‘Supernatural’ 1205 Were we really waiting for Nazi necromancers?

'Supernatural' 1205 Were we really waiting for Nazi necromancers 2016 images

'Supernatural' 1205 Were we really waiting for Nazi necromancers? 2016 images

Supernatural 1205 Recap: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

America has spoken. But if Donald Trump does go bad like many folks say, and are still actively saying so, can we count on the Winchesters of Supernatural? After all, they killed Adolf Hitler. Yes. They killed Adolf Hitler. Did they go to the past again? No need to go back to the past to kill the Fuhrer. Here’s how.

In this episode, the Winchesters once again encounter the Thule. In Supernatural lore, they’re a group of Nazi zombie necromancers. Basically the German Men of Letters. They were first seen in the Season 8 episode “Everybody Hates Hitler.” Anyhow, the episode begins in an antique shop where a rich old lady was purchasing an antique pocket watch. The deal goes sour with the store owner. One might get the impression that the pocket watch was casting a ‘one ring’ spell on the store owner for going back on the deal with the old lady. Before the store owner runs off with the pocket watch either to entice the old woman to agree, the owner suddenly burns to death. The woman grabs the pocket watch but suffers the same fate as someone watches in the darkness.

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We then head to the Winchesters bunker where Dean is busy researching a case while Sam invites him to eat dinner. Dean passes, even on a nice looking pie in a box which Sam presents to him looking like a promo girl. Dean is obviously dealing with Mary’s absence and denying that he is. This is how it is with Dean when he’s having problems. He hardly eats and always drinks, and the worst of this was way back in Season 5 when they encountered Famine. Only this time, he doesn’t bury his woes in booze, or so we think. Dean presents Sam the case of the burned victims and they go to investigate, initially crediting the deaths to a cursed object. From the crime scene, they discover that the store owner dealt with Nazi antiques and from there, they deduce the Thule’s involvement.

The scene then shifts to a beautiful and cute chatterbox named Ellie and her hot Tinder date about to heat things up. Ellie, apprehensive about sex goes to her bathroom and leaves her date outside who is accosted by two men. The hot Tinder date gets incinerated and Ellie escapes but not before scratching herself leaving a trace of her blood on her window sill. The Thule agents take the blood, meaning to use it to track Ellie for an unknown reason.

The brothers contact Aaron Bass, their friend with the golem, about the Thule and he reports that the Thule is very much active on a project and the project involves the Thule high command. The brothers get wind of Ellie’s incident and went to look for her only to find her being kidnapped by a Thule agent in a police car. They give chase and manage to rescue Ellie from a young Thule agent named Nick. Nick while tied up reveals the Thule’s plan to resurrect Adolf Hitler. They reveal that what really happened in Hitler’s bunker before his suicide and that Hitler’s soul was loaded into a horcrux, which in this case was the antique pocket watch. The process was a success but the watch was lost after the war until the Thule tracked it down to the antique shop. The other thing left to do was upload the soul into one of Hitler’s descendants, who in this case was Ellie. Nick reveals that Ellie was adopted which explains her relation to Hitler despite her supposed Mayflower lineage and that the Thule have been tracking her.

The Thule track them down, and a brawl ensues resulting in Nick’s rescue and Ellie’s escape through a window. Ellie gets captured while the boys are clueless in tracking her. Nick and his father, the leader of the Thule high command discuss about the impending resurrection and Nick’s distaste of the plan. Nick’s father is disappointed in his son, enough to order him killed. Nick escapes and finds the Winchesters and offers to help rescue Ellie. Ellie undergoes preparations for the resurrection, and the brothers do some preparing on their own. Dean pulls out a grenade launcher to ensure a more permanent death for Thule’s agents which Sam advises against as they need stealth. Ellie wakes up to discover that her blood is being transferred to Nick’s father who says that he will not let Hitler be resurrected in a weak female body and that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. The final procedure involved placing the watch on Nick’s father’s abdomen. The watch buries itself into the body while carving a swastika. Hitler is resurrected, and we see a surprisingly boisterous man, happy to be alive again. In good times, Hitler was said to have a good sense of humor and we see that here or the writers are simply painting him in a comic light.

The brothers arrive to a remote hangar where the resurrection took place, get captured and stood face to face with Adolf Hitler himself. While Hitler was deciding what to do with the brothers, Ellie tries to wake up and creates a distraction by killing one of the Thule. The brothers grab their weapons and finish up leaving Hitler alone. Dean corners him and knocks Hitler unconscious and puts a bullet in his head. Sam makes Dean realize what he just did, and Dean’s spirit lifts up with a great sense of accomplishment. The brothers then leave Ellie and Nick to go their separate ways. The episode ends with Dean craving for pie.

If the ending is any indication, we could see a less morose Dean in the upcoming episodes. However, for their antagonist to be someone as big as Adolf Hitler, the episode was very lighthearted. It felt like a parody, almost like one of those Downfall YouTube videos. Not that I didn’t like it, we could use another fun episode. The best part was when Dean realized that he killed Adolf Hitler as well as letting Ellie and Nick go unscathed. I kept expecting Mr. Ketch around the corner, ready to off Ellie or Nick so as to clean the Winchester’s messes. Ellie’s character was a darling, reminiscent of Charlie and hopefully, in the future, she could join the show’s wayward daughters. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first that she reminded me of someone. The episode is good and despite the ominous shadow of Adolf Hitler, was meant to be one of the lighthearted ones. The scene where Dean took out a grenade launcher was kind of cartoony but okay. Perhaps due to audience sensitivity, Hitler needed to be toned down and not taken seriously. Perhaps here, with Hitler’s quick demise at the hands of Dean, some of the show’s audience might equate it as a parody demise of someone who reminds them of the Fuhrer while others will simply see this as one of the fun episodes of this great long-running series.

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Check out the trailer above for next week’s Supernatural episode of “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.”