Spot It! Duel will make every family game night a memorable one

Many times, we’ll find ourselves sounding like our own parents when it comes to our children. Especially when we say things like “why don’t you go outside and play,” or “tablet time is over.”

Let’s face it, kids love playing games on their smartphones and tablets, so rather than trying to stop them (which is nearly impossible), why not give them a game that challenges them and where they can learn something?

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That’s where the Spot It! Duel app comes in. This is a fun free game where you spot the differences. If it sounds familiar, you probably either played it or heard of the Spot It! Card game that has sold over 10 million copies since 2009. When you’re selling that big to children, you know it must be good as they can rather picky when it comes to their games. This is the brand’s first ever video game adaptation, but you can be sure it won’t be there last as this thing is just so much fun for kids and adults.

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With Spot It! Duel, you compete to match symbols as fast you can while collecting rewards and Dobble characters as you progress through the game. It’s a great strategy and speed game which is something that makes for a wonderful learning tool. Like with many games, it’s all about getting combos for the bigger score that can move you faster ahead of your opponent.

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In the game, you have to move as quickly as you can while also keeping your strategy. If you move a little too quickly, you might lose focus of your strategy, but if you move too slow, your opponent might get ahead of you.

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Spot It! Duel can be played solo or with other players. My children love playing it together, and it makes for a really great family game night. In today’s world, getting the family together for an evening can be difficult, but this game makes it much easier and more fun. We know kids won’t be near as ‘busy’ when they know there’s fun to be had.

Another great advantage is that Spot It! Duel is an app so no board game to lug out of the closet. And you can take it on vacation so that the kids won’t have a chance to find a reason to fight in the backseat. Rather than just plop another mindless movie in to distract them, distract them with some fun learning!

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Here’s the breakdown on how Spot It! Duel works.

  • Each player has a disc filled with different symbols.
  • Match the symbols on the center disc and they disappear. You earn score points for matches.
  • You can also build larger combos to earn even more points.
  • Your opponent can match to symbols on your disc while you play! That makes them disappear from your disc!
  • The player with the most points wins the game!

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To learn more, to visit the Spot It! Duel website. You can get it Spot It! Duel for free on iTunes and Google Play and start playing today! This is one game you’ll encourage children of all ages to play on iOS and Android devices.

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