heroes and zeros delta airlines vs michael vick 2017 images

Heroes and Zeros: Delta Airlines vs Michael Vick

This week’s Heroes and Zeros puts an airline in the winning spot for putting a political pundit in her place. The loser is a football player who should keep his two cents to himself.
sean spicer quits while donald trump looks at pardons 2017 images

Sean Spicer quits while Donald Trump looks at pardons

One of the popular betting games in Washington D.C. was on how long White House press secretary Sean Spicer could handle working as President Donald Trump's spokesperson.
umar johnsons growing hoteps issue with serena williams 2017 images

Umar Johnson’s growing hoteps issue with Serena Williams

Umar Johnson's words against Serena Williams being married to a white man only helps better explain the definition of a hotep.
donald trump jr helps bring russia closer to white house 2017 images

Donald Trump Jr. releases e-mails bringing Russia home

Donald Trump Jr. is proving to be as bright as his father with the latest Russia explosion, and he released his e-mails dealing with it since he wanted to get ahead of it

Donald Trump unscathed as voters blame Congress for his problems

Donald Trump may not be delivering the good he promised to his voters, but that doesn't matter to them. They are continuing to blindly follow him
how can republicans get to tax reform after health care mess 2017 images

How can Republicans get to tax reform after health care mess?

With health care back in limbo, can Republicans actually move forward on tax reform before 2018?
can republicans salvage their destructive health care bill 2017 images

Can Republicans salvage their destructive health care bill?

Republicans struggled on Wednesday to salvage their 'repeal and replace Obamacare" efforts to no avail as several realized it would be career suicide to vote for it.
even in power republicans choke on health care bill 2017 images

Even in power, Republicans choke on Health Care Bill, now on hold

It would be nice to think that Republicans finally got a conscience (or any politicians for that matter) and stepped back from voting Mitch McConnell's TrumpCare bill through.
mitch mcconnell begins frantic search for senate health bill votes 2017 images

Mitch MConnell begins frantic search for Senate health bill votes

Mitch McConnell has delivered a health care bill that delivers all the good stuff now and pushes the negative effects down the road so they hit after the 2018 mid-term elections.
what american will get with new senate health bill unveiled 2017 images

What America will get with new Senate health bill unveiled

Democrats, Republicans, wary Americans, and media outlets are waiting breathlessly for the new Senate health bill to finally be revealed on Thursday.