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GDPR: How new data policy rules affect you plus Samsung’s iPhone copy

Confused on the new GDPR data privacy rules and how they affect you? Here's what you need to know, and if you run a website, why you should pay close attention. Plus Samsung gets slapped for copying Apple's iPhone parts.

Google jumps headlong into AI for 2018

Google is showing how important artificial intelligence (AI) will play in their future and here are the most important things you need to know about this. Google Research is now rebranded as Google AI.

Microsoft clawing back to the Surface

Microsoft not giving up on the Surface Phone

Spot It! Duel will make every family game night a memorable one

With Spot It! Duel, you have a fun interactive family game night just waiting to happen any time of the year wherever you are.

Android feels the wrath of Judy malware

As Android apps pile up in the Google Play store, malware like Judy is sure to infest it and cause some damage.

Ben Johnson Commercial Not a Hit With Aussie Finger Waggers

Putting the 'roid in Android' doesn't fly so well in Australia for disgraced runner Ben Johnson.

Old Man Mobile Game Review: Stack by Ketchapp

Each week I'm going to treat you older folks to a new mobile game review. By older folks, I mean people who pay their own car insurance and don't need other humans to wake them up in the morning.

The Dying Tablet Trend

Remember the video game crash of 1983? Wouldn’t have known there was one if it wasn’t for YouTube. So what about it? It bears some similarities to what’ happening with tablets now. Apple and Android tablets that is.

It’s the Year of the Underdogs, Nokia 3310 is Back

2017 could be the year of the underdogs. Former cellphone giant Nokia is making a comeback. Like Nokia, Blackberry is also digging itself out of the grave with new Android-based phones and Nintendo is making waves

Samsung Chromebook could change everything for Google

Google's biggest problem has been having too many operating systems. The Chrome OS is basically an extension of Chrome's web browser, and then there's Android, the more popular of the two.

Has Nokia and Blackberry returned from the dead?

Nokia and Blackberry are back from the dead as androids. Nice premise for a sci-fi movie but this is real life. Nokia has officially unveiled a new Android-powered smartphone which is a part from its old Nokia X line called the Nokia 6

Microsoft throws shade at iOS security

The iOS curated walled garden seemed to be the perfect platform to keep viruses, trojans and other malware out of Apple’s mobile devices. Through this system, no malware can get into iPhones and iPads

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