What You Can Expect From The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

samsung galaxy note 8 what you can expect 2017

Samsung is set to release the newest and most improved installation in its fantastic Note series as early as August 2017, and we could not be more excited. The previous model in the Note series, the Note 7, was a bit of a disappointment when it failed to make its mark despite its good start. Well that, and the fire damage caused by many of them.

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This was largely due to the persistent cell phone battery issues that many users around the globe faced, and it greatly damaged its reputation. So, you can be sure that the battery not catching on fire division will be making significant changes to improve on this while also adding some great new features in the process. The good thing is that Samsung has always prided itself on delivering quality products, so they are making sure that the Note 8 will make such a huge splash, it will wipe away any remaining fire fears left from the Note 7.

Here is what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and what we can expect from it once it launches.

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Design And Display Changes

The design of the newest installment in the Samsung Note series is likely to not stray too far off from where Note 7 had landed. It will most likely feature the same metal and glass sandwich design with the probability of reduced bezels. Users like to have as big a space as possible to see their videos, and the company continues making it larger with each new model.

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The S pen will most certainly be crammed with additional features. The Infinity Display design will most likely carry on much like the S8 and S8 Plus with quite an impressive 6.4-inch display. We may even see Samsung ditching the Home button in favor of an edge-to-edge screen which will make the Note a phablet in the truest sense. It is also rumored that the new Note 8 will feature a display that is more suited to VR Gear, including a 4k resolution, making it one of only three devices on the market to do so. This will work hand-in-hand with their VR Gear, and after seeing the demonstration at E3, you will be putting this package on your holiday gift wish list.


We can only hope that the battery for the Note 8 will not be as prone to explosions as its predecessor. According to Samsung, the issues that arose with Note 7 were due to an electronic hardware problem, not due to battery problems. Samsung is, of course, expected to pinpoint the exact problems and ensure that they do not repeat in the new model. Having a back-to-back punch in 2016 of exploding phones followed by exploding washing machines, they are really insisting on high-quality control standards.

The capacity is likely to remain at 3500mAh like the previous installment and the S8. One could suggest Samsung go for a removable battery feature as well. We will likely see a 6GB RAM and 32GB internal storage along with only the best Exynos or Qualcomm chips.

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Reports say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is experimenting with version 7.1.1 of Android. It will obviously be equipped with the Android Nougat software along with the TouchWiz software. Note 8 will also feature Samsung’s new smart Artificial Intelligence bot, Bixby, to facilitate the use of the phablet and give some competition to the likes of Siri and Alexa. The voice assistant will be integrated into the workings of the phone.

Fingerprint Scanner

The main conflict that is occurring within the rumor mill for the new Note is with the location of the fingerprint scanner. It is rumored that the Samsung brain is looking to locate the fingerprint scanner beneath the glass of the phone display to eliminate any inconvenience. Two prototypes are rumored to have been tested for the Note 8; one having the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phone, while the other one is located on the front.

Testers say that unlocking the phone with the scanner located at the back is a real pain and hassle as you must go out of your way to turn the phone around so you can accurately place your finger on the scanner. This is why we can only hope that they send the latter prototype into production. Rumor also has it that the fingerprint scanner is causing issues with the brightness of the display screen. It is being reported that the location where the scanner was being placed was significantly brighter than the rest of the screen which is, obviously, a very big problem. That is the reason it was recommended that the scanner be located on the rear of the phone. However, we may see the return of the Home button with an integrated fingerprint scanner, or we may even see Samsung ditch the scanner altogether.

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New Stylus Pen

The new S pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to get a massive upgrade and rumored to possess its own sport speakers as well as a built-in motor that works in association with a Find My Mobile app so you can easily locate your phone should you misplace it. That has always been a sense of frustration as the stylus gets slightly worn after sliding it in and out of the slot on the phone. After enough uses, it tends to slide out on its own so, hopefully, Samsung has found a fix for this.

Move To The Dual Camera

The camera is rumored to be getting the biggest upgrade of all the features. It is almost confirmed that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be hosting a dual camera on the back of its structure. Currently, the Samsung S8 models employ the use of single lens camera tech, and it certainly needs an upgrade to duality. The dual camera generally has better resolution, and it is expected to make the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the best camera phone on the market upon its release later this year. Yes, it will be rivaling Apple’s iPhone 7S. As we reported before, Apple is actually using many of Samsung’s technologies like the screen and glass back for wireless charging.

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All in all, it seems that the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will likely give the new iPhone 8 a run for its money. It is clearly visible that the creators have great faith in their new product if the fact that they have codenamed the Note 8 ‘Great’ or ‘Gr3at’ is any proof. Nonetheless, we can be sure to see some new and brilliant features in the newest Note installment.