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Samsung Galaxy Fold: What you need to know

Samsung is about to unleash its Galaxy Fold smartphone phablet, but is it something you really need? Here's our breakdown.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold, but is it right for the masses?

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold phone tablet hybrid, but at $2000, is it worth the price only to be a beta tester for this not ready for prime time tech device?

Understanding that 5G hype and security issues

You've probably heard about 5G for some time now as tech companies have made sure to make it a recognizable new term before it...

Apple unveils iPhone XS, XS Max, XR: Which one’s for you?

Apple revealed it's latest line of iPhones on Wednesday with the XS, XS Max and XR, but which one is right for you? We break down the pro and cons of each one as we say goodbye to the iPhone X and headphone jacks.

Vivo Nex loses a notch

Vivo Nex has chosen to lose their Apple notch and here's how it will affect your experience. A full review breakdown of the new smartphone.

Microsoft clawing back to the Surface

Microsoft not giving up on the Surface Phone

Can Apple live up to it’s iPhone X hype?

Apple is putting plenty of hype behind the iPhone X, but can it possibly live up to it and expect long-time users to adapt to some major changes?

Microsoft Throws in the Towel: Windows 10 Mobile is Out of the Ring

Microsoft tried to duke it out in the smartphone world, but Joe Belfiore tweeted that while it's not completely dead yet, Windows 10 mobile is basically out of the ring.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why you’re going to love this phablet

Samsung will easily make you forget about the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 with the new Note 8 that is bigger, better and fireproof!

Remembering the Dead: A History of failed smartphones

Remember those smartphones the were going to revolutionize technology? Here's a brief history of those that wound up losing that battle.

What You Can Expect From The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 coming in August, rumors are swirling. Here's what you can expect from their latest model.

What You Need To Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, and Why You’ll Want It

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung will make everyone forget about their very bad year and that pesky Note 7.

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