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Movie TV Tech Geeks started in 2010 mainly as a collaboration for our friends, to let people know about indie films and entertainment news that wasn’t really being covered anywhere else. Since then, we’ve expanded our writers and now cover everything from movies and television news to technology, gaming and full sports coverage. We never thought we would be writing about sports, but we all love them and it just came about organically.

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Here’s a list of all our writers and everyone here:


Curt Johnson, Editor-in-Chief;

Curt Johnson is an award winning filmmaker and movie reviewer/writer on all aspects of entertainment.

Ricki Reay, Movie Writer & Movie Reviews

Ricki is our top movie writer, tv recaps writer and daily celebrity gossip writer. Yup, she does it all, and never complains or whines because she loves writing. While going to college she works for us at Movie TV Tech Geeks keeping our readers up on everything important in movies, tv and gossip. Plus she’s a kickbutt writer who’s motto is, “Why bother with excuses when the truth is a much better ally.”

Terri Shef, Breaking News;

Terri has been our right hand person who also is our news traffic director making sure each department gets the breaking news right as it happens.

Miss Sashay, Everything gay & fabulous news related;

Opinionated and a force to be reckoned with, Miss Sashay writes our Op-Eds when the need arises.


Shanka Cheryl, TV News Editor;

Editor for television news. She writes it as she sees it and many have the war wounds to show for it.


George Cando, Indie Film Editor & Contest Editor

Yup, the name says it all, and I love doing whatever I can to help out at Movie TV Tech Geeks whether it’s learning drag etiquette from Miss Sashay to keeping our image galleries updated. But what I really love is writing about the action films and sci fi as I’m a huge geek and love my job! Female movie geeks apply anytime.


Julie Wein, Celebrity Gossip & Reality Show Recaps wein@movietvtechgeeks.com

Frustrated with working low paying jobs in the service industry, Julie Wein found the courage and passion to pursue her goal of becoming a freelance writer. She began by writing for several local publications in and around Red Bank, New Jersey, where she was living at the time. As she gained more experience in the field and continued to refine her skils, she began writing several times a week for a now defunct celebrity gossip blog called “The Star Celeb.” She then went on to expand her career by writing for various websites, on subjects such as technology and travel.

Curvy Girl Diva, Celebrity Gossip, TV Recaps & ‘For the Record’ column

Founder of The CurvyGirl Diva Blog, Rasheda lends her opinions and insights about everything from life, fashion, entertainment and pop culture to various websites and blogs. Her motto “tear shit up” guides her writing and her life.


Shane Mclendon, Senior Football & UFC Writer shane@movietvtechgeeks.com

Shane Mclendon is our go to guy for everything NFL and UFC related. He covers pro and college football with as much zeal as his love for UFC. With Shane, we’ve got you covered. In his own words: I’m a Georgia boy who is attempting to simplify my life and make the most of my time on this planet. I am into the NFL, UFC, and newly into running / fitness. I am enjoying my forgotten FLOW, writing.

Chris Maurice, Senior Football & NBA Writer chris@movietvtechgeeks.com

Chris covers everything NBA, NFL and MMA with his weekly recaps, highlights and anything else he thinks you’ll want to know about.

Peter Tebin, Major League Baseball Writer

My name is Peter Tebin but most people just call me PJ. My life consists of work, my family, & sports. In my free time I love to write and talk sports mostly NBA, NFL & MLB as well as Fantasy sports. Peter will be covering our baseball news so you’ll have plenty to read about now that NFL season is done.

Luka Alario, International Sports Writer luka@movietvtechgeeks.com

Luka Alario is our latest Soccer writer who hails from Italy. He’s as passionate about Soccer as we are about football so he’s a great addition to our sports team.

Adam Mcenroe, UK Sports Writer

Adam Mcenroe is our UK Sports writer who’s a huge football aka soccer in US fan and writer of all things related to it.

Shane Lambert: Tennis & Hockey Writer


Jackie Warner, Technology & Cool Stuff News Editor

Covering everything fun and tech oriented, Jackie is our go to person for gaming and what’s happening in technology.

David Sylvester, Technology Writer

David is a practicing systems administrator by day, but by night he lets loose all his tech expertise on our site.

Marius Maronilla, Technology Writer

Our technology expert who knows a thing or two about the future.

Jeffrey Lang, Tech, Gadgets & Gaming Writer

Jeffrey Lang has joined Movie TV Tech Geeks for 2015 and will be providing his opinion on technology from across the pond in London. Along with having many opinions on tech, gadgets, games, etc., he enjoys watching the Thames from our satellite office there.

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