Ryan Reynolds Free Guy 2 On ‘Indefinite Hold’ Now

Ryan Reynolds Free Guy 2 on Hold indefinitely

Ryan Reynolds’s “Free Guy” seemed like a surefire sequel back in the day, but now after talking to our people at the Mouse House, “Free Guy 2” will not be happening. “While there’s been plenty of speculation about a sequel,” our source said, “Ryan’s got enough on his plate already, and we feel that the time has passed for a sequel, right now. That’s not to say something might hit in the next five to ten years, but for now, it’s on an indefinite hold.”

We’ve seen this before with many films that seemed like a ready-made sequel, but thankfully, rather than pump out something, Reynolds knows that’s it better to not pump out another film that would disappoint.

Free Guy 2 Speculation

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to a time when the world was still grappling with the aftereffects of the pandemic, and the entertainment industry was striving to regain its former glory. Enter “Free Guy,” a gleaming beacon of success for Disney, with director Shawn Levy and the versatile Ryan Reynolds bringing a fictitious video game world to life on the big screen in 2021. The film’s unexpected triumph had Disney promptly eyeing a sequel, dreaming of the fascinating tales Guy could unravel in another adventure.

Fast forward to now, the burning questions on everyone’s lips are: “Is ‘Free Guy 2’ still in the cards? Why the delay? And how does ‘Barbie’ fit into this puzzle?” We’re here to delve deep and share what we know about the anticipated sequel!

While Disney, Levy, and Reynolds have remained tight-lipped about the sequel’s delay, it’s evident that these creative maestros have been juggling a myriad of projects since 2021. Reynolds, a man of many hats, has been entwined in his ventures including Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, and a co-owned soccer team, showcased in Hulu’s “Welcome to Wrexham.”

Deadpool 3

Above all, the duo has been deeply engrossed in another Disney marvel— “Deadpool 3.” Levy helming the direction and Jackman reprising his Wolverine role made the film a priority for Marvel Studios, leaving scarce time for Guy’s next escapade.

While these reasons are practical, the astronomical success of “Barbie” brings an unexpected twist. Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece, earning a whopping $1.4 billion, shares thematic parallels with “Free Guy,” posing challenges to the sequel’s development, as revealed by Levy to Coming Soon.

The spark of a sequel was kindled when “Free Guy” topped the box office charts in August 2021, with Reynolds sharing Disney’s interest in a follow-up on Twitter. However, Disney has yet to confirm a release date or script developments.

Levy hinted at exciting prospects for Guy’s next journey but remained elusive about the specifics. The similarity between “Free Guy” and “Barbie’s” plots might necessitate fresh, innovative ideas to avoid redundancy. The sequel’s potential narrative is so expansive that speculating its plot seems almost futile at this point.

Currently, the casting is speculative, with only Reynolds confirmed to reprise his role as Guy. The return of other beloved characters seems likely, but it’s all in the realm of speculation until further announcements.

No Free Guy Surprises

In this intriguing sequel saga, who knows what surprises await? Perhaps Reynolds might persuade Rob McElhenney to join the cast, adding a meta layer to the narrative, considering McElhenney’s role as a game creator in Apple TV+’s “Mythic Quest.”

So, as we wait with bated breath for more updates on “Free Guy 2,” let’s keep our fingers crossed for another rollercoaster ride with Guy and his friends, exploring unseen dimensions and unraveling newer, thrilling adventures! Now we know to let our breath out and get excited for the new season of “Welcome to Wrexham,” and the next “Deadpool” movie.