Wolverine Versus Deadpool

wolverine versus deadpool 2016 images

wolverine versus deadpool 2016 imagesIf Wolverine and Deadpool were to go head to head, who will win? Tough to say. Marvel calls the shots depending on how movies play out as well as how inter-studio deals work out. Such stuff often gets reflected in comics. In comics, both characters have ridiculous healing factors, both are skilled fighters, and both have great durability. Deadpool can survive decapitation given that his head is put back on. Wolverine attempted suicide by attempted decapitation but survived. They can slice and skewer each other all day, but Marvel gets the final say. Now Wolverine is all angst versus Deadpool’s humor. I’d take humor any day. In the real world though (which aside from She-Hulk, Deadpool is aware of) Deadpool just dissed Wolverine, which can be considered both as a publicity stunt and a humorous lament by Ryan Reynolds with regards to his career.

“…You gave us Wolverine. And for that, I can’t forgive you… I’ve got no problems with Hugh. I mean, he’s a delightful guy. A true legend, but that movie, that was a career low for me.”

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a great actor with a very bad rap lately. His role as Deadpool in X-Men: Origins Wolverine was severely mangled. Though fans were happy at the start of the film as Reynolds handled Wade Wilson really well with the humor and incessant chatting, they got the polar opposite in the end where he appears shirtless, dead-eyed, mouth stitched and long, straight adamantium katana blades coming out of his arms. Fans did not like it one bit and the bad plot trickled into Reynolds’ reputation. Then there’s the Green Lantern Movie which many consider to be a terrible film practically becoming a benchmark of a bad modern superhero movie. The latest Fantastic Four film may have taken that position. But Reynolds’ performance in the movie was generally good. There’s also RIPD and Blade Trinity.

Let’s just say that Superhero movies may not be Reynolds’ forte but one can hardly blame him for bad plots and scripts. Perhaps if he read the scripts until the end before accepting the project, he wouldn’t have such problems. But screw script reviews if you’re the lead actor and gets paid a fat paycheck upfront. Reeling from Green Lantern, fans were skeptical at first for him being cast for Deadpool, but when the first trailers came out, with his dialogue and signature red and black costume, fans were pleased. Reynolds was born for the role.

Reynolds and Deadpool will make a killing in cinemas, despite the film being R-rated, if the whole movie works. Why? Because trailers are another beast. The Fantastic Four trailer seemed nice compared to the Fantastic Flop that followed. If the film does become a hit, a string of films could follow with Deadpool becoming the new Wolverine and Reynolds will become the new Jackman. It would also make the X-Universe much harder for Marvel Studios to acquire. The only things that could spoil the party would be if the whole movie doesn’t turn out well as expected and if X-Men: Apocalypse messes again with the X-Men timeline.

Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, is also no stranger to bad films. Like Reynolds, he puts up a great performance. X-Men: The Last Stand is difficult to sit through. The movie gave us a schizophrenic Jean Grey/Phoenix, the killing of Charles Xavier, a terrible off-screen death for Cyclops, a silly momentum-powered Juggernaut and a weak and whiny version of Rogue which starting from the first X-Men film was terribly inconsistent with her comics counterpart. Like many part threes, there’s too much going on and little character development. Then there’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, considered as a bad movie by many due to bad CGI, redundant origin story and the bad depiction of Deadpool. Outside of the X-Men franchise, Pan was a flop not because of Jackman’s performance but because of the film’s non-Disney depiction of the children’s classic.

If both Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse work out, fans can then expect a future film where the super-healing blade-wielding heroes duke it out and partner later. Nerdgasms all around. Hugh Jackman might just give Wolverine another go since he’s already announced that the next Wolverine sequel, which may not involve Deadpool will be his last.

“I’ve never thought about it ‘til now, but doing something with Ryan, he’s awesome. That’s always attractive to me…”

–Hugh Jackman

So who’s better? According to Jackman, the Canucklehead can take out the Merc-with-a-mouth one hundred percent. After the dis, will Jackman take down Reynolds?

“Love it. It’s just brilliant. I mean, I love Ryan, he’s a good mate of mine. He’s so fantastic.” –Hugh.

Guess not. It wasn’t Reynolds speaking anyway. It was Deadpool or his two other monologues.