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are white women mainly victims of sexual harassment 2017 images

Are white women mainly victims of sexual harassment and assault?

As the floodgates have opened for women accusing powerful men in Hollywood and politics of sexual abuse and harassment, women of color have been largely absent from this. Is it they aren't being affected or are the stakes still too high for them?
justice league no avengers at box office and wonder racks up 2017 images

‘Justice League’ no ‘Avengers’ at box office and ‘Wonder’ racks up

DC Comics again with "Justice League" after having such a great success with "Wonder Woman" at the box office, but Julia Robert's "Wonder" may overtake the superhero film with Thanksgiving weekend coming up.
too much hollywood power can unleash the worst 2017 images

Too much Hollywood power can unleash the worst

As Hollywood continues feeling the controversy of sexual misconduct, some of them like Louis C.K. seemed to be telling us their truth in their onscreen work.
thor ragnarok dominates box office again with daddys home next 2017 images

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ dominates box office again with ‘Daddy’s Home’

"Daddy's Home 2" and Kenneth Branaugh's "Murder On the Orient Express" proved older audiences will come out to theaters with the right films while Chris Hemsworth's third outing for Marvel holds on to the top box office spot with "Thor: Ragnarok."
harvey weinstein floodgates open on sexual misconduct list 2017 images

Harvey Weinstein floodgates open on sexual misconduct list

A comprehensive list of Hollywood and media professionals accused of sexual misconduct and assault against other men and women.

Louis C.K. owns up to allegations and watches career implode

Comedian Louis C.K. quickly jumps in front of the sexual misconduct allegations to admit fault and apologize unlike most of Hollywood men recently accused.
how one week destroyed kevin spacey's career 2017 images

How one week destroyed Kevin Spacey’s career

It only took one week for Kevin Spacey's past behavior to catch up with him, and many are thanking Anthony Rapp for stepping up.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ thunders a mighty box office weekend

"Thor: Ragnarok" thunders into theaters with $121 million debut holding "A Bad Mom's Christmas" into second place.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ a must watch with humor we need now review

"Thor: Ragnarok" is a must watch. It may be too funny, but funny is just what we need in a world that may be on its way to its own Ragnarok.
more allegations hit kevin spacey and jeremy piven 2017 images

More allegations hit Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Pivens as floodgates open

More women and men are coming forward with sexual harassment allegations as Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven have been hit with new ones. Even Dustin Hoffman has been hit from hit long ago past.

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