Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Taylor Swifts Dark Side

taylor swift bodyguards

taylor swift bodyguards

Not a week goes by without some juicy new celebrity gossip being discussed by media and fans alike. This week’s celebrity gossip covers the good and the bad that Hollywood causes or brings out in people.

Country darling Taylor Swift may lead a glamorous lifestyle thanks to her music career behind the scenes her life has a dark side to it. In an interview she recently did with Esquire Magazine she talked about how she has no choice but to surround herself with bodyguards constantly.  After confessing that she never wanted to concede to constant protection she went on to admit that she hasn’t driven in six years, because her security team has to drive her. Through social media Taylor was threatened by a man who followed her on social media and claimed to be married to her.

In other celebrity news, Kelly Osborne got a tattoo in tribute to the late Joan Rivers, who she worked with on an E! Entertainment show. The star got a bumblebee tattooed on her arm. In the wake of the death of Joan Rivers, a rumor was spread that Kelly Osborne is leaving her show on the E! Network. Kelly has vehemently denied the rumors and stated that she is returning for another season of the show.

In an awkward appearance on the red carpet for the recent Angel Ball, Sofia Vergara was speaking to a reporter about her current boyfriend Joe Manganiello when her ex fiancé materialized behind her. Sofia was said to be distracted by his presence, though she did smile at him before turning back to the reviewer. The ex -fiancé reportedly said hello to Sofia, though she said nothing back.

The Kardashian family doesn’t have too many touching moments between them but Kim is reportedly emotionally wrapped up in sister Kendall’s new modeling career. Kim has admitted that when she sees Kendall walking the runway she gets emotional because she feels like she is watching her own daughter live her dream. She has stated how proud she is of Kendall and how Kendall worked so hard to make a modeling career happen.

In other Kardashian news Khloe is reportedly having a hard time getting Lamar Odom to finalize their divorce on his end. This is reportedly causing tension for Khloe as she is accustomed to getting her way and getting it quickly. The next step in getting what she wants is for Khloe to file a Request for Dismissal or Enter a Default. Either way she will finally get her much coveted divorce… which she seems to covet more than she did the marriage to Odom in the first place. Only in Hollywood…

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is publically speaking out after Toys R Us pulled the show’s action figures from their shelves. A mother in Florida started a petition to get the action figures removed and Aaron Paul is livid as a result. The mother made the argument that Breaking Bad is a show with mature plots that are not appropriate for children. In a tweet that garnered a lot of attention from both Twitter users and the media Aaron Paul stated that Barbies can be more damaging to children than the Breaking Bad action figures, but Barbies are still sold at the store. He also tweeted that selling the violent video games Toys R Us sells are still on the shelves since the Florida mother didn’t protest against them.  Another tweet by Aaron Paul encouraged his followers to support a petition to get Breaking Bad action figures put back on the shelves at Toys R Us. Once he posted the link to the petition 12,000 people reportedly signed it in support of bringing back the toys. Fellow Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston also publically joked about the Florida mom, stating that since she had Breaking Bad action figures pulled he was going to burn his “Florida Mom” action figure.

Jennifer Lawrence has now joined the ranks of Hollywood home owners as she recently purchased a $7 million five bedroom house that was, at one time, the home of Jessica Simpson. Lawrence’s new house was built in 1991 and includes a media room, gourmet kitchen, home gym and a master bedroom that boasts its own private deck. Located on the property is a koi pond and gated courtyard.

Captain America star Chris Evens is reportedly back together with ex- girlfriend Minka Kelly after the two ended a previous relationship in 2013. In previous months the two traveled to Massachusetts together to spend time with his family. The two reportedly also recently had dinner together at Chris’s house in L.A. The couple has been off and on since 2007.

Kristen Stewart recently announced that after working non -stop for two years she is taking a much needed break from acting. The star wants to pursue other artistic and writing endeavors in downtown L.A. She has stated that she loves hard work and simply wants to try a different type of it.

In a bid of nostalgia NBC is reportedly set to produce a remake of the TV series Bewitched. The show will begin to air for the 2015-2016 TV season. The updated version of the show is said to follow the life of original main character Samantha’s granddaughter, Daphne, who will be in her 20s when the show begins.  Much like her grandmother did she will use her magical abilities to make her way through her life, though this reportedly will do nothing to help her sustain a love life.

George Clooney owns a brand of tequila called Casamigos and it was recently announced that he will now also have a new product made in Mexico. A press release to announce the new product stated that it is finally ready to be bottled after having been extensively tested.

That’s this week’s celebrity gossip out of Hollywood. Stay tuned next week for more juicy stories from the lives of beloved celebrities.