lego movie 2 tops box office but fails expectations 2019 images

‘Lego Movie 2’ tops box office but fails expectations

Bricksburg might have celebrated rave reviews for “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part," but that didn't bring out more moviegoers to check it out. While it was easily the top ticket-seller in theaters over...
supernatural prophet and loss winchester brothers addictive tv1412

Prophet and Loss is what keeps ‘Supernatural’ my addictive TV drug

One thing you should know about me as a Supernatural fan is I’m a sucker for a strong cold open. Funny, scary, dramatic, doesn’t matter, a good cold open is a work of television art and extra points to...
amare stoudemire glasses during nba games

Cracking the Secrets of NBA Players’ Glasses – How They Keep Their Vision Sharp...

Ever wondered how some NBA players can play without wearing any glasses? Here are some that do wear specs you might now even know about.
cool scooter tricks boy flying high

Top 4 Cool Scooter Tricks for Newbs

Scooters can be fun and here are the top 4 hot scooter tricks every newbie can learn easily.
glass continues dominating box office whle miss bala fails 2018 images

‘Glass’ dominates Super Bowl box office while ‘Miss Bala’ fails

M. Night Shyamalan's Glass topped the box office again on a historically slow Super Bowl box office weekend while Miss Bala flopped.
dean winchester in dark room with sam behind him prophets loss 1412

3 In A Row! ‘Supernatural’ Scores Again with Prophet and Loss – and Season...

As Supernatural has been renewed for Season 15, Prophets and Loss marks a third week winning episode leading to Episode 300.
tv lift cabinet directional guide images 2019

How to make a TV Lift Cabinet

You've seen those fancy cabinets where the TV just pops out of it with the flick of a button, Now you can build your own and here's how.
donald trump snowman during cold weather climate change debate

Recent cold spell hasn’t frozen out climate change

While America has been in the grips of a cold freeze, this doesn't mean that climate change has been fixed like President Donald Trumps has alluded.
supernatural damaged goods saves season 14 2019 images

‘Supernatural’ Damaged Goods is Season 14’s Salvation Episode

Supernatural has redeemed Season 14 with Damaged Goods and a great way to spoil #SPNFamily before the 300th Episode.
the dark knight f best movie based slot machines

From screen to slots: 5 of the very best TV and movie-themed slot games

2019 brings in the top 5 very best movie and tv themed slot machines.

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