NFL Week 7 Recap 2014: Peyton Manning Makes History

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Peyton Manning made history this week, breaking Brett Favre’s all-time passing touchdown record, the Jaguars won, the Patriots almost lost to the Jets, and Antonio Brown had a bad week which means he only scored 20 points for your fantasy team. Needless to say, it was an exciting week. Here we go:

New York Jets 25 at New England Patriots 27: The Jets had every opportunity in the world to win this game and get their season back on track, but it just wouldn’t be Jets football if they didn’t screw it up. Tom Brady did okay, but his completion percentage continues to be mediocre. Geno Smith on the other hand wasn’t horrible. In fact, the Jets had a chance to win the game; but their last second field goal attempt was blocked which perfectly sums up the season for the Jets so far.

Cincinnati Bengals 0 at Indianapolis Colts 27: Well the Bengals are apparently one of the worst offenses in the NFL without A.J. Green. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around the score was 24-0 and the Colts outgained the Bengals 443-42 in net yards. That’s right—Indianapolis outgained Cincinnati by 401 yards through the first three quarters. Andy Dalton had 55 yards at that point. The Colts on the other hand did really well. Andrew Luck’s 344 yards and two touchdowns were way too much for the Bengals to handle.

Tennessee Titans 17 at Washington Redskins 19: The biggest news from this game is Kirk Cousins’s benching. That’s right, Colt McCoy got to play. The former Texas Longhorn’s first pass was a 70 yard touchdown to Pierre Garcon. In fact, McCoy was 11-of-12 throwing mainly check down passes. Charlie Whitehurst is still not good at football, so that’s how the Redskins won.

Miami Dolphins 27 at Chicago Bears 14: The Bears offense really lost this game. They didn’t do anything. Jay Cutler looked horrible. Cutler finished with only 190 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and three total fumbles. Against Miami’s defense. Sad. Tannehill did pretty well, with 277 yards and two touchdowns; but it wasn’t very hard with Cutler setting him up in positions to store.

Cleveland Browns 6 at Jacksonville Jaguars 24: THE JAGUARS WON THE JAGUARS WON!!!! That’s right, the Jaguars have gotten their one win out of the way this season, and they may be able to win another by the time it’s all said and done! Blake Bortles had three interceptions, so he did his best to lose; but Brian Hoyer just wouldn’t let him. Hoyer finished 16-of-41 for 215 yards, an interception, and a lost fumble. Coming off a big win over the Steelers this was pitiful. Fans in Cleveland will be chanting for Johnny Football if Hoyer does this again.

Seattle Seahawks 26 at St. Louis Rams 28: The Seahawks have been exposed for the second week in a row. The best play of the game was the 90 yard punt return for a touchdown the Rams had. Tavon Austin faked catching the punt; and Stedman Bailey, who was standing on the opposite side of the field from Austin, actually caught it, bringing it back 90 yards untouched. Obviously that’s a very brief description, but look it up if you haven’t seen it because it was awesome. And as always, Richard Sherman had to run his mouth claiming that he recovered the punt at the end of the game and causing more controversy.

Carolina Panthers 17 at Green Bay Packers 38: There’s really not much to say about this game. Obviously the Panthers are not a very good team. This game was 35-3 before Cam Newton was able to do anything. Newton managed only 86 yards by halftime, and most of his second half yards came in garbage time at the end of the game. Rodgers did well, with 255 yards and three touchdowns; but that no longer seems to mean anything against Carolina’s defense.

Atlanta Falcons 7 at Baltimore Ravens 29: Matt Ryan had absolutely no help in this game, but it’s not like he’s done anything this season anyways. The Falcons suck even though they really should be good this year. Ryan finished with only 228 yards and a touchdown, mainly because he was being sacked or pressured on most plays. Joe Flacco had a much better game, although he did finish with two interceptions. Both picks were by Robert Alford, who Flacco targeted most of the game.

Minnesota Vikings 16 at Buffalo Bills 17: A one point victory at home over the Vikings is nothing to brag about, but considering how badly the Bills played it’s always nice to end up with a win. Kyle Orton really stepped up at the end of the game, winning the game for the Bills on the final drive. Orton finished with 283 yards, two touchdowns, and two turnovers earlier in the game. Teddy Bridgewater had another pitiful performance, finishing with only 157 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. In fact, Bridgewater was able to complete only four passes after halftime, effectively ruining any chance the Vikings had of winning the game.

New Orleans Saints 23 at Detroit Lions 24: The Saints looked like the finally had a road win in the bag until Drew Brees of all people messed it up. Brees was the last person Saints fans were expecting to screw up, but his late fourth quarter interception lead to a Lions touchdown. Aside from the costly interception, Brees had 342 yards and two touchdowns. A fantastic game until the end. The Lions defense is truly number one in the NFL, and once again showed the ability to step up in clutch situations.

Kansas City Chiefs 23 at San Diego Chargers 20: The Chiefs looked much better than they have at any point this season, and clearly the Chargers are not as good as people seem to think they are. The Chiefs were coming off a bye week, and the Chargers were looking over them to their Thursday Night matchup with the Denver Broncos. However, there are no excuses—Philip Rivers had his worst performance of the season. Rivers’s main problem was on third down where he was only able to convert three times. Alex Smith wasn’t fantastic, but he did well enough to beat a good San Diego defense.

New York Giants 21 at Dallas Cowboys 31: Well, at least the Giants tried in this game. DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant proved to be too much for the Giants defense. Tony Romo did well thanks to the amazing play of Bryant, who proved to be too much for Prince Amukamara. Murray is officially the best running back in the NFL this season after breaking Jim Brown’s record for consecutive 100-yard rushing games to start the season. Murray now holds the record at seven and could easily make it 16. Eli Manning did fantastic despite the loss of Victor Cruz, but it just wasn’t enough.

Arizona Cardinals 24 at Oakland Raiders 13: Well Derek Carr is back to the list of bad quarterbacks. Apparently last week was a complete fluke. Carr finished with 173 yards and that’s it. Carson Palmer on the other hand did pretty well finishing with 253 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Larry Fitzgerald was very quiet again, finishing with only 21 yards.

San Francisco 49ers 17 at Denver Broncos 42: Peyton Manning now holds the NFL record with 510 touchdowns and counting. Manning could have easily thrown for nine touchdowns in this game, but he allowed Ronnie Hillman to score two rushing touchdowns and didn’t even play in the fourth quarter. This game was an absolute blowout. Manning’s final stat line was amazing: 22-of-26 for 318 yards and four touchdowns in three quarters. Manning couldn’t miss—those four incompletions were basically all drops. Colin Kaepernick on the other hand couldn’t hit anything. Blaine Gabbert threw a touchdown in this game. That’s kind of funny.

Houston Texans 23 at Pittsburgh Steelers 30: After J.J. Watt recovered a fumble and set up the Texans for a field goal to make the score 13-0, the Steelers scored three touchdowns in 73 seconds. Le’Veon Bell had two touchdowns and Ben Roethlisberger had a 35 yard touchdown pass to Martavis Bryant. This surge was helped by an Arian Foster fumble and a Ryan Fitzpatrick interception. The rest is history. Fitzpatrick is still not good at football.

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