Best Practices: How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on a Small Budget

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Despite creating good video content and running an awesome YouTube channel, you may never achieve your desired number of subscribers if you do not promote your channel. Your video needs to be found by the right audience to get a new subscriber. If these new viewers find your content interesting, they may want to stick around till the end. Plus, there are literally millions of videos out there now so getting lost in the bunch is very easy. Standing out from the pack is where the work really starts.

Let’s say, if ten people see your channel, probably only eight may want to watch, and if they find your video interesting, you may find six viewers still hanging around till the end, and three of them will subscribe. Hence, it is important that even if you promote your YouTube channel with any paid services (click here for more information); you need to ensure your content is awesome.

Due to the always increasing population of viewers on YouTube, small and big businesses have been exploiting this social network to reach out to their right audience, but as more businesses come in, the game becomes more expensive. YouTube advertising plans may be more than the budget your small business can allocate to ads, so the next question that comes to mind is, how can a small business promote their channel on a small budget?

If cost is your major setback, the good news is that there are less expensive ways you can gain more views and increase your YouTube ranking, which is elaborated in this article.  


If you have a few bucks and can afford YouTube Ads, you should bear in mind that effective ads should be a short film that will be intriguing to your audience. Your videos should quickly grasp the attention of your audiences in its first few seconds.

Your video ads should be quick, fun, and also explanatory. Think carefully about the call to action to introduce to your ads. Also, don’t forget to organize your channel to ensure viewers easily connect whenever they click your call to action and land on your channel. You can visit this page to learn more about how to promote your YouTube channel on a low budget.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world; they come second after their parent company ‘Google’. Every minute more than 300 videos are being uploaded to the platform; hence, the platform will prioritize channels with the best SEO. Several free keyword search tools can help you get ranked by the YouTube algorithm. For example, an SEO tool called the public is a website that shows you the basic keywords that people in your industry are asking about.

SEO takes time to perfect, but with constant practice, you may become a guru. Always check your performance statistics of each video, as this will help you to know which SEO strategy is bringing in more subscribers for you.


Some newbie believes that thumbnails have no direct impact on their channel’s performance on the search engine; they believe it is not a prerequisite for a video to appear on the first page of search results. Unknowingly to these newbie’s that just like descriptions, thumbnails can immensely increase your video click-through rate. This means that the thumbnail is the trigger that persuades a new viewer to choose your video over another.


It may sound funny, but if you do not ask your viewers to do a thing, they may not react. No matter how interesting your content is, even if it is the first result on the YouTube search engine, you may fail to grow your channel if you do not include a call to action.

Your video may have all the information a viewer needs, but there is a high chance that they will forget to give thumbs up or subscribe to your channel. Therefore, you need to introduce a reminder. All you have to do is ask your viewers to hit the like button and subscribe if they enjoyed your video. After working hard to create an awesome video, it should not be a problem for you to ask for a little favor in return.

Although annotations may be a great tool to get subscribers, nothing works better than a personal request. Excite your viewers by giving them a glimpse of what they should expect from your next video; this always works.


The best way to keep your channel going is to have enough videos for your subscribers. Unfortunately, the more videos you create, the messier it becomes to navigate through your channel. To avoid getting a viewer frustrated on your channel, you should consider creating a playlist. Playlists help you group your videos into categories, keeping your channel organized, appealing to your audience. Playlist directs a subscriber to the relevant content without them digging for it. Here you can learn more ways to promote your YouTube channel.


There is no better way to promote your YouTube channel than delivering the trendy or latest topics to your viewers. Keep your channel trendy with informative and awesome video content, and watch how your channel will rapidly improve. Don’t leave your channel to pop up videos such as “Best ways to win customers in 2015” you need to update your content t “Best ways to win customers in 2020.” Even if the method is still the same, changing the headline makes your viewers feel they are with the right mentor.


Influencers can play a huge role in promoting your channel. Inviting an influencer to feature in one of your videos as a guest is a boost to both of your businesses because both of you get exposure to each other’s audience. You do not need to feature high paid influencers, there are several influencers that your small budget can invite, and some are ready to get featured for free if you already have a big community.