Donald Trump: Where have all the real men gone?

Republicans have continued allowing Donald Trump to lower their moral consciousness week by week so it leaves us wondering what happened to real men standing up for what they believe in. Sadly, Richard Spencer and David Duke seem to be the ones standing up more than Republican men.

Heroes and Zeros: PayPal vs Jeffree Star

This week in Hero/Zero news, the winner is a company leading the way in the fight against racism in America.

PC Police get it wrong with Tina Fey

Once again, the hypersensitive liberal PC police have gone overboard attacking Tina Fey for making a point with her comedy. This is just another reason why Democrats have a long road ahead of them.

Steve Bannon’s White House exit still won’t save Donald Trump

Just because Steve Bannon has left Donald Trump's side at the White House doesn't mean things will suddenly improve. Actually, expect even more chaos to ensue.
kim kardashian switches sides quickly with jeffree star 2017 images

Kim Kardashian switches sides quickly on Jeffree Star

Kim Kardashian quickly jumped to the defense of Jeffree Star's racist comments until she realized that it was bad for business. Then she made a quick pivot to apologize. This tells us all we need to know about if we didn't already know.
white women and their place in white supremacy 2017 images

White women and their role in white supremacy

Women are powerful. We make the world go round. We create life and then give that life purpose and direction.

Donald Trump again fails America by leading from behind

In a time when this country needed clear, precise and just leadership, Donald Trump has failed America once again.
Heather Heyer, White Silence, Racism, White Nationalism

Heroes and Zeros: Heather Heyer vs White Silence

In this edition of Heroes and Zeros, the winner is a martyr who died at the hands of evil people, and the losers are the segment of America who says the evil people are just a figment of our imagination.

Colin Kaepernick learns crime is fine in NFL but no politics

The NFL has sent a strong message to Colin Kaepernick punctuated by Ray Lewis. You can beat up your on wife or girlfriend, commit a crime, but never offer up your own opinion.

Donald Trump saving persecuted white men through affirmative action

Do white men really need saving from affirmative action as Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions claim they do?