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how white women exposed hollywoods sexual predators 2017 images

How white women exposed Hollywood’s sexual predators

As Jane Fonda said it took famous white women to expose the decades of sexual abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein which exposes the fact that classism exists even in rape culture.

‘Jigsaw,’ ‘Madea Boo 2’ top box office while ‘Suburbicon tanks

"Jigsaw" and "Made Boo 2" top box office Halloween weekend with Geostorm coming in third place.
'Thor Ragnarok' breaks third film curse with fantastical fun 2017 images

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ breaks third film curse with fantastical fun

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok is a fun and enjoyable film for those who enjoy a comedy film every now and then. This may bother some folks who think that this film is too over the top for its own good and overcompensates for how the character has been handled in his MCU appearances. That too is a minor issue on my part, but Thor could use a break.

Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman talk Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘Sacred Deer’ and what it means

Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Barry Keoghan discuss what "The Killing of the Sacred Deer" is all about and working with Yorgos Lanthimos ("The Lobster").
ghosts finally get their say in new ghostbusters animated movie 2017 images

Ghosts finally get their say in new ‘Ghostbusters’ animated movie

Just what can we expect from the upcoming "Ghostbusters" animated movie besides hearing ghosts talk about how tough not being corporeal is?
madea able to melt down geostorm and snowman at box office 2017 images

Madea melts down ‘Geostorm’ and ‘Snowman’ at box office

Another Madea entry from Tyler Perry hits the top spot at the box office while Michael Fassbender can't even save his hot mess "The Snowman."
top 10 horror collectibles every hardcore fan wants 2017 images

Top 10 horror collectibles every hardcore fan should have

Whether you're a budding horror fan or hardcore one, here's the horror collectibles that you'll want in your collection or you can use it as a handy holiday gift guide of ideas for that fanatic in your life.

After slamming brother Harvey, Bob Weinstein accused of sexual harrassment

A sexual harassment claim has now hit The Weinstein Co.'s other brother Bob on the day they were deciding the company's future.

Horror keeps box office alive as ‘Happy Death Day’ tops charts

"Happy Death Day" breathes new life into a tired box office fall as low budget horror continues thriving after Stephen King's "It" made quite the mark. "Blade Runner 2049" held on to second place but barely.

Harvey Weinstein ousted from Academy of Motion Picture Arts, Sciences

While Hollywood crucifies Harvey Weinstein, will they go after all the other names that are coming up?

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