Marlon Brando was ‘The Godfather’ of Academy Award political speeches

While we've become accustomed to those political Academy Award speeches, but most have forgotten that they began with actor Marlon Brando back in 1973 when he refused his Oscar for The Godfather.
Movavi Video Converter makes your movie converter process painless 2018 images

Movavi Video Converter makes your movie converter process painless

Movavi Video Converter takes the movie converting process to a whole new level of ease and quality with their SuperSpeed technology.

‘Black Panther’ continues box office domination hitting $700 million globally

Black Panther is becoming one of the fastest films to hit the billion dollar mark after only being in theaters for 13 days and making over $700 million globally. Marvel has its biggest hit to date now.
Tranformers reboot superior marvel reboot inferior 2018 images

‘Transformers’ reboot superior, Marvel reboot inferior

Michael Bay's Tranformers is getting a much needed reboot overhaul and is generating plenty of excitement, but Marvel's latest overhaul is feeling less than stellar.
allison janney as lavonna harding in i tonya

Allison Janney talks ‘I, Tonya,’ Oscar nomination and being a late bloomer

Allison Janney discusses her first Oscar nomination for her role as LaVona Harding in I, Tonya and being a late bloomer in all facets of her life.
black panther makes monday box office history while milo yiannopoulos drops suit 2018 images

‘Black Panther’ makes Monday box office history plus Milo Yiannopoulos

Marvel's Black Panther made history two more times on Monday breaking box office records again while overtaking The Wizard of Oz on Rotten Tomatoes and gay rightwing flamethrower Milo Yiannopoulos ends his lawsuit against Simon & Schuster.
Marvel's 'The Black Panther' sets new box office landmark 2018 iamges

Marvel’s ‘The Black Panther’ sets new box office landmark

Marvel's The Black Panther roared into the President's Day holiday weekend box office blowing away all the competition while setting a new MCU landmark.

‘The Black Panther’ holds up well for an overhyped MCU movie

Marvel's The Black Panther may have been overhyped but the film held up well to all the high expectation set.
fifty shades freed and peter rabbit top box office for valentines day 2018 images

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’ top box office for Valentine’s Day

Fifty Shades of Grey sequel Fifty Shades Freed ended the sexy romp trilogy topping the box office charts with family-friendly Peter Rabbit right on it's tail.
How to beat the casino – if you lived in the movies 2018 images

How to beat the casino – if you lived in the movies

Everyone would love to live like the casino kingpins we see in the movies, but here's a few tips you can learn from films like 21, Ocean's Eleven and Casino Royale.

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