Gil McKinney and Osric Chau talk ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Dirk Gently’ and new music

Supernatural’s Gil McKinney and Osric Chau – On Writing Books, Releasing New Music and New Seasons of Dirk Gently Television!
alex smith already looking at other nfl teams for 2018 season images

Alex Smith already looking at other NFL teams for 2018

Alex Smith Knows his Days with the Kansas City Chiefs are Numbered
why daca is important 2017 images

Why DACA is important

There is no greater threat to the ongoing existence of mankind, nothing more dangerous to the peaceful living of all people, no segment of this globe more hypocritical than the privileged white man

‘It’ salvages a bleak box office weekend

After having the past few weeks seeing a disastrous box office tally, who would have thought a horror movie, let alone a Stephen King adaptation done twice already
ray lewis comments on colin kaepernick met with nfl silence 2017 images

Ray Lewis comment on Colin Kaepernick met with NFL silence

Ray Lewis Suggests Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend’s Racist Tweet may have Cost him Ravens Job
michael bennett investigation continues with nfl help 2017 images

Michael Bennett investigation continues without NFL help

Michael Bennett Police Incident Cause an Uproar Around NFL as Details Begin to Emerge

Adam Fergus talks life after ‘Supernatural’ and Mick Davies

Adam Fergus pulls a hat trick with MTTG with his third interview talking about "Supernatural" and the death of Mick Davies.
heroes and zeros ed skrein vs cnns rosa flores

Heroes and Zeros: Ed Skrein vs CNN’s Rosa Flores

Actor Ed Skrein makes our hero of the week to help stop Hollywood's whitewashing in movies and CNN's Rosa Flores Zeros out by showing the heartless side of reporters during Hurricane Harvey.
paul george costs lakers a record fine 2017 images

Paul George costs Lakers a record fine

Lakers Hit with Record $500,000 Fine for Tampering with Paul George, Citing Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka
the great cop out nypd gives up on windows phones 2017 images

The Great Cop Out: NYPD gives up on Windows phones

When Microsoft offered the NYPD free Windows Phones, it was a deal that seemed too good to be true. It turned out to be just that.