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‘Invisible Man’ tops box office over ‘Sonic’ proving Universal monsters still...

Universal Pictures' Invisible Man gamble paid off as the horror reboot topped the box office pushing Sonic the Hedgehog into second place.

‘Sonic’ keeps ‘Call of the Wild’ at bay with box office

Sonic the Hedgehog tops the box office again beating out Call of the Wild and that CGI dog.

When Hollywood Takes On Insurance Firms

Filmmakers need insurance firms for every movie they make, but what happens when Hollywood has had enough of this $60 billion industry?

Modern Technology and Filmmaking

Modern technology has made it a little easier for filmmakers to land financing for their films as it helps cut high budget costs.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ proves naysayers wrong as ‘Harley Quinn’ proves bomb...

Sonic the Hedgehog overcame naysayers to top the Presidents' Day holiday weekend box office charts as Harley Quinn dropped to second spot.

‘Bad Boys for Life’ keep ‘Dolittle’ and ‘1917’ at bay for...

Bad Boys for LIfe breathed new life into the franchise while Dolittle struggled keeping ahead of 1917 at the holiday box office weekend.

These Are The Biggest Christmas Movies Of All Time Even Post...

The holiday season may have passed already, but there are some Christmas movies that we love watching even outside of the traditional time to watch them.

2019 a big year for female directors but…

2019 saw a record amount of women directing popular films, but will Hollywood continue this trend or not?

Disney ruled the 2019 box office with $13 billion

Disney was the big winner at the 2019 box office with over $13 billion and 7 billion dollar films.

‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ tops box office while ‘Cats’ loses...

Disney scored another hit with Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker while Cats proved that stuffing big names into a cast doesn't equal success.

The top 7 films Matt Damon has starred in

The top 7 best Matt Damon films are broken down to what makes them so great.

‘Jumanji: Next Level’ unfreezes ‘Frozen 2’ from box office top spot

Dwayne Johnson's Jumanji: The Next Level took the top spot at the box office while Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell stalled at Number 5. Frozen 2 hits billion dollard mark.