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Understanding 2021 Social Media Influencer Marketing Trends

Social media influencing is changing 2021, but here 6 big tips on how to become an influencer.

FTC zeroes in on tech giants biz model as Facebook cashes in on Georgia elections

Social media giants business model under Federal scrutiny while Facebook allows ads in George campaign.

Best Practices: How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on a Small Budget

Getting that video up on your YouTube Channel is easy, making it stand out is the hard part, Here are some tips to help with that.

Social media steps up to protect democracy

Twitter, Facebook and Twitter promised to protect 2020 Election democracy, and they lived up to it as Donald Trump tested them with misinformation.

Is TikTok worth Microsoft giving a piece of the sale to Donald Trump?

Now that Donald Trump wants a piece of the sale between Microsoft and TikTok, will it really happen?

How YouTube Quickly Changed After $170 Million FTC Fine

After being slapped with a $170 million fine, Google is having YouTube change the way it treats children online.

7 YouTube Hacks and Tricks You Should Know

There are more things you can do with YouTube than just upload and play videos. We've got 7 hacks and tricks to make your time there more enjoyable.

Europe rewrites copyright rules; it will affect everyone

Europe is giving their copyright reform a refresh with the addition of Article 13 that will affect YouTube, Facebook and what you share with friends on social media.

Best bets on TV streaming services

As TV streaming services begin raising prices, which ones still offer you the best bang for your buck? Here is out breakdown.

Net Neutrality passes house while live online tv prices jump

Democrats passed the controversial net neutrality bill in Congress on Wednesday, but Mitch McConnell said it would be dead on arrival in the Senate.

Social media making headway on fake news but no winners yet

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been fighting hard against fake news and hate speech for two years now, and with the mid-term elections coming up, why haven't they been able to control this war?

ScreenX latest theater fight with Netflix plus social media growing pains

Theaters are trying to lure Netflix users off the couch and back into theaters with ScreenX that provides a 270 degree immersive movie experience and social media titans Facebook and Twitter are still facing mounting growing pains.

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