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Can Sony Make a Spider Woman Film Instead 2017 images cut

Can Sony Make a Spider-Woman Film Instead?

Does anyone remember watching the Spider-Woman animated series back in the 80s? Yes. There was a Spider-Woman series back then and the Spider-Woman featured there was Jessica Drew.
marvel mishandles diversity 2017 images

Marvel Mishandles Diversity

Marvel Comics is currently doing damage control. The brand that can do no wrong in film is having problems in print. The damage control situation stems from a statement by Marvel Comics Vice President of Print
smurfs or christ no match for baby boss or beauty box office 2017 images

‘Smurfs’ or ‘Christ’ no match for ‘Baby Boss’ or ‘Beauty’ Box Office

There wasn't much of a "Case for Christ" or the "Smurfs: Lost Village" as "The Baby Boss" and "Beauty and the Beast" ruled the box office charts for a second week.
The One Superman of DC Comics 2017 images

Most Important Superman of DC Comics

It’s always a crisis when it comes to DC Comics. If you’re not familiar with the current issues of Superman, or current DC comic books in general, their current crisis is that there are two versions of Superman and Lois Lane in the same universe
baby bosses out beauty and the beast from box office top spot 2017 images

‘Baby Bosses’ out ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from box office top spot

Much to Donald Trump's chagrin, Alec Baldwin can still claim the top spot at the box office, even if he was wearing diapers. His role was able to top the high flying "Beauty and the Beast."
power rangers movie not bad not great but better than original review 2017 images

‘Power Rangers’ movie not bad, not great but better than original review

Well, that was, interesting. No, it wasn’t a bad movie compared to the very first Power Rangers film. That film was terribly childish and atrocious. Even for a kid like me who watched it.
The Terminator Gets Terminated 2017 images new

‘The Terminator’ gets terminated

It’s way past 1994 and 2003 and Skynet hasn’t come out yet. After three subpar sequels, the Terminator franchise may be terminated for good or at least for the foreseeable future.
CHIPs flops while Beauty stays ahead of Power Rangers at box office 2017 images

‘CHIPS’ flops while ‘Beauty’ stays ahead of ‘Power Rangers’ at box office

Not everyone is ready to watch something from the past get to the big screen, and the badly reviewed "CHIPS" learned that quickly while "Beauty and the Beast" along with "Power Rangers" powered their way to the top
because comics are weird 2017 images

Because Comics Are Weird

Iron Fist is white, Captain America became a Nazi, and Magneto, a holocaust survivor became a Nazi as well. The Ancient One in Doctor Strange is a white Celtic female instead of a Tibetan old man. Young Ice Man is gay. Wolverine is now a girl.
hollywoods tiny dip into lgbt pool with power rangers trini, sulu and lefou 2017 images

Hollywood’s tiny dip into LGBT pool with ‘Power Rangers’ Trini, Sulu and LeFou

While many people love saying that Hollywood is so liberal, there are still many topics that make the major studios nervous. Now that a few high-profile studio movies have added gay characters to their mainstream films