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tech bits bytes cortana beaten by alexa and nintendo own gaming 2018 images

Tech Bits: Alexa beats Cortana and Nintendo dominates gaming

Tech Bytes: Physical keyboards aren't obsolete yet, Intel has a patch for that CPU meltdown problem, Alexa has beaten Windows 10 Cortana and Nintendo dominated gaming in 2017.

What happens to bitcoin now after the plunge?

With bitcoin taking a major plunge along with some controversial stories hitting, are more people steering clear of this investment?
why hasnt wireless charging become mainstream yet 2018 images

Why hasn’t wireless charging become mainstream yet?

Advantages of Wireless Charging and Why It Hasn’t Taken Off Yet
mark zuckerberg to bring back the social in facebook but at what cost 2018 images

Mark Zuckerberg to bring back the social to Facebook but at what cost?

Will Mark Zuckerberg's lastest gamble to bring the social back to Facebook or will fake news only increase?
cable continues raising prices making direct tv competitive choice

Why Comcast Xfinity continues raising cable prices and what you can do

As Comcast Xfinity is back to treating customers to horrible customer service again, the cable internet giant will be raising prices in 2018. While they gobble up all that Donald Trump tax rebate money, expect to continue getting gouged, but here's what you can do to combat it.
how classic games have been revolutionized online 2018 images

How Classic Games Have Been Revolutionized Online

Classic games have been able to survive going obsolete with the internet, and here's how they did it.
ces 2018 more ai and smart consumer gadgets 2017 images

CES 2018: More AI and smart consumer gadgets

CES 2018 has plenty of great TV's like LG's new 88-inch 8K display but many smart gadgets are centering around your voice.

The harsh reality of Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre are the latest computer virus malwares that are lighting up the media, but here are some facts behind all the fear mongering.

Why smart homes and smart devices went mainstream in 2017

2017 saw an explosion in smart homes and smart devices. What made the once tech geek only devices such a must have.

Is your smart home safe from hackers and spying?

Is your smart home smarter than hackers trying to get in? Here's some easy tips to keep them out of your smart devices.

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