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creating most efficient home with technology 2019 images

Creating a most efficient home with technology

Looking to make your home more efficient and expensive looking? We've got the hot 2019 tech offerings guaranteed to make your wishlist.
momo challenge teaches parents on dealing with internet hoaxes mask 2019

Momo Challenge: What an internet hoax taught parents

The Momo challenge happened last summer but the internet hoax spread just as quickly as before. What parents can learn from this.
hotspot shield protection

Regain your online privacy with Hotspot Shield

Hackers are something we have to deal with every day now, but Hotspot Shield can keep you and your data protected 24 7 wherever you are.
us losing fight against china huawei folding phone wars 2019 images

U.S. losing fight against China’s Huawei: Folding phone wars

The U.S. government's fight to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from 5G networks took a hit Tuesday at the world's largest mobile tech trade fair.
hauwei unveils 5g mate x folding smartphone plus fight with us 2019 images

Huawei 5G Mate X folding phone plus fight with U.S. heats up

Samsung and Huawei are duking it out to be the king of the folding smartphone with their Galaxy Fold and Mate X. As we reported last week, Samsung is expecting a lot of their customers treating the...
samsung galaxy fold smartphone opened up 2019 images

Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold, but is it right for the masses?

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold phone tablet hybrid, but at $2000, is it worth the price only to be a beta tester for this not ready for prime time tech device?
easy to use screen captures with beat movavi screen recorder studio 2019

For Easy to Use Screen Captures, You Can’t Beat Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is the ultimate 2 in 1 software for capturing video and editing it on the fly.
nintendo switch top console of 2018 images

Why the Nintendo Switch Was the Best Selling Console in 2018

Nintendo ruled the gaming console market in 2018 with their Nintendo Switch and here's how they did it.
how amazons diss could affect new york citys tech future images 2019

Will Amazon’s diss affect New York City’s tech future?

After facing some intense political opposition, Jeff Bezos used Valentine's Day to break up with New York City, but how will this affect the city's future in tech?
amazon firestick top uses for media 2019 images

Top 5 Use Cases for Amazon Firestick

Amazon's popular Firestick does much more than just stream video from Amazon Prime. Here are the top 5 best uses many customers don't even know about.