dove misses the mark with latest commercial setting off firestorm 2017 images

Dove misses the mark with latest commercial setting off firestorm

Dove set off a controversial firestorm shortly after their latest commercial aired on Facebook showing Nigerian model Lola Ogunyemi taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman. This leaves us wondering if we're too sensitive or is the conglomerate not sensitive enough.
facebook google continue failing to control fake news 2017 images

Facebook, Google continue failing to control fake news

After failing after a year, Facebook and Google are likely to feel big government step in and begin regulating the social media giants.

Car infotainment becoming a distraction for drivers

New cars are getting loaded with more gadgets and 'infotainment' systems to keep sales brisk, but are drivers getting more distracted and less safe on the road?

Microsoft Throws in the Towel: Windows 10 Mobile is Out of the Ring

Microsoft tried to duke it out in the smartphone world, but Joe Belfiore tweeted that while it's not completely dead yet, Windows 10 mobile is basically out of the ring.

Apple TV now worth getting after iTunes video upgrade

We weren't big fans of the Apple TV, but now that iTunes has done such an amazing video upgrade, we can place the streaming device in the same league as Roku and the Fire TV Stick.

Mike Pence protesting NFL protests costing taxpayers plenty

NFL Owners Start Cracking Down on National Anthem Protests as VP Mike Pence Leaves Colts Game in high cost PR stunt for Donald Trump.
OC thunder beat melbourne united in nailbiter ending 2017 images

OC Thunder beat Melbourne United in nail biter ending

New Look Thunder Barely Get Past Australian Melbourne United Team at Home. Losing Kevin Durant and leaving Russell Westbrook to carry the team is showing its weaknesses.
james harden not so hot on kevin mchales leadership 2017 images

James Harden not so hot on Kevin McHale’s leadership

Former Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale and James Harden Feud Over Leadership

Ryan Gosling’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ takes a punch at box office

"Blade Runner 2049" might have had everything going for it with cast, pedigree and killer reviews, but it's long running time may have helped kill it with ticket sales at the box office. October word of mouth could save it though.
Can NRA keep country music stars muzzled after Las Vegas shooting 2017 images

Can NRA keep country music stars muzzled after Las Vegas shooting?

After the Las Vegas shooting at a country music event, many country stars are keeping quiet, but some are beginning to speak out about the NRA and their role in fixing what's wrong with America's gun problem.