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voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers 2018 images

Voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers

With 2018 mid-term elections coming in November, a disturbing new report shows that voting machines in 23 states can easily be hacked. This report came from the hackers that were able to breach them.
tim cook talking about controlling kids times on smart phones

Apple, Google join forces to reduce screen time addiction

Knowing that both kids and adults spend way more time on their smart phones than is healthy, Apple and Google have joined forces to help us limit our screen time and focus on heathier things.
sexy latin man holding playing card and gambling chips

How to start playing online casinos safely

While there are tons of online gaming sites, not all are safe to visit so here's your guide to finding the right ones.
apple iphone 4 watch three views

Apple Watch 4 evolved into better health lifeline

Apple is moving its Watch Series 4 into more medical device territory with an EKG while also be slimmer, lighter and much faster than before.
apple unveils iphone xs, xs max xr smartphones hit

Apple unveils iPhone XS, XS Max, XR: Which one’s for you?

Apple revealed it's latest line of iPhones on Wednesday with the XS, XS Max and XR, but which one is right for you? We break down the pro and cons of each one as we say goodbye to the iPhone X and headphone jacks.
doom farcry video games hit slow markets

The decline of movie based video games

It used to be expected that with every big budget movie there would be a video game hitting your PC, PS4 or Xbox One, but times have changed that now endanger the film-based genre.
galaxy note 9 stylus images

Samsung Note 9 Review, Facebook pulls Onavo plus working together for democracy

Samsung has brought out there Galaxy Note 9 but is it worth paying more than the Galaxy S9? Facebook pulls its security app Onavo from Apple store and can Facebook, Twitter and Google work together for democracy?
facebook pulls russia iran linked accounts while microsoft becomes internet police 2018 images

Facebook pulls Russia Iran linked accounts while Microsoft now internet police watch

Facebook has pulled hundred of accounts linked to Russia and Iran the day after Donald Trump said that silencing voices their system was dangerous. Microsoft has stepped up its internet policing efforts.

Movavi Video Editor 14 keeps movie making budgets low without losing quality

Movavi Video Editor 14 has stepped it up for movie editors on any level with features that will satisfy even the most demanding users. Here's what made it a recommended software for us here at MTTG.
facebook instagram political ads

Facebook, Instagram political ads still subverting US elections

Facebook and Instagram are still having trouble controlling those politicals ads hoping to affect political elections in the United States. They are getting smarter and more aggressive getting their message across.

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