social media goes bush league on amber rose 2017

Social media goes bush league on Amber Rose

Amber Rose has set off a weird firestorm on social media by showing off her natural state. The PC police strike again.

Heroes and Zeros: Neyo vs Mo’Nique

Neyo heroes up this week for not jumping into the fray and Mo'Nique zeroes out again as her reputation continues diminishing.
the rise and fall of inclusive shows 2017 images

The Rise and Fall of Inclusive Shows

There is a strange trend currently occurring in the in the world of television which has similarities to the real and comics world. Despite being critical and commercial hits, several TV shows have fallen under the ax.
barack obama endured much worse than donald trumps head play 2017 images

Barack Obama endured much worse than Donald Trump’s head picture

While Americans got riled up by Kathy Griffin's Donald Trump's head picture, they quickly forgot Barack Obama was put through much worse treatment.
jim carrey on kathy griffin 2017 images

Jim Carrey on Kathy Griffin and Smother Brothers flashback

Making it in show biz and in Hollywood can require pushing the boundaries to get attention. However, when it comes to pushing those boundaries you can go too far as well.
bow wow phaedra parks and monique needing hugs or attention 2017

Bow Wow, Phaedra Parks and Mo’Nique needing hugs and attention

Why do so many celebrities feel the need to fake the funk? I’ve been mulling this thought over in my mind here lately. I mean, I know why people like Kim Kardashian and her family do it
heroes and zeros kamala harris vs steve harvey 2017 images

Heroes and Zeros: Kamala Harris vs Steve Harvey

It’s another round of Heroes and Zeros; this week’s winner is a politician fighting the good fight against corruption and other important issues while the loser is a renaissance man is too high and mighty to display good manners.
court allows kentucky clerk kim davis to be sued by same sex couple 2017 images

Court allows Kim Davis to be sued by same sex couple

I cannot agree more with the three judges of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision to allow a same-sex married couple to sue Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who denied marriage licenses to gay couples in 2015.
ariel winter hero movie tv tech geeks

Heroes and Zeros: Ariel Winter vs RHOA Phaedra Parks

Modern Family's Ariel Winters makes our Hero list this week for putting body shamers in check and recently fired from RHOA Phaedra Parks zeros out for knowingly slandering Kandi Burruss.
heineken does what pepsi kendall jenner couldn't

Heroes and Zeros: Heineken vs Ebony Magazine

This week, in the winning spot is a beer company leading the way in the quest to unite the world. The loser is a magazine that tried to get over on its freelance writers.