nfl overcomes donald trumps anthem protest war 2017 images

NFL overcomes Donald Trump’s anthem protest war

NFL Players, Owners Discussed Social Issues Moving Beyond National Anthem Protests. Donald Trump not happy with results.

Carlena Britch talks fighting ‘Supernatural’ Jensen Ackles and Miriam

Carlena Britch made quite the entrance on "Supernatural's" Season 13 premiere as drunk angel Miriam. She talks to MTTG about fighting with Jensen Ackles and feeling the pain from a Winchester Brother.
celtics gordon hayward shakes up nba season with broken leg 2017 images

Celtics Gordon Hayward shakes up NBA season with fractured ankle

Gordon Hayward Breaks Leg Minutes into Boston Celtics Debut, Shaking up the 2017-2018 NBA Season One Day In

After slamming brother Harvey, Bob Weinstein accused of sexual harrassment

A sexual harassment claim has now hit The Weinstein Co.'s other brother Bob on the day they were deciding the company's future.
mayim baliks 1950s style feminism explains how rape culture thrived 2017 images

Mayim Bialik’s 1950’s feminism explains how rape culture thrived

"The Big Bang Theory's" Mayim Bialik definitely gives a very different perspective to feminism; one reminiscent to when Donald Trump was growing up.

Donald Trump unwisely takes on John McCain again

Donald Trump continued his shock week by sending out a warning to John McCain for his honest words at the 2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony.
richard jefferson leaves cavaliers for hawks to become a nugget 2017 images

Richard Jefferson leaves Cavs for Hawks to become a Nugget

Cleveland Cavaliers Say Goodbye to Richard Jefferson in Trade to Atlanta Hawks which then waives him over to Denver Nuggets.
ezekiel elliott continues feud with nfl over suspension 2017 images

Ezekiel Elliott continues feud with NFL over suspension

NFL, Ezekiel Elliott Feud Over Suspension Again After Court Rules Against Cowboys RB

Kamala Harris is the voice we need in Washington now

As Donald Trump has made the Washington D.C. swamp overflow and head into the White House, an independent voice like Senator Kamala Harris is a breath of fresh air that is urgently needed in the America he's created.
What happens to social media under government regulation 2017 images plus

What happens to social media under government regulation?

With Facebook, Twitter and Google proving they can't control 'fake news,' the government is about to step in to begin regulating it as media organizations. Does this mean the end of Facebook or a more honest news one?