luther keegan michael key with president obama 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Obama’s Luther, Jay Z Tidal Crash & Freddie Gray

Oh, the beginning of a new week and the drama continues. President Obama got a great laugh with his translator Luther, Dave Chappelle is back to self-sabotage, Jay Z surfing his Tidal waves and Baltimore now the latest city to have a black man die in police custody and no answers in site.
mariah carey goes for nick cannons jugular in song about being broke 2015

Mariah Carey Goes For Nick Cannon’s Jugular With INFINITY

At around midnight on Monday night, songstress diva Mariah Carey dropped her brand new song “Infinity” on iTunes. Mariah also released the lyrics video at the same time. It’s clear from the first couple of lines that it’s a nasty little tune sending her soon to be ex-husband on his merry little way.
khloe kardashian not ready to give up lamar odom yet 2015 gossip

Are Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Patching Things Up…Again?

The never ending Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom saga is still going on after they’ve been separated a little over 2 years now and it appears that this time they’re actually trying to patch thing up...kind of.
kanye west talked kim kardashian into like bruce jenner woman 2015

Kanye West: Bruce Jenner’s Biggest Defender With Kardashians

Being allergic to anything Kardashian related, I decided to skip the highly anticipated Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer to spend sometime binge watching old X-Files episodes on Netflix. Because yeah, that’s how much I care about that.
ariana grande priceless p too much for big sean split 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Ariana’s Priceless Part & Rob Gronkowski Off Market

It is Friday as I'm enjoying the sunshine in Las Vegas, and Ariana Grande is more than a priceless p***y and New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski is officially off the market...for now.
zayn malik thank tweets to fans 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kardashians Turn On Bruce & Chris Martin Finally Free

First up in this week’s celebrity gossip is the news that after this week’s live broadcast of Dancing With the Stars, pro dancer Derek Hough went to the emergency room of a local hospital for a foot injury he suffered during the show.
chris brown pays off malcolm ausbon after basketball fight 2015 gossip

Chris Brown Pays Off Basketball Brawl Beat Down

Seems like Chris Breezy Brown just cannot keep his hands to himself! His recent temper tantrum was just as frightening as his recent hair color choices and it’s hitting him where he’s going to feel it the most: his pockets.
blac chyna makes fun of kylie jenner 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Sherri Shepherd A Motha Again, Black Chyna Shading On Kylie Jenner

The rumor mill is constantly turning and today Sherri Shepherd learns she can't abandon her baby, while Black Chyna throws some shade Kylie Jenner's way.
kylie jenner lips challenge not healthy 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Nicki Fully Meeked & A Father Gets It Wrong

A new round of celebrity craziness and sadness arrives a day late, but you can check out our editor's note below to see why. Bobby Brown sadly wishes Bobbi Kristina Brown were awake and tells concert goers she is but Cissy Houston reverses that.
aaron hernandez jail suicide watch 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: KeKe Palmer Clears Up Aaron Hernandez Watch

Here we are rounding out the celebrity gossip and news for the week. Today, it's all about KeKe Palmer clearing up, Aaron Hernandez prison watch and Suge Knight getting a chance to get out of jail...if he can pay the lowered bail of $10 million.

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