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Hugh Jackman’s ‘Logan’ gets an Honest makeover with ‘Deadpool’

Hugh Jackman gets an Honest Trailers Wolverine sendoff for "Logan" with a great Ryan Reynolds plug for "Deadpool 2."

Marvel Tidbits: ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ ‘Deadpool 2’ date and Typhoid Mary

Thanos Gets Cable & Deadpool 2 Gets A Date. No, it doesn’t mean Thanos is just about to get connected while everyone else is cutting up their cords in favor of streaming. Josh Brolin is now cast in two Marvel films.

Because Comics Are Weird

Iron Fist is white, Captain America became a Nazi, and Magneto, a holocaust survivor became a Nazi as well. The Ancient One in Doctor Strange is a white Celtic female instead of a Tibetan old man. Young Ice Man is gay. Wolverine is now a girl.

‘Kong’ tramples over Hugh Jackman’s final ‘Logan’ to top box office

Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine in "Logan" may have gotten better critics reviews (92% vs 79% on Rotten Tomatoes), it was unable to keep the huge gorilla in "Kong" from trampling all over it at the box office

New ‘Logan’ image gives quite the hand job for Wolverine

It was recently revealed that the third Wolverine film would be simply titled Logan. This, of course, refers to the first name of the all-star mutant. Leading man Hugh Jackman has been the only actor to play the character

Source Material Is Key But Not Always for Great Superhero or Marvel Movies

I always said that the formula for a good superhero movie is to follow the source material. Deadpool was successful because it remained faithful to the character, the costume, the insanity, the fourth-walling and being a chatterbox as opposed to the abomination

Deadpool, New Mutants and X-Force

Deadpool (or is it Ryan Reynolds?), wants an X-Force movie to happen in case the movie becomes a hit, which in all probability it would, further revitalizing Fox’s hold on the X-Men franchise. It looks like Marvel Studios won’t be using the word mutant for a long time.

Wolverine Versus Deadpool

If Wolverine and Deadpool were to go head to head, who will win? Tough to say. Marvel calls the shots depending on how movies play out as well as how inter-studio deals work out.

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