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Movie TV Tech Geeks news covers all things tech related along with reviews of high and lo tech toys, gadgets or whatever we find that makes us happy.

mariott 500 million customers hacked starwood hotel 2018 images

Mariott Hacked, U.S. Army goes HoloLens and Instagram closes friend circle

Mariott hack biggest ever in corporate history, U.S. Army puts Microsoft HoloLens on market and Instagram making those friend circles even tighter.
hottest fitness gifts 2018 man baring sexy chest images

Hottest Sports Fitness and Tech Gift Ideas Holiday Guide 2018

We've all got that sports fitness and tech geek in our life who isn't the easiest to buy holiday gifts for. We've pulled together the best gifts to satisfy that fitness and tech enthusiast in your life.

Top 20 Ultimate Cyber Monday 2018 best deals: Amazon, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target

Cyber Monday 2018 is in full swing so here are the Top 20 Ultimate best deals from Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Gamestop. We've also broken down the good deals and the stinkers you should avoid.
hot ps4 xbox vr switch cyber monday gaming deals 2018

PS4, Xbox, VR, Nintendo Switch: Hottest Cyber Monday 2018 gaming deals

Cyber Monday is all about gaming and finding the right tech deals. We've pulled together the hottest deals on everything PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality (VR) headset oriented. Save time and money with the deals we've found for you.
elliot schrage falls on sword for facebook over definers 2018 images

Elliot Schrage falls on sword for Facebook over Definers

Facebook's problems continue growing as we learn more about their misdeeds, but PR Chief Elliot Schrage took the hit on hiring Definters for #MarkZuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg this time.
black friday cyber monday hot speakers headphone deals ps4 images

Cyber Monday 2018: Hottest Headphone, Speaker deals – Bose, Beats, Sonos

Cyber Monday Week is an audiophiles best friend days so we've put together the absolute best and hottest deals on speakers and headphones from Bose, Beats, Sonos, RHA, Sony and more.
top 20 cyber monday shopping tips to keep you safe 2018 images

Top 20 Cyber Monday 2018 shopping tips to keep you safe and stress free

Top 20 tips to keep your Cyber Monday 2018 hacker free and phishing scams free. They know you're out there so here's how to stay protected from them for a happy stress free holiday season.
amazon hot deals devices black friday cyber monday 2018 images

Hottest Cyber Monday 2018 Amazon device deals you can get

Amazon is the king of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 so we've compiled the absolute best hottest deals for every Amazon device, Kindle, Fire HD and Echo speakers to save you time money and that shopping stress.
hottest black friday 2018 deals images cyber monday

Top 25 absolute best Black Friday deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Kohls, Walmart and...

Black Friday 2018 may be winding down but here are the hottest top 25 deals from Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, Target, Best Buy and B&H on everything you could want this holiday season.
nintendo switch vs psy xbox black friday cyber monday hot deals images

Hottest PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Cyber Monday 2018 week is Christmas come early for hardcore gamers, and we've pulled the best deals on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and gaming accessories to save you time, money and stress shopping.

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