Khloe Kardashian boots then Tweet mocks Blac Chyna & Stacy Dash Black History backpedal

khloe kardashian vs blac chyna arrest 2016 gossip

Rob Kardashian loves to stir the pot sometimes, and he’s definitely getting under Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and the other Kardashian clan members by bringing Blac Chyna back into their inner circle. Maybe this will be fodder for next season. Meanwhile, Stacy Dash is backing up quickly from her Black History comments after reaction hasn’t been so kind.

 khloe kardashian boots mocks blac chyna 2016 gossipKhloe Kardashian Kicks Uninvited Blac Chyna Out of Her House then does a Tweet mock

Who wouldn’t flip out if they came home and saw their arch nemesis just chilling in their house like, “What’s up?” Khloe Kardashian did just that and the person at the butt of her anger is none other than Blac Chyna.

According to TMZ, their run in is the reason Rob Kardashian is reportedly living with Chyna now. After getting back from a trip promoting her new talk show, Khloe returned to them standing in her kitchen with the house filthy. Sources say Khloe asked Chyna,

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

From there, Khloe “chased” them to Rob’s wing of the house, yelling “get the hell out” as they bolted themselves in a room.

khloe kardashian vs blac chyna arrest 2016 gossipThe beef between Chyna and the Kardashians is no secret. The former stripper, who used to be friends with Kim Kardashian-West, is accused of harassing Kylie Jenner when Tyga, her baby daddy, started dating the youngest Jenner. Apparently, she followed the young model around and sent her threatening messages.

Rob knows exactly what he’s doing by hanging out with Chyna, and some people say they don’t blame him. He is trolling the hell out of his sisters!

Khloe Kardashian may have taken aim at Blac Chyna with a thinly veiled dig following her arrest for public intoxication.

The mum-of-one – who is dating Khloe’s brother Rob – was flying from Los Angeles to London on Friday via Austin, where she was stopped by police when she tried to board her connecting flight.

Following the reports, Khloe has taken to Twitter in what could be a reference to the incident as she wrote: “Damn!! On a Friday kid!!! (sic)”

It comes after Rob called Blac Chyna – whose real name is Angela Renée White – just hours after she was arrested for public intoxication.

rob kardashian working blac chyna 2016 imagesThe reality star shared a picture of himself chatting to this new girlfriend via video call while in bed.

free blac chyna instagram 2016Blac also took to Instagram sharing a meme which read #FreeChyna and she appeared to reference Rob being supportive as she captioned it: “When Zaddy holds u down no matter what.”

blac chyna arrest mugshot 2016 gossipOn the subject of her arrest, an eyewitness told TMZ the star appeared to be “heavily intoxicated” and was “fighting” with a flight attendant.

Another eyewitness claimed she screamed at one point: “Y’all got no respect for me. I gotta tie my shoes. Let me tie my Yeezys.”

While a third onlooker claimed said she was crying as she was handcuffed and taken away by police.

According to TMZ, she was also charged with drug possession.

Mirror Celeb has contacted a rep for Blac Chyna for comment.

black chyna rob kardashian bulge rumor 2016 gossipJust hours before the alleged incident, she was stopped at LAX and quizzed about her new relationship with Rob.

A TMZ cameraman asked if there was any bad blood between her and the Kardashians: “Have you talked to them? Have you worked it out with Khloé? I’ve heard Kim is cool with it.”

When Blac just shrugged, the cameraman continued: “Do you even care about how they feel about it?”

“Of course, I care,” she replied. “I love all of them.”

She also said she’d been helping him with his health and fitness after he was taken to hospital with diabetes last year.

janet hubert takes on stacy dash self hate 2016 gossipJanet Hubert Blasts Stacey Dash over Self Hate Comments

I guess while she is at it, Janet Hubert might as well just come for everyone in the spotlight right now. She has shared with the world her feelings about yet another black celebrity. This time, it’s Stacey Dash and this time, a lot of people agree with her.

The former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actress has had enough with Stacey’s Fox News criticism about BET and black history month and calls her out saying the ‘”Clueless” star “has worked on BET more than most actresses have.” In her view, Stacey is being paid to look down upon and talk badly about her race. According to an interview with HuffPost live, Hubert said,

“I think she’s just saying this kind of bull because she wants sensationalism and she’s working for Fox, and she needs a job, and she’s making a check.”

This is an interesting assessment in that many people have come to a similar conclusion about Hubert, who started trending after her negative comments about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s decision to boycott the Oscars went viral. In her view, Jada’s decision is rooted in self-serving hypocrisy being that her husband Will Smith was not nominated for his role in “Concussion.”

While I was not here for what Janet said about Jada (#teamjada), I have to agree with her about Stacey Dash for the most part.

I wonder who she’s going to come for next?

stacy dash black history backstep 2016 gossipStacey Dash Back Peddles in Black History Month Comments?

Speaking of Stacy Dash, it was bound to happen. The heat she received from the comments she made during a segment on Fox News about black people, BET and black history month may have caused her to rethink her notions. Or at least, the criticism from the black community has caused her to “clarify” what she meant. She wrote on Patheos that what she was saying is black folks need to “quit settling for scraps.”

“It’s hard to cut through the hysterical reactions to my comments the other day about Black History Month…I feel like many of your reactions – saying that I’ve sold out to white people, that I’m ‘coonin’, etc. – show you aren’t hearing me.”

Dash goes on further to say that she believes “Black History should be a part of social studies and history curriculum EVERYDAY OF EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAR, not just 28 days out of 365!!!”

“I’m not saying we as black people deserve LESS respect. I’m saying we deserve MORE… Black history IS American history. We are not a category or a special interest group.  We are Americans.”

While I appreciate her clarification, Stacey’s argument is still incomplete. What is written about black people in history books and another literature is white washed. There are inadequate accounts and other untrue references about the history of slaves, black people and how black people were horribly treated in this country.

Kudos to her for trying to clear things up, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that this is not the first time she has been vocal about such issues with such a negative tone.