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adrian peterson taking back seat with saints offense 2017

Adrian Peterson taking back seat with Saints offense

Unlike his time with the Minnesota Vikings, where Adrian Peterson chose to workout on his own during the voluntary stages of the offseason program, the receiver is more of a team player with the New Orleans Saints.
can giants bring out best in geno smith 2017 images

Can Giants bring out best in Geno Smith?

He might be progressing from knee surgery, but you'd never know it to hear Geno Smith talk about his offseason deal with the New York Giants.
victor cruz giants story nfl

Victor Cruz Giants story

Victor Cruz Claims New York Giants Drove Him Away in 2016 by Purposely Limiting Targets
wet blanket put on nfl rams chargers stadium deadline 2017 images

Wet blanket put on new NFL Rams Chargers stadium deadline

It took long enough for the deal to get made so the Rams and Chargers could have a palatial new home, but fans will have to wait until 2020 now as the wet Los Angeles winter has held construction up.
myles garrett lands a lot of green with browns 2017 images

Myles Garrett lands a lot of green with Browns

Even though Myles Garrett gave the Cleveland Browns a heads up not to rely solely on him to save their team, they signed the top draft pick. So now Garrett's first sack as a pro will be filled with plenty of green
tom brady concussion reveal sparks nfl investigation 2017

Tom Brady concussion reveal sparks NFL investigation for Patriots

After Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, let it slip that he had played through a concussion last year that the New England Patriots never reported, the NFL has begun a review of the quarterback's medical records.
myles garrett warns cleveland browns it takes a village 2017 images

Myles Garrett warns Cleveland Browns: It takes a village

Myles Garrett makes sure Cleveland Browns not to rely solely on him to salvage the team.
cody kessler chosen over brock osweiler to start from browns 2017 images

Cody Kessler chosen over Brock Osweiler as Browns starter

Brock Osweiler saved by Cleveland Browns after Texans disappointment but Cody Kessler is their star of the moment.
deshaun watson back to basics with texans 2017 images

Deshaun Watson back to basics with Texans

Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson was not happy when UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was drafted before him. Watson wasn’t overly thrilled when Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech went 10th overall.
just how did that aaron hernandez murder conviction get erased 2017 images

Just how did that Aaron Hernandez murder conviction get erased?

Many people are wondering how Aaron Hernandez got that Odin Lloyd murder conviction erased from his record, and here's how it was done and why.