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lego batman gets out of way for jordan peele at box office 2017 images

‘Lego Batman’ Gets Out of way for Jordan Peele at box office

Jordan Peel's wonderfully creepy and eery African-American nightmare film "Get Out" roared over "The Lego Batman Movie" to take the top spot at the weekend box office.
'Moonlight' pushes 'La La Land' from spotlight at Spirit Awards 2017 images

‘Moonlight’ pushes ‘La La Land’ from spotlight at Spirit Awards 2017

One night before the Oscars, "La La Land" had to take a backseat to "Moonlight" at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards. The film took six awards even pushing the other Academy Award favorite "Manchester by the Sea" back
razzies honor hillarys america and batman v superman 2017 images

Razzies honor ‘Hillary’s America’ and ‘Batman v Superman’

Ben Affleck and Dinesh D'Souza got top Razzie honors with both their films tying with four 'wins' for "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."
RIP bill paxton dies at 61 2017 images

RIP: ‘Aliens’ actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 of surgery complications

Bill Paxton, Hollywood star known for his memorable roles in "Aliens," "Titanic," "Twister" and "Big Love" has died after complications from surgery on Saturday at the age of 61.
Saving Fant4Stic 2017 images

Saving Fant4Stic

The previous Fantastic Four film was made for the sake of being made in order for Fox to hold on to the movie rights. They also made the film to be different for the sake of being different by casting Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch
oscar diversity doesn't reflect real world industry 2017 images

Oscar Diversity doesn’t reflect real world industry

Hollywood is a prime example of why things are the way they are now in America. For years, it ignored the fact that minorities got the short end of the stick when it came to the Academy Awards
oscars changing but still lagging for women 2017 images

Oscars changing but still lagging for women

Hollywood does love to give itself plenty of love and pride itself for being forward thinking, but when it comes time to hand out nominations for the Academy Awards, it doesn't seem so ahead of the curve.
if la la land sweeps oscars it proves hollywood love continues 2017 images

If ‘La La Land’ has Oscar sweep, it proves Hollywood love continues

Hollywood does love itself, and with all the awards show, it also proves it has no qualms relishing all that love. Many times, films that are about Tinsel Town and the positive influence it can have
the great wall no match for lego batman and fifty shades at box office 2017 images

‘The Great Wall’ no match for ‘Lego Batman’ and ‘Fifty Shades’ box office

The holiday weekend is looking like a repeat of last week as "Lego Baman" remains at the box office top spot while "Fifty Shades Darker" keeps its number 2 sport. Matt Damon's "The Great Wall" was kept at bay in third place.
lego batman pounds one out on 50 shades darker at box office 2017 images

‘Lego Batman’ pounds one out on ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ at box office

Christian Grey might be able to dominate his women, but he couldn't get his "Fifty Shades Darker" to dominate a superhero even in Lego form as "Lego Batman" took the top box office spot this weekend.


Forget Your Passwords, It’s a Must For the Future

Loki, the Norse god of mischief himself makes the effort to go to Germany to probe someone’s eye in order to get the iridium meteorite needed to make his plan work. That’s how secure biometrics-based security can be compared to conventional password-based security. The human eye’s retina, the fingerprint and the human voice


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