump is scrambling knowing that his trade war with China has no...

Donald Trump’s tax return anxiety just got worse

As pressure continues mounting for Donald Trump to turn over his taxes, the president is feeling the pressure and reacting like he did today in the Rose Garden.

California sues Trump administration while Iran War fears greet Congress

After Donald Trump pulled $1 billion from California, it's not surprising that they've now sued him for that action while Congress...

Joe Biden becomes Democratic donation king plus Fox News Democrat divide

Joe Biden continues being the top donor in the Democratic 2020 election while Dems continue fighting over Fox News.

Donald Trump keeps Don McGahn hidden away, contempt vote coming

Donald Trump put former White House counsel Don McGahn to the ultimate loyalty test. Now he'll face a contempt vote by Jerrold Nadler.

Donald Trump’s ‘treason’ talk fact check

Donald Trump has been throwing the treason word around when it comes to the Russia investigation. Here's a look at the facts behind that claim.

Donald Trump’s drug prices and trade need some fact checking

Donald Trump has been at rallys declaring that drug prices are dropping while trade couldn't be better in America. Here are the real facts behind the claims.

White House counsel actually working Congress against itself for Trump

Could Donald Trump's White House counsel Pat Cipollone be setting a trap for Congress to delay investigations.

Busy Phillips opens #youknowme floodgates for abortion rights

Actress Busy Phillips spoke out when Alabama passes an extreme abortion bill on Tuesday, and she has inspired numerous men and women to step into action.

Donald Trump yanks $1 billion from California’s troubled high-speed light rail

California is feeling Donald Trump pinch as he yanked $1 billion funding for their high-speed light rail program.

William Barr has become Donald Trump’s ideal American patriot

William Barr is proving to be the ideal person that Donald Trump wants in his life. He's dedicated, loyal and willing to cross any line to get results.

LGBT bill passes house expanding rights, but Senate ready to kill...

Nancy Pelosi led the Democrats in the House to pass a LGBT rights expansion bill overcoming Republican opposition. Senate members are ready to kill it.