After NCAA scandals, NBA considers lowering draft age limit

NBA Considering Allowing High School Players to Enter the Draft After NCAA Scandals
john elway ready for more broncos quarterback risks 2018 images

John Elway ready for more Broncos Quarterback risks

John Elway Not Ready to Rebuild Denver Broncos, Not Done Taking Risks at QB
giants 2018 focus gives question to odell beckham, davis webb images

Giants 2018 focus gives questions for Odell Beckham, Davis Webb

As New York Giants Refocus on 2018, Questions Loom about Odell Beckham, Davis Webb, & No. 2 Draft Pick

Apple iPhone X did it so why notch?

While other companies and people made fun of Apple's iPhone X notch on the front of smart phone, it didn't take long for everyone to steal the idea with many doing it badly.

‘Supernatural’ Good Intentions aka paving that road to hell

Lynn Zubernis touched on what issues she's had with Supernatural Season 13 and Good Intentions, but Vinnie gets very indepth on what's causing the issues for many fans with the biggest one being Sam and Dean Winchester being placed on the backburner much of the time.
meredith glynn delivers some good intentions to supernatural but 2018 images

Meredith Glynn delivers Good Intentions to ‘Supernatural’ but…

While Lynn Zubernis loves Supernatural writer Meredith Glynn, Good Intentions continues Season 13 focusing less on Sam and Dean Winchester and on those around them.

‘Black Panther’ trounces ‘Red Sparrow,’ ‘Death Wish’ at box office

Jennifer Lawrence had her third lackluster opening with Red Sparrow that was easily gobbled up by Marvel's soon to hit $1 billion blockbuster Black Panther. Bruce Willis' Death Wish saw a quick death for the third spot behind Red Sparrow.
Agent Coulson is Alive, a Name-drop Would Be Nice 2018 images

Agent Coulson is Alive: An ‘Avengers’ Name-drop Would Be Nice

Did Marvel write itself into a corner with Agent Phil Coulson's death and the Avengers not being aware of it. How many more films can they pretend he's dead when Agents of ShIELD obviously has a much different story.
Happy Third Anniversary to Jared Padalecki’s Always Keep Fighting 2018 images

Happy Third Anniversary to ‘Supernatural’ Jared Padalecki’s Always Keep Fighting!

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki's inspired Always Keep Fighting (AKF) movement reached its third year anniversary on Saturday and he deserves some praise for his hard work with a very worthy cause.
twitter seeks help youtube mess and vero vs instagram 2018 images

Twitter seeks help, YouTube mess and Vero vs Instagram

Social Media News: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey seeks help with civility while YouTube has a major stumble with human moderators, could Vero overtake Instagram if they can get their stuff together? Spotify hopes to overcome problems with Wall Street IPO.

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