heineken does what pepsi kendall jenner couldn't

Heroes and Zeros: Heineken vs Ebony Magazine

This week, in the winning spot is a beer company leading the way in the quest to unite the world. The loser is a magazine that tried to get over on its freelance writers.
donald trump hasnt converted any new republicans yet 2017 images

Donald Trump hasn’t converted any new Republicans yet

I’ve been mum on Trump lately because honestly, I had to take a break from the madness. Life is hard enough without having to face the reality that a man-child
Maria Sharapova Was Suspended in a Man's World 2017 images

Maria Sharapova Was Suspended in a Man’s World

Maria Sharapova, as of Wednesday, will have served her suspension for using meldonium, having tested positive for that substance at the 2016 Australian Open.
aaron hernandez made it hard to feel bad for his suicide attempt in prison

It’s Hard to Feel Bad for Aaron Hernandez

While the loss of life is an intrinsically somber occasion, it’s hard to feel sympathy for Aaron Hernandez. The 27-year-old had an unbelievable number of things going his way: he was living the dream in the NFL, he had the chance to play in the Super Bowl
kendall jenners can of pepsi highlights the race problem 2017 images

Kendall Jenner’s can of Pepsi only highlights the race problem

A lot of people have something to say about the failed Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial and rightfully so. The notion that something so simple as a can of soda, delivered by a member of the most attention-whoring family in entertainment
fakes on a plane no more laptops or tablets allowed 2017 images

Fakes on a plane: No more laptops or tablets allowed

Cue Samuel L. Jackson. Seriously, the recent gadget ban for inbound flights from the Middle East has me thinking of another film. Everyone remember that Stallone film, The Specialist? That was a nice film. It showed how the characters of Sly
because comics are weird 2017 images

Because Comics Are Weird

Iron Fist is white, Captain America became a Nazi, and Magneto, a holocaust survivor became a Nazi as well. The Ancient One in Doctor Strange is a white Celtic female instead of a Tibetan old man. Young Ice Man is gay. Wolverine is now a girl.
how tomi lahrens choice turned on her 2017 images

How Tomi Lahren’s ‘Choice’ turned on her

Sometimes in life, you do things because of the incentives attached. In the age in which we live today, everyone is trying to become the next big thing. Whether you have a catchy phrase that garners attention for no other reason
Why Tom Jackson Should Play an Orc in 'Hard Powder' 2017 images

Why Tom Jackson Should Play an Orc in ‘Hard Powder’

'Hard Powder' is a movie that will come out in 2018, one that will star Liam Neeson and Tom Jackson - if it gets off the ground. The main character, according to IMDB.com, sounds like a blend between Mr. Plow from 'The Simpsons'
heroes and zeros justin trudeau vs nicki minaj 2017 images

Heroes and Zeros: Justin Trudeau vs Nicki Minaj

The hero is a world leader who vows to put the needs of the people above the needs of the elite. The zero is a rapper who is on the losing end of a rap battle that is steadily heating up on the hip-hop front.


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