high school athletes still in danger of brain injuries cte 2017 images

High school athletes still in danger of brain injuries, CTE

Not long after the latest NFL CTE study came out, people were wondering what effect this would also have on high school sports. Now we have our answer.
david griffin standing behind kyrie irvings cavaliers trade 2017 images

David Griffin standing behind Kyrie Irving’s Cavaliers trade request

Former Cavaliers GM David Griffin Defends Kyrie Irving Trade Request
johnny manzile will even take a college coaching gig now 2017 images

Johnny Manziel will even take a college coaching gig now

Johnny Manziel Considers a College Coaching Career as NFL Prospects Dry Up

Colin Kaepernick learns crime is fine in NFL but no politics

The NFL has sent a strong message to Colin Kaepernick punctuated by Ray Lewis. You can beat up your on wife or girlfriend, commit a crime, but never offer up your own opinion.

Donald Trump saving persecuted white men through affirmative action

Do white men really need saving from affirmative action as Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions claim they do?

NFL Roundup: Branden Albert wants back on Jaguars, no sideline for Jay Cutler

Anquan Boldin with Buffalo Bills, Jay Cutler set with Dolphins and Jaguars not looking to take back Branden Albert.
carly waddell evan bass expecting while chris pratt split 2017 images

Carly Waddell, Evan Bass expecting while Chris Pratt split stuns fans

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence gets blamed for Chris Pratt split with Anna Faris, Carley Waddell expecting, Sinead O'Connor sad video and Taylor Swifts court case begins.

Heroes and Zeros: Shannon Sharpe vs Lil Duval

In this week’s edition of Heroes and Zeros, the top spot goes to a sports commentator who doesn’t hold back about what he believes and the loser is a comedian whose comments about trans women are just wrong.

Alexander Zverev is one to watch after ATP Citi Open win

At 20-years old, Alexander Zverev has come under the microscope with people wondering whether he will just be another tennis prodigy who seeming endless future winds up deflating into mediocrity

Casey Affleck talks ‘A Ghost Story’ and his rough year

Casey Affleck on his latest film "A Ghost Story," working with David Lowry three times and surviving his past year.