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Here’s the list of everyone on our staff, so just put in their name below and it will get to them directly. As our writing staff has grown considerably, we’ve made it easier for you to get in contact with them. Just scroll down under everyone’s names to get to the contact form. It seemed easier to put it down there so you can just look up for whomever you need to reach.

Since our team has grown so much, here's a much easier way to get in touch with whatever department or writer/editor you want.

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You can download our new free Android app for even easier access on your mobile devices to keep up to date on all the breaking entertainment news and sports coverage you expect from us. Just scan our QR code above and that’s it! Or just click on this link to take you to it direct:

We’ve also made it easier for PR Firms to suggest stories for their clients. You just click on the dropdown menu, and you’ll find it very easy to pitch your client, product or movie/tv project.

If you’re still not able to find what you’re looking for, just send an e-mail to the Webmaster, and they’ll see what they can do for you.

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Curt Johnson, Editor-in-Chief;

Terri Shef, Breaking News;

Ricki Reay, Movie Writer, Movie Reviews, TV Recaps & Daily Celebrity Gossip

Miss Sashay, Everything gay & fabulous news related;


Cheryl Shanka, TV News Editor;


George Cando, Indie Film Editor & Contest Editor


Julie Wein, Celebrity Gossip & Reality Show Recaps

Curvy Girl Diva, Celebrity Gossip & ‘For the Record’ Column


Shane Mclendon, Senior Football & UFC Writer

Shane Lambert: Tennis & Hockey Writer

Chris Maurice, Senior Football & NBA Writer

Peter Tebin, Major League Baseball Writer

Luka Alario, International Sports Writer

Adam Mcenroe, UK Sports Writer


Jackie Warner, Technology & Cool Stuff News Editor

Jeffrey Lang, Tech, Gadgets & Gaming Writer

David Sylvester, Technology Writer

Marius Maronilla, Technology Writter


If you’re interested in being interviewed on our site for your movie or tv show, just put that in the subject line.


If you’d like us to review your movie or television show, please put in the subject line ‘Reviews‘.  If you have a trailer, one sheet or website we can check out, please put that in, and we’ll get back to you on where to send it.