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‘Joker’ back to box office top spot in close call race

Warner Bros. showed stamina as Joker took the number box office spot again in a close race with Disney's Maleficent.

‘Pokemon’ nearly topples ‘Avengers: Endgame’ box office reign for Mother’s Day

Marvel's Avengers Endgame was nearly stopped from a three week run at the box office by Ryan Reynolds Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

Ryan Reynolds talks becoming ‘Detective Pikachu,’ ‘Deadpool’ and that Hugh Jackman feud

Ryan Reynolds discusses getting into his Pokemon Detective Pikachu role, Disney taking over 20th Century Fox, Deadpool and his fun Hugh Jackman feud.

Comic-Con Day 4 Sunday events you MUST check out plus Saturday recap

Comic-Con 2018 is finishing up Sunday Day 4 and here are the events you must check out to finish the full geek experience with Supernatural and Riverdale.

Ryan Reynolds ‘Deadpool 2’ is just plain awesome

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 is the perfect superhero sequel that brings back the potty mouthed superhero to fans with welcoming arms and quite a strong box office opener. For today's world Deadpool 2 is a must for those loving comedy that forces the soda out of your nose.

‘Deadpool 2’ proves superhero fatigue a myth at box office

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 proved that superhero fatigue is far from setting in as the R-rated sequel toppled the Avengers Infinity War reign at the box office pushing the Marvel superhero down one spot for their foul-mouthed one.

Zayn Malik returns, Cardi B injection plus Ryan Reynold’s breeding

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Zayn Malik returns, Cardi B admits illegal butt injections, Heidi Klum topless romp with rocker boyfriend, Meghan Markle donations, Ryan Reynolds continues breeding, Trey Songz beats rap, Matt Ryan twin sons and Kim Zolciak rebuts White Chicks 2.

‘Hitman’ survives critics hits to beat ‘Logan Lucky’ at box office

Once again, moviegoers showed movie critics what they thought of their opinions as they pushed "The Hitman's Bodyguard" into the top spot despite the savage reviews it received.

Ten Superheroes and Their Definitive Actors

We all have our favorite superheroes that have appeared on both TV and cinema and asked if they were real, we’d identify them with a face and it would be that of the actor that portrayed them.

Hugh Jackman’s ‘Logan’ gets an Honest makeover with ‘Deadpool’

Hugh Jackman gets an Honest Trailers Wolverine sendoff for "Logan" with a great Ryan Reynolds plug for "Deadpool 2."

Ryan Reynolds talks Coen Brothers and the ‘Green Lantern’ effect

After the success of 'Deadpool,' it's easy to forget that it wasn't long ago that Ryan Reynolds was on the 'unhireable' aka washed up list, but he shares his downfalls and rebounds with Taraji P. Henson in a rather revealing interview.

Ryan Reynolds talks ‘Deadpool’ problems and pulling out of sequel

Deadpool was a massive — albeit somewhat manipulative — success. The film raked in approximately $760 million worldwide, was generally favored by critics, and was a huge hit with comic book fans.

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