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‘The Boys’ 205 We Gotta Go Now brings some Dean Winchester moments

The Boys 205 continues to give our #FangasmSPN a rollarcoaster ride and she shows some Dean Winchester Supernatural parallels in her review.

Speculations on ‘Supernatural’ 1216 Ladies Drink Free

A rather interesting episode of Supernatural is coming up and could probably have big implications for Castiel, Sam and Dean and even Garth.

Lindsay Winch talks ‘Supernatural’ and blowing steam with Dean Winchester

In the Supernatural episode Regarding Dean, Lindsay Winch plays Elka – the spunky waitress that Dean finds out he “blew some steam off with.” Not only does Lindsay have a few of the more memorable lines in the episode

‘Supernatural’ is back with its 250th Episode! 1209 First Blood

This was one of those Supernatural episodes that didn’t leave anyone shrugging and going eh, it was pretty good – you either loved it or hated it, if my timeline is anything to go by. I mostly loved it, but there were some things

Supernatural: After LOTUS, What’s Next?

At first, I couldn’t get the meaning of Supernatural’s mid-season finale title Lotus from the trailer. Is it some legendary flower? A car? That egg thingy Sam was holding? It’s actually the show’s political statement of the year.

‘Supernatural’ Lotus not the best mid-season finale

The mid-season finale of Supernatural won’t go down in history as one of my favorites, much to my disappointment. I didn’t hate it – it kept my interest throughout, so there’s that.

Winchesters in Leather! Rock Never Dies for ‘Supernatural’

This is a drive-by review, written from the family vacation, where I couldn’t actually watch Supernatural as it aired. Of course, I couldn’t entirely stay off twitter either, so I knew that Sam and Dean are wearing leather.

‘Supernatural’ Recap: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox keeps things on track

Supernatural was serious when they said that the show is getting back to its roots. Monster of the week though the monster isn’t really new, it’s fresh. We also see some real family-centric scenes in this sixth episode

‘Supernatural’ 1205 Were we really waiting for Nazi necromancers?

America has spoken. But if Donald Trump does go bad like many folks say, and are still actively saying so, can we count on the Winchesters of Supernatural? After all, they killed Adolf Hitler. Yes. They killed Adolf Hitler.

‘Supernatural’ Takes on The Thule aka The One You’ve Been Waiting For Review

This week’s Supernatural episode was by another new writer, Meredith Glynn, but directed by a returning fan favorite director, Nina Lopez Corrado. The Winchesters once again come up against the Thule

A ‘Supernatural’ Christmas: Impalalalalalalalaa!

This Christmas Creation Stands has added some excellent Supernatural gifts for the hunter on your list – or for yourself, we don’t judge! From the “blue balls” of the Wayward AF campaign to It’s Cas. Not Cass. T-shirt

That’s My Show! ‘Supernatural’ Gets Back to Basics with ‘The Foundry’

Last week my inflated expectations from the week before influenced my reaction to the second episode of the Supernatural season. This week, I went into episode 12.03 nervous and crossing every available appendage

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