Love ‘The Boys?’ Supes Ain’t Always Heroes Takes a Deep Dive Into What Makes Its Complex Characters Tick

We’ve got some great “The Boys” news! Anyone who follows us on social media or our articles here knows that we LOVE Prime Video’s brilliant streaming series “The Boys.” There’s nothing that Eric Kripke puts his creative touch to that I won’t watch, and I was hooked on “The Boys” from the start.  The show fascinated me with its deft storytelling, complicated characters and refusal to paint the world in black and white, instead showing the shades of gray that make the real world so confusing at times. “The Boys” wasn’t afraid to tackle issues that we’re confronted with on a daily basis – racism, misogyny, sexism, prejudice, homophobia – even social media! And the show did it in a way that was sometimes shocking, sometimes disturbing, but always entertaining.  Add to that a talented cast that could show us all the sides of these complex characters, and you have the recipe for an extraordinary piece of media.

The show has only gotten better over its three seasons, with Season 3 adding Jensen Ackles to the stellar cast as Soldier Boy. I was already a fan of Ackles’ Dean Winchester on “Supernatural” for 15 seasons, but his portrayal of Soldier Boy absolutely blew me away. That season not only upped the ante in terms of shocking scenes that you never thought you’d see onscreen (and probably hoped you wouldn’t, to be honest), but also added an exploration of toxic masculinity to the show’s themes, and the lines between right and wrong grew even more blurred for both the Supes and the Boys. Just like in real life!

“The Boys” and its cast and crew are currently in consideration for multiple awards, which in my humble opinion they 100% deserve. In fact, I think this show is so groundbreaking and so provocative and so brilliant that I’ve put together a whole book about it, along with my long-time colleague, Dr. Matt Snyder – Preorders are now open for ‘Supes Ain’t Always Heroes: Inside the Complex Characters and Twisted Psychology of The Boys’!  If you preorder, you’ll also get bonus content of original The Boys artwork featuring Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko and Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy.

The book is a deep dive into what makes the show so powerful, with chapters by psychologists, media experts, filmmakers and more, including exclusive interviews with The Boys comics co-creator Darick Robertson and actors Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy), Aya Cash (Stormfront), Nathan Mitchell (Black Noir) and Jim Beaver (Robert Singer). Figure out what makes all the show’s complicated characters tick, from the perspectives of psychologists, sociologists and the talented actors portraying them, and explore how the show has an impact on our real world through its fearless depiction of this fictional one.

We believe in changing the world just like “The Boys,” so every copy purchased benefits the Venice Family Clinic, with a portion of proceeds from both author and publisher donated to this charity’s life-saving work.

If you love “The Boys,” don’t be afraid to go deeper (Deeper?) – just be careful not to sneeze!

Preorder ‘Supes Ain’t Always Heroes’ and get the exclusive bonus content here

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