Hugh Jackman’s ‘Logan’ gets an Honest makeover with ‘Deadpool’

Hugh Jackman may have logged his last film in the “X-Men: franchise as “Logan,” but the guys at Screen Junkies just aren’t ready to let him go.

If you’re not familiar with their YouTube trailer, you’re missing something great. They love dissecting those huge blockbuster movies and creating their version of what the trailer could have been with a narrator that takes all the magic out of the film in a hilarious way.

Now that James Mangold’s “Logan’ is out, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for this kind of parody treatment.

They are quick to point out some of the movie’s more divisive elements (even you diehard fans know they were there) like the camera phone usage, but it really picks up when Deadpool (yup, Ryan Reynolds lends a hand…or mouth) to help them out breaking it all down. Plus, it’s a great way to plug “Deadpool 2.”

Our Marius even pointed out a few issues he had with the film although he loved it overall like most that saw it. For those of you that felt it kind of ran out of steam in the third act when that Wolverine clone appeared, you’ll really love this video.

Hugh Jackman should appreciate the homage after wearing those claws for 17 years in 9 movies. It was time for them to be applied to the next generation Wolverine.

This is easily one of their best trailer parodies and so worth checking out. Once you see one, you’ll want to keep checking out all their trailers. As this is their 200th one, plan on spending a few hours laughing your ass off.