UPDATE: 12/11/2017: We would like to set the record straight about this article. We were going to remain silent about Carol Hansson no longer writing for us, but for some reason she has chosen to blame MTTG for her blatant error of leaving out Jared Padalecki, one of the stars of “Supernatural.”

As she has chosen to make a claim about how we handled this situation, we are forced to respond.

As a news site we do take fact-checking very seriously, but when it came to “Supernatural”  Carol, a self-proclaimed diehard fan of the show, was allowed much more freedom in her writing. We assumed that she would take doing research seriously while making sure she got all of the facts right.

This was our mistake and we take full responsibility for it, so we quickly apologized for the blatant error both on here and on social media. That is what a professional organization is to do when such an error is made. Carol asked us to add a quick sentence to make up for this mistake which our editors did. This obviously made things even worse for fans of the show which is very understandable.

I told Carol that we would have one of our writers do a separate piece on Jared Padalecki’s charitable work since he was completely left out of this article. Again, as this article appeared on our site, we wanted to do right by Mr. Padalecki. Carol asked if she could write it, and I explained that it would be a prudent decision to just let another writer do this.

The following day, we had a telephone conversation with Carol and pointed out that her response on Twitter was not helping her situation as she had not apologized about her mistake. We had apologized twice for her, but we informed her that if she wanted to make things right with the “Supernatural” fandom, an apology was in order.

We also pointed out that her initial response of “I made mistake. I’m only human,” did not go down well with fans of both Jared Padalecki and the show, as it appeared that it was just inconsequential about her leaving him out of an article about his show.

Carol did issue an apology on Twitter and later sent us an email which read as if all the blame was being put on the MTTG editorial team for not picking up on her leaving Jared Padalecki out. As I am very protective of the MTTG writers and team, I responded letting her know that we trusted her to get the facts right and that as someone who knows the show and actors so well, the editors would never assume that she would leave him out. The editorial team mainly checked her articles for grammatical mistakes.

In this response, I also mentioned that it appeared she was blaming our team for her error, and as such, she might be better suited with another site that could do indepth fact checking on all of her articles. Personally, I never felt there was a need to fact check “Supernatural” articles written by longtime fans of the show.

That is our response to this situation, and I personally am saddened that Carol has forced us to need to respond. We wish her well in her endeavors.

own your mistakes and dont repeat them carol hansson

UPDATE: 12/6/2017: Our writer Curvy Girl Diva will be doing a rather sizable piece on all the work that Jared Padalecki has done and the effect it has had so he has not been forgotten. The writer made an accident in omitting his great work, and we are fixing this blatant error. 

We thank you all for bringing this to our attention.

The SPN fandom is known far and wide for its generosity and dedication to the charities that our cast supports. After so much drama, negativity and “wank” in the fandom lately, I figured it was time to focus on the positive – specifically, the cast’s charitable efforts.

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Stronger Than Storms

They don’t call us the #SPNfamily for nothing.

On Aug. 25, 2017, hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Houston area of Texas. Many Supernatural fans will know that both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, two of the stars of Supernatural, make Houston Austin their home in the off-season, and when they aren’t filming. Two days later, Aug. 27, The Family Business – Jensen’s brewery in Austin – started a Crowdrise campaign to raise money for the hurricane Harvey relief effort.

The #SPNfamily showed up in force.

Later that day, the donations were up to $50,000 – which was then matched by a $50,000 direct donation to Random Acts, Misha Collins’s charity. One day later, the amount was over $100,000; as of the end of August, the amount is at $394,364 – in 10 DAYS. Not only that, the CW – the network that carries Supernatural – is also supporting the cause.

A representative from Random Acts says: “We’re thrilled and honored that the Family Business Beer Company, along with Jensen and Danneel Ackles, have chosen to include us in this fundraiser. The best thing people can do for those affected by Harvey is to open their hearts and give or volunteer — and so far, people seem to be eager to do just that. In the coming days, as the situation worsens, we hope everyone will keep those things in mind.”


Misha Collins. This man must have “charitable” as his middle name. Random Acts spent over $500,000 in 2016; GISHWHES has raised over $400,000 for charities, completed over 400,000 random acts of kindness worldwide, and:

supernatural fandom charitable contributions impact 2017

In addition, Jensen Ackles and Misha created the You Are Not Alone Campaign in 2016, to help raise money for IMAlive – a crisis support network fully staffed by volunteers. IMAlive volunteers support con-goers during photo ops and autographs at Creation Entertainment conventions – it can be overwhelming meeting someone you admire and look up to, someone who has made a big impact on your life (I took advantage of speaking with an IMAlive volunteer at the New Orleans convention – being able to talk about why I was there for a Jared autograph helped – a lot).

you are not alone jensen ackles misha collins

More recently, Misha created the #IWishForThis campaign, which is raising money for Random Acts and Lydia’s Place – “The mission of Lydia Place is to disrupt the cycle of homelessness and promote sustained independence for current and future generations.” According to the Stands website, where the campaign is hosted, 100 percent of the profit goes to a partnership between Random Acts and Lydia’s Place.

Here’s what Misha had to say about his charities:

“The single biggest strength of the SPNFamily is its passion— its ability to come together to support a cause. Random Acts and YANA were both born as a response to that passion. As actors, it’s rare to have an such a supportive fan base and Jared, Jensen, & I feel so fortunate to be able to act as the conduit that directs their energy toward making a positive impact in the world. Whether it’s building a school in Nicaragua and an orphanage in Haiti, or assisting other Supernatural fans with mental health support, I’m constantly astonished and humbled by the way the fans always rise to the challenge and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish next.”

rob benedict national stroke association

The main cast aren’t the only charitable ones in the SPN family. Rob Benedict, whose charity of choice is The National Stroke Association, says:

“As a stroke survivor, I want to do everything I can to raise awareness about strokes and to see the signs when a loved one is having a stroke.  The National Stroke Association is a great organization that is doing just that.”

mark sheppard for camp conrad chinnock 2017

Mark Sheppard, who until recently played Crowley on Supernatural, has chosen Camp Conrad Chinnok as his charity. According to their website: “Camp Conrad Chinnock offers recreational, social, and educational opportunities for youth and families with diabetes. Campers are taught diabetes self-management skills in a fun, interactive, and safe environment. A primary focus of Diabetes Camping and Educational Services is providing residential camping experiences for youth with Type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes and their families at Camp Conrad Chinnock. Whether attending a youth or family camp, a comprehensive educational program provides training in formal and casual settings to teach children how to manage their medication, eat properly, and integrate physical activity into their lifestyle.”

Some of the best movie marathons to watch right now

Carrie Genzel, who was on both Bugs and Just My Imagination (a favourite episode of mine, as it was directed by Richard Speight Jr.), has her own charity campaign as well:

“I had only a small idea of how incredible the SUPERNATURAL Fandom was from doing ‘Bugs’ in the first season, but seeing as social media wasn’t as it is today, I had no idea of the overwhelming sense of love that the fandom has and shows those of us lucky enough to have been on the show. When ‘Just My Imagination’ aired there was a sudden tsunami of appreciation and excitement for the episode and the scenes I was apart of.

“It was then I understood what makes the SUPERNATURAL Fandom so special, and unlike any other I’ve seen. That love, that inclusiveness, and support is right along the lines of how I live my life, of what I believe in, and when I launched my blog stateofslay.com I got immediate support from many of the SPN Family. My beliefs are that we don’t leave anyone behind, we stand as one, as a community, and knowing that at any given time, every one of us will need some help, or encouragement, the idea of STATE OF SLAY is that together we are stronger and can accomplish anything.

“Soon after launching the blog, an incredible woman from the fandom, Willeke Vis, came to me about designing a T-Shirt campaign; we decided to have all proceeds to go BWSS, Battered Women’s Support Services, an organization that was close to our hearts — and an incredible way to give back and send out that sense of community to women who are making a fresh start. We got ‘375cArrow’ aka Carrie, to help us make our design come to life. The idea behind it is that it looks like a superhero emblem, because we are all the superheroes of our own lives, it says SLAY POWERED, as a reminder to use the power within to SLAY our days. The Slay Powered merchandise can be purchased in the SLAY STORE at www.stateofslay.com, with all proceeds going to BWSS.

“I am constantly in awe how of the SUPERNATURAL Fandom gives back, from the cast members to those who just feel inspired to contribute and make someone’s day brighter. They all inspire me every day. SLAY on.”

mark pellegrino stomp out bullying only love campaign supernatural

The Lucifer we all know and love, Mark Pellegrino, is just wrapping up his #onlylove campaign – the T-shirts, available through Represent, support Stomp Out Bullying. Sales just ended on  Dec. 4, 2017, and wound up selling over two-thousand hoodies. Mark says: “I love kids, so my main charity is St. Jude’s. Ending childhood cancer and the suffering it causes would be a dream come true.”

The Supernatural fandom is truly a family – we have done so much good in this world, all stemming from a little TV show. Let’s keep it up!

Editor’s Note: Sadly, there has been that very small minority that has tried to discount the amazing and noteworthy work that the Supernatural actors have done which is sad and just downright disgusting, but all of these charitable causes have been verified and are legitimate endeavors. We have linked to each of them for those interested in learning more about them.

Thank you Leah for reminding Carol of Jared’s amazing work with:

Jared Padalecki has been very forthcoming with his own personal battle with depression; his AKF — Always Keep Fighting — T-shirt campaign raises awareness for depression in addition to funds for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit “dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.”

Thank you to all the SPN fans who pointed out that the Jared and Jensen make their home in Austin and not in Houston as the writer originally put.

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  1. Lorraine you nailed it! She stirred up so much shit on Twitter and then cried bully when someone called her out on her actions. Then she had the nerve to ‘write’ an article about cyberbullying when she responsible for so much of it happening with her passive aggressiveness as many pointed out time after time. cant believe it took mttg over a year to see here as she was but every dog has their day and now shes still barking foul at the few people with the patience to listen to her.

  2. Lorraine this is the woman who was ‘so pissed off’ that the WB didn’t automatically bow down and call her personally for the press tour remember? She was so disrespectful to real journalists and writers who have covered SPN for years now by thinking she could just ask everyone for their press contacts rather than do it the old fashioned way. We in the SPNFamily don’t mind giving hand-ups but when it’s obvious someone is just trying to use everyone and just wants to meet celebrities without actually doing any work we call bs. we all called bs on Carol and her actions the past few days are proving us correct and showing everyone her true colors.

    she loved judging everyone and bad mouthing those who truly love the show like Lynn Zubernis and now it’s her day of reckoning. not everybody may appreciate Lynn but still respect her dedication to the show. that’s something carol will never get and that seemed to be what drove her to badmouth Lynn every chance she got. just another person who gives the SPNFamily a bad name. that’s my rant and I’ve held it in long enough. than you MTTG for handling her mess in such a dignified and professional way. don’t let her tiny following make you feel otherwise. we all know the truth.

  3. Good grief when will Carol stop claiming that MTTG did her wrong? No, they didn’t!!!! I’m very frustrated as I was someone who defended her too as this site did only to have her stab me in the back in her now famous passive aggressive style.

    I am all about #metoo movement and standing up for other women but she is that one person who ruins it for all women by always playing the perpetual victim. Woman you are nearly 40 years old and it’s time you start acting your age. You brought all this on yourself by writing this article and then when you realized you screwed up by being your usual defensive way you figured you could blame MtTG for your mess.

    I for one am glad they called you out on your bs by stating what happened. You can send your few friends left who you haven’t screwed over yet to defend you but in time they’ll learn the hard way the same way I did. You are one of the problems in the SPNFamily and your actions will more than likely make it hard for you to write for anyone else. MtTG took a chance on you and you bit the hand the gave you a helping hand. You did all that yourself so maybe take a break from social media and take a good long hard look in the mirror before casting more stones. glass houses baby, glass houses

  4. Got it. I didn’t mean to imply you were threatening, not at all. But it goes to show that you covered for you, until you could no longer do that. Thank you for taking the time to address the mess and my comment.

  5. Actually, she was not ‘made’ to apologize. We don’t do that. There was no harassment or anything like that as we knew that she was getting hit hard on Twitter over this.

    The fact that an apology was not made was brought to her attention so she might better understand why people were reacting the way they were. A heartfelt apology goes so much further than becoming defensive over a mistake you made.

    It’s a pretty simple story and great example of owning your mistake and moving on.

  6. Wait, so Carol only apologized AFTER you made her? Well, that puts her action before and after this hot mess article in a whole new light. Most of us suspected that the mega success of Always Keep Fighting was why she excluded Jared Padalecki from this hot mess article, she didn’t want Jared or AKF to outshine others. YANA was (poorly) copied from AKF. AFK raised a lot of funds for Misha’s RA. AKF is the main financial contributor to IMAlive, etc etc etc.

  7. This Jensen’s fan is VERY happy.
    Carol behaved poorly and dismissively toward concerns voiced not just by Jared’s fans but to Jensen’s fans and SPN fans in general. She refused to apologized and own her mistakes, and only apologized after she sobered up and the full weight of the consequence was realized.

  8. very well stated Movie TV Tech Geeks. I respect you all even more now for not letting someone try to smear you. you would think that carol would have learned something from Lynn Zubernis in how to treat people and and how to be a real writer.

  9. That tumblr thing was just too sad and showed everyone that mttg handled things professionally. her problem is that if you say what she doesn’t want to hear she blocks you on twitter and then tries to blame you for making her do it. nothing like passive aggressive behavior but I’m so happy at who is replacing her there.

    credibility isn’t a problem with this one and hse not a starfucker like carol wanted to be. I luv lynn’s reviews too and it’s funny that you never hear any issues from her about mttg. whenever I’ve aksed her about you all she’s always said she is proud to be part of the team. carol never did that which explains why shes been cut loose. sounds more like you all technically fired her but were kind enough to let her ‘resign’. too bad she wasn’t smart enough to leave it at that but tried to smear you guys after all your done for her. karma baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I honestly don’t think Carol really knew how much you all defended her but she’ll learn pretty quick now that shes trying to be a #SPNFamily Tumblr girl. U all rock!

  11. good on you mttg for standing up for to bs people again. I luv that you all don’t back down and the fact that you quickly admitted to a mistake that you shouldn’t have had to says loads about your integrity as journalists. if only people calling themselves ‘journalists’ could have done the same. I think after this experience every spn fan site has got carols number and will choose not to call it.

    thank you again for your coverage of spn and I was excited to hear who will be coming onboard next to cover it!!! can’t wait to read those.

  12. that was very well written and exactly what we all in the SPNFamily knew about Carol. her trying to replicate what curvy girl diva wrote about jared showed everyone who the problem was….her. I’ve really enjoyed MTTG and will enjoy it much more without her bringing all of you down. you all took the high road with carol and she only has herself to blame for forcing you to show us what really happened.

    we all appreciate the work that your writers do and thank you for it

  13. Wow, how does a “journalist” who claims to be a fan of the show remembers to write about Yana that was copied from Always Keep Fighting (AKF), but not AKF itself? AKF is the original that got boatload of mainstream media attention and was the most successful charity campaigns that created a movement, but sure, the “journalist” just forgot. Uh huh.

    Come on guys, we’ve seen this M.O before from the usual suspects.

    She deliberately left out Jared, the show’s number one star with the highest popularity score AND she left out his charity works. Jared was one of the top charity fundraiser even before AKF. She didn’t forget, she didn’t want him to overshadow others and one fella in particular (hint: not Jensen)

  14. I thought I was the only one who thought her interviews sucked. it was always the same questions and when you see the other interviews on this site, it looked like something from a high school fanzine. cant wait to see who they put in place and after the experience with carol I;m sure they not make the same mistake again.

    just saw jon mentioned curvy girl diva who I luv luv luv!!! this article alone shows why carol never belonged on this news site: https://movietvtechgeeks.com/tomi-lahren-fails-beyonce-race-baiting-attempt/

  15. so glad to hear that carol is gone too. when you read the interviews by lynn and the other real journalists on this site… hers just paled in comparison. looks like the site gave her a long chance but how many fuck up can someone get and expect to be taken seriously???

    mttg you’ve now got a faithful reader back again. I only hope curvy girl diva does more supernatural articles as her other pieces are pretty amazing.

  16. at least MTTG did the right thing and owned up to the writers mistake (I can’t say journalist for this person as they’ve made so many mistakes in articles) and followed it up with a really good journalist who shined a light on Jared Padalecki’s wonderful work.

    hard to believe that such a big ‘fan’ of the show would leave out one of the main stars but I have way more respect now for this site as they jumped in and fixed her mess. the fact that this site also apologized for the goof a full day before the writer does says a lot too. the writer spent time just fighting with people on twitter rather than own up to the mistake. I noticed that her name is no longer in the writers section on here so it looks like MTTG did the smart thing and got rid of this writer. smart decision.

    leave the journalism to good writers who know what they’re talking about like Lynn Zubernis. Now she’s a true Supernatural fan who would never make such a big gaff.

  17. I do not understand how Jared was neglected to an afterthought in this article with barely a blurb. Jared’s Always Keep Fighting campaigns have resonated in the SPN fandom like no other campaign has. He’s made so many fans feel like it’s OK to talk about their own mental health issues, to not be ashamed. I can’t tell you the amount of AKF tattoos I have seen.

    In addition, the Always Keep Fighting campaigns have raised funds for the other charities mentioned in this article, like Random Acts and the You Are Not Alone hotline – in fact, Jared donated a couple hundred thousand to the hotline.

    This entire article just plain insulting to Jared…and I’m not quite sure how it made it to “print.” How was this not fact-checked?? There’s no excuse for his exclusion. Jared was the one who (bravely) launched the whole mental health awareness in the SPN fandom in the first place.

  18. While I do realize Carol made an error leaving AKF out I know that in reality, it is an integral part of her life and not omitted purposefully. Random Acts started in 2009 and both Jared and Jensen have said that RA and Misha was the inspiration for their charity giving. ALL mentioned here are amazing people, supporting wonderful things, and there are so many more cast who do the same. It truly is a giving show. Proves the point that giving starts ripples that spread goodness widely.

  19. Good article, but unfortunately with the omission and notes referring to mistakes about certain facts in the piece, it kinda ruins the whole article.
    Maybe you should review your pieces more carefully before posting, and this comes from a journalist myself.
    Anyway, I’ll be waiting for the article about Jared’s campaign, just like a lot of fellow Supernatural fans. I hope the subject is treated with the respect it deserves because AKF has been really important for a lot of people, who saw in this campaign a chance to feel a little less alone in dealing with their mental illness.

  20. You use the photo with Jared, but do not even mention him? What’s wrong with you? are you aware of his support? AKF ( thousands and thousands of shirts), AiR, TWLOHA…

  21. Great article, it’s nice to see some J2M positivity highlighted for once (as well as shining a light on the other cast members and their charitable causes/campaigns)!

  22. I have a lot of respect for Misha “Charitable” Collins (thank you for coining that name. we will use it!), Jensen, Jared, both Mark(s) and all the Supernatural family. Best cast with such a giving and loving fans. Thank you for this article.

    Just a heads up, some people in the family are doing another SPNRescue for people affected by the Southern California Fires. If you’d like to participate, go to the tag on twitter and see what needs to be done (even retweeting helps!) I have so much respect for these amazing people. Bless!

  23. Thanks for promising a rewrite but I think this is absolutely crazy. Jared actually started the charity movement within SPN-he’s been recognized by outside organizations for his important work and finally and most importantly, he is a survivor himself. The fact that he was left out means the writer knows little to nothing about the topic and has not taken the time to do the research.

  24. This could be a great article, if it had not forgotten to mention Jared’s Alway Keep Fighting that helped save countless of life out there. We know the writers are putting Sam on the sideline on the current season right now, but please don’t put Jared on a sideline too. His campaign changed my life for the better, that’s why I take this real personal. Oh, if you forget, Jared’s name is the 1st on the call sheet, so I think he’s still one of the lead cast, is he not?


  25. Thank you so much for putting this together. Going through all the various charities and causes that all the cast has worked on, separately and together makes me grateful to be a part of such a loving, supportive, and giving fandom.

  26. How strange and odd that Always Keep Fighting was not mentioned. It went from a charity campaign to a movement and acovered extensively in the mainstream media. Even my non-SPN friends heard about AKF. The rest, not so much, sorry.

  27. great point. we’re glad that you are able to mention it here so it is given attention. if not in the article, then here in the comments! thank you for bringing this one up.

  28. I hate to be this person, but it really rubs me the wrong way that Jared’s Always Keep Fighting campaign was not even mentioned which is strange given how much impact that campaign had on the fandom.


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