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Yes everyone loves that juicy celebrity gossip and at Movie TV Tech Geeks we do a weekly round up of the best and worst gossip of the week.

Jeremy Piven hit with more sexual misconduct along with Scott Baio

Jeremy Piven is denying three more sexual misconduct allegations that surfaced over the weekend while actor Scott Baio is doing the same after being accused by Nicole Eggert of sexually molesting her when she was 15 and he was 17 years old.
Grammys 2018 Kendrick Lamar humbled with carrie fisher and lin manuel images

Grammys 2018: Kendrick Lamar ‘Humbled’ with Carrie Fisher, Lin Manuel

Kendrick Lamar wins an early Grammy for his Humble music video while Carrie Fisher and Lin Manuel also receive awards. President Donald Trump also had to get involved by tweeting out for Jay Z.
Charlamagne tha God continues being problem for black women 2018 images

Charlamagne tha God continues being problem for black women

The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God continues showing the biggest perpetrators of colorism in the black community are black men.
rip dolores o'riordan cranberries singer dies at 46 unexplained 2018 images

RIP Dolores O’Riordan: Cranberries singer dies at 46 ‘unexplained’

The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan has died at the age of 46 of 'unexplained' causes leaving fans shocked and saddened.
lavar ball lands a giant f for lonzo balls big baller brand from bbb 2017 images

LaVar Ball lands a giant F for Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand from BBB

BBB vs BBB Big Baller Brand Receives F from Better Business Bureau. Lavar Ball continues sinking son Lonzo Balls career.
prince harry meghan markle engagement photos hit plus new kardashian coming 2017 images

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle engagement photos plus another Kardashian coming

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Prince Harry Meghan Markle engagement photos, Catt Saler on E! News, Khloe Kardashian pregnant, Nelly sued, Eminem, Tom Hanks on Donald Trump.
zac efron talks substance abuse and selena gomez mother treatment 2017 images

Zac Efron talks substance abuse and Selena Gomez mother treatment

Celebrity gossip roundup: Zac Efron on substance abuse, Meryl Streep SheKnows campaign hits, Meghan Markle does Queen's lunch and a Gaga Las Vegas.
fergie talks drug addiction and ed sheeran bucks up 2017 images

Fergie talks drug addiction while Ed Sheeran bucks up

Fergie goes deep about her drug addiction and going through chemically-induced psychosis and dementia while Ed Sheeran accidentally breaches royal protocol with Prince Charles.

Tomi Lahren fails at Beyoncé race baiting attempt

Fox's Tomi Lahren continues race baiting but realized that trying it on Beyonce was a major fail.
meek mills ten year timeline with the legal system 2017 images

Meek Mill’s ten year timeline with the legal system

Meek Mill's problems with the legal system extends back to 2007, and our ten-year timeline follows what happened that caused the rapper having to serve 2-4 years in prison.

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