fact checking donald trump immigration policy with mike pence homeland security

Donald Trump NKorea nukes and family separation fact check

Donald Trump's latest claims on the progress of North Korea with their nukes and with immigrants being separated from their families after entering the United States illegally aren't quite what they say. Here's a fact check on this week's claims.
gaming disorder now an addictive illness by who

‘Gaming disorder’ now considered an addictive illness by WHO

Many people, including government officials, have blamed gaming for everything from violence to addictive behavior, and the World Health Organization has added to the list with 'gaming disorder' as an addiction.
can amc beat moviepass with new $20 subscription service 2018 images

Can AMC beat Moviepass with new $20 subscription service?

Rather than continue feuding with MoviePass, AMC is now offering a $19.95 a month subscription service that is twice as expensive while having fewer restrictions for moviegoers.
Speak of House Paul Ryan discusses immigration bill problems with Donald Trump

Paul Ryan struggles to unite House GOP immigration bills

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is struggling to pass any immigration bills as pressure mounts over Donald Trump policy separating families entering the United States illegally.
under pressure donald trump ends immigration family separation 2018 images

Under pressure, Donald Trump ends immigration family separation

President Donald Trump is feeling the pressure from everyone, including Melania Trump and declared that he will sign an Executive Order to stop children and parents from being separated after crossing into the U.S. illegally, but is it too late?
killing eve tops nominations 2018

‘Killing Eve’ tops Critics Awards nominations with ‘The Americans,’ ‘Atlanta’

BBC America's bizarre but interesting Killing Eve tops out Critics Award nominations ahead of The Americans and Atlanta.
donald trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check 2018 images

Donald Trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check

President Donald Trump is standing his ground with the immigration policy feeling it will keep mid-term elections in Republicans favor plus five fact checks on his immigration claims.
verizon att t mobile and sprint privacy pledge data brokers 2018 images

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint privacy pledge on data brokers

Major mobile carries, Verizon, Spring, T-Mobile and AT&T have pledged to stop giving information regarding U.S. phone owners locations to data brokers as this has drawn considerable criticism for endangering privacy.
vivo nex loses the apple notch images

Vivo Nex loses a notch

Vivo Nex has chosen to lose their Apple notch and here's how it will affect your experience. A full review breakdown of the new smartphone.
stan lee the sad confused story continues 2018

Stan Lee: the sad confused story continues

Stan Lee's rich Marvel history is getting lost in elder abuse claims, Keya Morgan and people attempting to wrest control of his estate. Kevin Smith has offered to help but who knows what is really needed. @MariusDeVirus breaks it down.

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