viola davis two sides tackles black deaths at hands of law enforcement 2018 images

Viola Davis ‘Two Sides’ tackles black deaths at hands of law enforcement

How To Get Away with Murder star Viola Davis tackles the controversial topic of black men and women being killed by law enforcement officials in TV One's docu-series Two Sides.
Charlamagne tha God continues being problem for black women 2018 images

Charlamagne tha God continues being problem for black women

The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God continues showing the biggest perpetrators of colorism in the black community are black men.

What Donald Trump revealed with Mueller firing attempt

When The New York Times broke the story that Donald Trump has ordered for Robert Mueller to be fired from the independent counsel investigating Russia, it came as nor surprise to most and taught us five more things about the president.

Donald Trump learns how quickly supporters turn on immigration plan

Donald Trump's latest immigration reform plan has got everyone from Senator Chuck Schumer to conservatives and diehard supporters feeling the President is letting everyone down.
will donald trump supporters like his 1.8 million immigrant plan 2018 images

Will Donald Trump allies support his 1.8 million immigrant plan?

Donald Trump is sure to confuse his anti-immigration allies with his new plan that would allow 1.8 million immigrants to remain in the United States.
Shallow feminism the glaring aspect of millennial feminism 2018 images

Shallow feminism: the glaring aspect of millennial feminism

While the millennial generation is often seen as narcissistic, why should we carry this trait into our feminist movement?
Why the Aziz Ansari wasn't newsworthy 2018 images

Why the Aziz Ansari story wasn’t newsworthy

Much has been made with the Aziz Ansari situation, but voicing an opinion either way seems to create a huge social media frenzy. This only shows that we need to start figuring out how to create solutions before a backlash comes up against the #MeToo and Time's Up movement.
Donald Trump's alternate world of truth fact check 2018 images

Donald Trump’s alternate world of truth fact check

Donald Trump has spent his year in the White House proving that you can live in an alternate world of facts but here's the truth behind his reality.

What Donald Trump taught us in 2017 will carry us through 2018

What we've learned about Donald Trump in 2017 will only validate our beliefs in 2018 about the president who has done more damage to America than any other in history.
when it comes to 'shit' donald trump has everyone beat 2017 images

When it comes to ‘shit,’ Donald Trump has everyone beat

After making his famous 'shithole' comment, Donald Trump scambles to claim he's not racist, but what he's actually proven is that he is truly our worst president in America's history.

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