2017 French Open Preview - Simona Haleps Leads Wide-open Field images

2017 French Open Preview – Simona Halep Leads Wide-open Field

Simona Halep is odds on favorite for 2017 French Open even though she's never won a major title yet.

Donald Trump’s latest budget blueprint has a few problems

One of the biggest glaring errors found in Donald Trump's new budget plan is an assumption that there will be a $2 trillion increase in revenue from economic growth even with those tax cuts.
supernatural scooby doo crossover

Ruh-roh! Real ‘Supernatural’ ghosts for Scooby Gang and Winchesters

Supernatural fans got a real treat when those Scooby Doo crossover rumors were confirmed along with Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins confirming Castiel's return in Season 13.
nsala rescue dogs arrive from yulin dog meat trade festival 2017 ima

Yulin Dog Meat Trade Festival rescue dogs arrive at NSALA from China

One festival that made huge news for all the wrong reasons was China's Yulin Dog Meat Trade festival that had quite a huge spotlight shown on it from all forms of media including Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.
rip roger moore iconic james bond actor has died

RIP: Iconic James Bond Roger Moore dies at 89 after battle with cancer

Roger Moore who went from playing The Saint to his most iconic role as James Bond has died at the age of 89 after a short battle with cancer.
ruby rose backtracks on katy perry and harry styles outdoes zayn malik 2017 images

Ruby Rose backtracks on Katy Perry and Harry Styles outdoes Zayn Malik

Ariana Grande concert victims, Harry Styles leaves Zayn Malik in vocal dust, Rusy Rose Swishes away from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Firehouse
Agents of SWORD Versus MODOK 2017 images

Agents of SWORD Versus MODOK

Now, in the world of comics, Agents of SHIELD isn’t the only secret government agency that exists. There’s also SWORD which stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Department.
bow wow phaedra parks and monique needing hugs or attention 2017

Bow Wow, Phaedra Parks and Mo’Nique needing hugs and attention

Why do so many celebrities feel the need to fake the funk? I’ve been mulling this thought over in my mind here lately. I mean, I know why people like Kim Kardashian and her family do it

All Along The Watchtower – Supernatural’s Season Finale

I was so exuberant over Supernatural’s penultimate episode of the season that I went into the finale episode already an emotional wreck – in the very best of ways. I honestly sort of wanted a while to just savor all those wonderful warm feelings
ms 13 gang and donald trumps threat

Fact checking Donald Trump’s latest claims and ‘fake news’ plants

It's a known fact that many things that come from either President Donald Trump or his White House staff will be found to be untrue after vetting, but now they've taken it a step further with attempting to send out 'fake news.'