medicare for all shows donald trump way off with facts 2018 images

Donald Trump’s ‘Medicare For All’ facts way off again

Donald Trump is again making healthcare promises to Americans that are far from accurate. Even after the Kanye West Oval Office distraction, here are the real facts about Trump's Medicare for All solution.
venom a star is born fight at box office

‘Venom,’ ‘A Star Is Born’ offer diverse box office

Two different movies created October box office history with Marvel's Venom and Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born.
brett kavanaugh sworn in to supreme court 2018

How far right will Brett Kavanaugh take Supreme Court?

Now that Brett Kavanaugh marks the sixth Supreme Court justice nominated by Republicans, how far to the right will the high court swing?
metoo times up protestors hand marks over Brett Kavanaugh

Will Brett Kavanugh confirmation affect #MeToo movement?

Now that Brett Kavanugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court can #MeToo go beyond a hashtag?

Fact vs Fiction: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford

Brett Kavanaugh has now been confirmed to the Supreme Court 51-49, and here are the top three fake news articles that spread quickly on social media. We give you the real facts behind these fake stories.
wonder woman justice league movie slot images

Newest Movie Themed Slots

With a new slew of movies hitting this fall like David Gordon Green's Halloween, games based on them are right on their heels. Here are the top 9 newest games based on movies.
tamara jenkings talks private life and those long times between films 2018 images

Tamara Jenkins talks ‘Private Life’ and that 11 year absence

Filmmaker Tamara Jenkins returns from an eleven year absence with Private Life and talks about why so long.
donald trump tax problems hit 2018

Donald Trump facing possible tax fines

Donald Trump could be facings tens of millions in civil fines to the IRS if state and federal authorities find a New York Times scathing investigation to be accurate on how the president really made his fortune.
Cristiano Ronaldo fighting for his reputation on twitter 2018 images

Cristiano Ronaldo fights for his reputation on Twitter, Instagram

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo took to Instagram and Twitter to defend himself against rape allegation by Kathryn Mayorga, who claims she was paid to be silent on the matter.
halloween inspired whole food healthy smoothies 2017 images

Halloween Inspired Whole Food Healthy Smoothies: Dairy Free

With Halloween here, why not have some fun inspired smoothies that will work perfectly with your whole food diet or if you're looking to keep that pesky sugar level down. These smoothies tastes amazing while also helping you keep the weight off.

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