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Supernatural: After LOTUS, What’s Next?

Supernatural: After LOTUS, What’s Next? 2016 images

“Impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary’s baby,” — Dean Winchester, Supernatural

At first, I couldn’t get the meaning of Supernatural’s mid-season finale title Lotus from the trailer. Is it some legendary flower? A car? That egg thingy Sam was holding? It’s actually the show’s political statement of the year. Unpresidenting the acronym POTUS, it’s actually Lucifer of the United States. Imagine Lucifer sitting in the oval office which is probably what a good chunk of the US is thinking right now. Lucifer had gone and done it and went after the most powerful person in the world. Coincidentally, the president was a formidable vessel. Formidable enough to sire a Nephilim.

Right off the bat, it wasn’t the most stellar of mid-season finales, but it was okay. We’ve come to expect much from Supernatural with regards to its bad guys. There are times when some monsters of the week seem to be more dangerous and intimidating than what we’d call big boss battles. I’m still not happy with how quickly they disposed of Eve, Mother of All, mother of all the monsters they’re fighting. Kind of hoping she’d return. Lilith was quite easy too. Lucifer in Season 5 seemed the toughest with that heavy sense of danger and urgency. In this mid-season finale, that felt a little lost even if the brothers were basically fighting for the whole country. We understand Lucifer is weak but in this case, he felt too weak.

It’s just an opinion, but It might be that Lucifer just isn’t that fun anymore after Pellegrino. Unless the showrunners can make things interesting with him, he may need to go back into the cage and pull the plug on this angel/demon business. We understand that Castiel and Crowley need to stay and we’ve really grown to love them. It’s Crowley for this fan right here (no offense Misha). But the angel/demon arc needs to go or take a breather especially after that ultimate battle versus light and darkness. In retrospect, showing Lady Toni and introducing the BMOL in the midst of that battle kind of dampened the effect, the suspense. We know there’s more Supernatural after God but it was like casually telling us of the fact.

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With that out of the way, there’s still more angel business after LOTUS. There’s that Nephilim Cas easily let go of and could become the perfect vessel for the Lucifer down the road. Lucifer wasn’t exactly sent back to the cage by Rowena for some reason since going down a vent is totally anti-climactic. There’s still that theory that Mary could become Lucifer’s vessel as she is still blood. I mean, does the other side qualify? Andrew Dabb also let loose that there are going to be three Cas-heavy episodes this season in an interview with TVLine. One of them would most likely he him trying to make more amends to losing Kelly but one of them is definitely about a lost chapter in Castiel’s history. Something he didn’t mention from his Season 6 episode “The Man Who Would Be King.” The show will introduce an enemy of Castiel who could become Lucifer’s ally. The first these Cas episodes will be aired February 2 and the next will be on Episode 19. But after Lucifer, it would certainly become a challenge to keep fan favorites Cas and Crowley. It will be a matter of writing good stories for the two, perhaps Cas helping Crowley get his humanity back without having to undergo the curing. Both of them becoming de-powered enough to just becoming co-hunters to the Winchesters. That could be fun.

The brothers are in chains, held by the Secret Service for foolishly staying with the President after impeaching Lucifer. Lucifer could be in Rick, the Secret Service guy or maybe not. If he is, he will have immediate access to Kelly and the brothers. Unless Mr. Ketch bails them out again singlehandedly from a bunch of Secret Service agents. Mr. Ketch is quite interesting. You’d be thick if you didn’t get the James Bond thing they were going for with the character. The tools, the gadgets, the accent. If Ketch bails the brothers out, they’ll be beholden to the BMOL the way they were to grandpa Samuel in Season 6. Sam and Toni could end up snogging after all. But what about Dean and Mary?

It’s still unclear about the ultimate role Mary will play. Will Mary become a regular player, hunting with her sons or will she retire or start her own hunting group hopefully with Jodi and Donna? Still betting that sixpence she’ll have something to do with the final battle against Lucifer. We’ll find out more when Supernatural returns this coming January 26, but you can decipher what you can from the teaser above for the ‘First Blood’ episode that will hopefully get us back into the Winchester world we know and love.

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