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Movie TV Tech Geeks started in 2010 mainly as a collaboration for our friends, to let people know about indie films and entertainment news that wasn’t really being covered anywhere else. Since then, we’ve expanded our writers and now cover everything from movies and television news to technology, gaming and full sports coverage. We never thought we would be writing about sports, but we all love them and it just came about organically.

Rather than relying on display advertisements which only slows news sites down, we are funded by our production company Indie Genius Productions, a producer of documentary films and commercial videos. Any sponsored content articles on Movie TV Tech Geeks is marked so our readers know that it was paid for, but our writers are giving their honest opinions.

Below is our main writers and contributors to our news site. They hail from all over the world including Canada, Italy, England, Phillippines, and of course, the United States.

Movie TV Tech Geeks Contributors

george cando image movie tv tech geeks

George Cando – Movie News

Yup, the name says it all, and I love doing whatever I can to help out at Movie TV Tech Geeks whether it’s learning drag etiquette from Miss Sashay to keeping our image galleries updated. But what I really love is writing about action films and sci-fi as I’m a huge geek and love my job! All movie geeks apply anytime.

jeffrey lang tech writer movie tv tech geeks

Jeffrey Lang – Tech News

Jeffrey Lang joined Movie TV Tech Geeks for 2015 and has been providing his opinion on technology from his hometown London. Along with having many opinions on tech, gadgets, games, etc., he enjoys watching the Thames from our satellite office there.

jackie warner movie tv tech geeks writer

Jackie Warner – Tech, Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, Holiday Gift Guides

Jackie Warner is the go-to person for all types of reviews at Movie TV Tech Geeks News. She’s also heads up the team for the Holiday Gift Guides

shanka cheryl images

Shanka Cheryl – Politics, TV & Opinion

Editor for television news. She writes it as she sees it and many have the war wounds to show for it.

lynn zubernis with superanatural jensen ackles movie tv tech geeks

Lynn Zubernis, Supernatural & The Boys Expert

Lynn Zubernis PhD is a psychologist, a university professor, and a passionate Supernatural fan. Her book ‘Family Don’t End With Blood: Cast and Fans on How Supernatural Changed Lives’ was released in 2017 to critical acclaim, & her newest book is, ‘There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done: Actors and Fans Celebrate the Legacy of Supernatural.’

luka alario movie tv tech geeks sports writer soccer


Luka Alario, our sports writer, hails from Northern Italy. He’s as passionate about Soccer as we are about football.

The Curvy Girl Diva – Gossip & Opinion

Rasheda lends her opinions and insights about everything from life, fashion, entertainment, and pop culture to various websites and blogs. Her motto “don’t be afraid of telling your truth” guides her writing and her life.

vinnie chaffee movie tv tech geeks supernatural writer

Vinnie Chaffee – Supernatural Writer

Vinnie Chaffee was raised on Yan Can Cook, Perfect Strangers, and Stephen King books. She is prone to getting misty-eyed if Doctor Who comes up in conversation and is able to hold entire conversations using just Joss-verse, Supernatural, Hamilton, and The Thick of it quotes.

chris maurice movie tv tech geeks sports writer

Chris Maurice – Sports

Chris covers everything NBA, NFL, and NCAA with his weekly recaps, highlights, and anything else he thinks you’ll want to know about and more than likely things you don’t want to hear about your favorite team. His take no prisoner’s opinion gets some fans worked up, but that’s because he’s almost always right.

Shane Mclendon – TV & Sports

Shane Mclendon is our go to guy for everything NFL and UFC related. He covers pro and college football with as much zeal as his love for UFC. With Shane, we’ve got you covered… He call himself an NFL nut that enjoys UFC action and a daily fantasy sports expert….at losing.

max smith mma gaming writer movie tv tech geeks

Max Smith – Gaming & MMA

Max Smith has an appreciation for each sport, but is committed to delivering the best MMA coverage around. From the UFC to Bellator, to the World Series of Fighting and ONE, as well as most every promotion in-between, he rarely misses a show. Onlookers are correct in assuming that he isn’t very photogenic!

'Training Day's' Lindsey McKeon Evolves through Adversity 2017 images

Lindsey McKeon – Health & Lifestyle

Actress, Wife, Spiritual Enthusiast, Health Nut, Pole Dancer, Yogi, Alternative Medicine Believer, Lover of Life

marius maronilla movie tv tech geeks sci fi tv writer

Marius Manuella – Tech & Marvel Expert

Our technology expert who knows a thing or two about the future, superheroes and Supernatural.

curt johnson movie tv tech geeks 2020

Curt Johnson – Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Curt Johnson is an award-winning filmmaker and movie reviewer/writer on all aspects of entertainment.