A ‘Supernatural’ Christmas: Impalalalalalalalaa!

A Supernatural Christmas Impalalalalalalalaa! 2016 images

A 'Supernatural' Christmas Impalalalalalalalaa! 2016 images

This Christmas Creation Stands has added some excellent Supernatural gifts for the hunter on your list – or for yourself, we don’t judge! From the “blue balls” of the Wayward AF campaign to It’s Cas. Not Cass. T-shirt (my personal favorite), there’s something for everyone!

All of these items are on sale for the next three weeks!

The cool thing about the Creation Stands items is that the designs come from either fans or from the actors themselves.

Creation Stands says:

There are three fantastic ways to source art.

  1. We get submissions on our website and reach out to the artists if we have a good match.
  2. We host a contest – like we did with Rob Benedict and ask for submissions.
  3. The actor comes to us directly with art or a solid idea of what they are looking to create. Typically what they have designed is reflective of their personality and the message that is important for them to share. They also are very passionate about their charities, and this is reflected in the marketing if not the design itself. Often they have a fan artist in mind that they prefer to use.

Within the fandom, there are several incredibly talented people, and we are blown away by the love they put into our partner shows.

Each one of the items also supports charities that are near and dear to the actor’s heart. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s available, and about the charity in question.

supernatural wayward af balls hot holiday gifts 2016

Wayward AF balls (set of 2)

Riley Keshner is the artist behind these beautiful blue balls … They are perfect for decorating your Christmas tree this year! (Or using in alluring photos, as Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes have done recently.) The charity? Random Acts.

supernatural dear santa naughty brief

Dear Santa Tank & Define Naughty Brief

Our wonderful Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) has provided us with these naughty – but oh so nice – pajamas that are the ideal wear for waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. With the iconic little female devil from episode 8×12, it asks what we all want to know … what exactly is naughty? Charity: Ronald McDonald House Charities.

its cas not cass supernatural t shirt

It’s Cas. Not Cass.

Available in a T-shirt, a mug and a beanie, this item settles it once and for all … in mid-October our Angel, Misha Collins, decided that it was time the world knew the proper diminutive of Castiel – that it’s Cass, not Cas. However, the fandom didn’t agree so much; and Misha broadcasted a live stream that apologized for raining on everyone’s parade (no confetti here), and that we were each allowed to have our own way of spelling Cass. (I am firmly in the Cass camp here.) Therefore – it’s Cas. Not Cass. Was born … Charity: Random Acts.

supernatural magnets by chris schmelke for hot holiday gifts

Chris Schmelke Supernatural Magnet Set

Anyone who’s been to a Creation Entertainment convention knows that Chris Schmelke is the God of photography; and from these magnet photos, it isn’t hard to see why. From gorgeous photos of Misha Collins to the “other” God himself Rob Benedict, these magnets would grace any fridge. Or filing cabinet. Or anything else metal … Includes Misha Collins, Briana Buckmaster, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Osric Chau and Matt Cohen. Charity: Random Acts.

supernatural lucifer new vessel mug

Lucifer New Vessel Mug

For all the “Luci” fans out there! This “New vessel who dis” mug is Mark Pellegrino’s submission to the Christmas campaign; whether you like your Luci as Sam, Cass or good ‘ol fashioned Nick, it’s great for your morning cup ‘o joe. Charity: Shriners Hospitals for Children

mystery spot superantural poster

The Arthouse Collection: Mystery Spot Poster

Did anyone else notice that lovely Easter egg in episode 1 of Season 12? The Mystery Spot is one of those iconic episodes that you never forget; and here’s a poster to reinforce that memory! Charity: The Pack Fund

arthouse collection casa erotica superantural holiday gifts

The Arthouse Collection: Casa Erotica

Our Gabriel … err, Trickster is one funny guy. He tends to pop into the strangest TV shows … including porn. This “Casa Erotica: He’s Got That Kielbasa That You Ordered” poster is apparently banned in 20 different countries. Charity: The Pack Fund

The Arthouse Collection: Supernatural the Musical Poster

I love the meta episodes. And Fan Fiction – Season 10, episode 5, is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t want subtext? Shed a single man tear – and love it – with this wonderful poster. Charity: The Pack Fund

supernatural holiday sweat shirt

Supernatural Holiday Sweatshirt

Our #SPNFamily is weird. But we love it. So let’s embrace it with this sweatshirt that proudly proclaims: “In my family, we wear plaid, salt & burn, don’t understand that reference, make French mistakes, hate Tuesdays and may not be blood, but we’re still family.” The motto of every Supernatural fan everywhere. Charity: My Hope Chest

impalalalala bistro mug supernatural holiday gifts

Impalalalala Bistro Mug

I saw this mug … and I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head. “Deck the Halls with Salt and Iron Impalalalalalalalala! Couldn’t be better for your Christmas mug of choice … Charity: My Hope Chest

supernatural terms of endearment espresso holiday gifts

SPN “Terms of Endearment” Espresso Cups

Whether you’re Bitch or Jerk, Assbutt or Idjit, these espresso mugs are just for you! You don’t even have to like espresso – or coffee for that matter – to enjoy them. Charity: The Pack Fund

supernatural winchester brothers calendar hot holiday gifts

2017 Winchester Brothers Calendar

Who wouldn’t want our boys on their wall, 24/7? This year’s 2017 calendar features the Sam and Dean we all know and love. Charity: The Pack Fund.

supernatural 2017 castiel calendar

2017 Castiel Calendar

Add some grace to your room or desk with the Castiel 2017 calendar! Trenchcoat not included. Charity: Random Acts.

supernatural samulet necklace holiday gifts

Samulet Necklace

One of the most well-recognized pieces of jewelry in the Supernatural fandom. A must to complete your Dean cosplay, or just to wear with your favorite plaid.

winchester brothers christmas

What so great is that by purchasing these gifts, you’re also helping a very worthy cause so spread some Supernatural holiday cheer while getting your Christmas wish list done too.