bradley cooper ready to dip into beyonces pool for role 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bradley Cooper Dips Into Beyonce & Diddy Swag Takes On Trolls

Today on the rumor mill we are starting it off with some updates on crazy characters that just won’t go away. Bradley Cooper is wanting to dip into Beyonce's talent pool, Empire's Malik Yoba setting records straight and Diddy Swag takes on internet trolls.
rob kardashian fat man for kris kim khloe family 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Rob Gone Girls Kim Kardashian & EMPIRE Lawsuit Hits

We start this week on the rumor mill with none other than the Kardashians and their crazy, hopeless family drama that Kim Kardashian is surely going to run to mama Kris as she always does with her brother.
kanye west most annoying celebrities 2015

Top 10 Most Annoying Celebrities 2015

We all know in life that there are those people who just get on your nerves for no other reason than just their being. I mean, it’s the way that they act, the things they say, hell, even the way that they look that sometimes just gets under your skin.
justin bieber tosses david arquette from party birthday 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bieber Boots Arquette & Walmart Pays Up

Rounding out the week in the celebrity gossip, here is your Saturday rumor mill which covers poor Bobbi Kristina Brown, Suge Knight falling out in the spirit again and Walmart having to pay up for Tracy Morgan.
monique gets paid big for bessie smith biopic 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Chris Brown Gives ‘Thot’ Lessons & Iyanla Kicked Out

Today on the rumor mill, the ongoing absurdity that we just can’t seem to get enough of is back and we are starting with none other than Chris Brown himself giving out lessons on how not to be a ho.
jermaine dupri accuses ciara of ripping off usher song 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Creflo Wants Major Dollars & Ciari Gets It Bad From Jermain...

Today in the rumor mill, we are back with the never-ending, ongoing antics of the rich and famous. From things their exes did to preachers needed multimillion-dollar transportation for Jesus, the madness never ceases.
cristiano ronaldo not good for women or irina shayk

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Cristiano Ronaldo Not So Good For Women

This week’s celebrity gossip includes a new member of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, drug abuse in the music industry, an engagement and much more. Fans of Big Bang Theory will be happy to know that Jim Parsons is the latest celebrity to receive the honor of a Hollywood Walk of Fame induction.
robin thicke and pharrell williams pay millions for ripping off marvin gaye 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Robin Loses A Thicke Wad With Pharrell

This week involved the First Lady as we know, no one disrespects Barack Obama's wife, and Nick Gordon finds the perfect actor to play him in the lifetime movie Bobbi Kristina & Me.
oklahoma suspends sigma alpha epsilon fraternity for racist song video 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Shekinah Jo vs T.I., Bye Erica Mena & Hello Racism…Again

The gossip mill is turning again along with sad proof that even in the new century racism is alive and well in the south along with many other places. Plus there’s some updates and new stuff to give a shit about.
kim kardashian goes blonde for butte of jokes 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kim Kardashian Blonde Moment & GaGa’s Gagging Bodyguard

Today, I have some updates for you as well as some new gossip that, let’s face it, we just can’t get enough of hearing about.