alex jones bringing megyn kelly down at nbc 2017

Alex Jones major effect on Megyn Kelly plus Selena Gomez

Celebrity Gossip: Wonder Woman vs Thor, Oliver Stone takes up for Putin, Selena Gomez talks and Megyn Kelly feels Alex Jones effect.

Sony continues dominance over Microsoft at E3

Each year at E3, we know that the head-to-head battle to watch will be Sony vs Microsoft and their consoles PlayStation vs Xbox.
golden state warriors stephen curry champagne celebration

Warriors champagne championship, Diplo plus Selma Hayak on Donald Trump

Celebrity Gossip: Warriors $170K championship champagne, Azealia Banks credit problem, Diplo hates third place in sex Olympics and RIP Dr. Brandon Rogers.

Lady Gaga is Born This Way for Starbucks and Cameron Diaz hiatus

Celebrity Gossip: Lady Gaga Starbucks are Born This Way, Cameron Diaz back to Hollywood, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen ball time.
the weeknds very good year and no oval office for oprah 2017 images

The Weeknd’s very good year plus no Oval Office for Oprah

Celebrity Gossip: Kim Kardashian gets deep on fame, The Weeknd's streaming year and Oprah Winfrey nixes 2020 talk.
jeff sessions gears up for donald trump russia

Jeff Sessions gears up for Donald Trump, Comey & Russia

Another week, another big event to tune in to as Attorney General Jeff Sessions goes before the Senate intelligence committee Tuesday.

Heroes and Zeros: Neyo vs Mo’Nique

Neyo heroes up this week for not jumping into the fray and Mo'Nique zeroes out again as her reputation continues diminishing.
hawaii pushed supreme court on trumps travel ban 2017 images

Supreme Court hears from Hawaii on Donald Trump’s travel ban

The spotlight is once again on Donald Trump's controversial travel ban that has had trouble getting through the courts, and the state of Hawaii is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to not grant the administration's emergency request

‘Wonder Woman’ Spoiler Review and Villain Problem

First off, the nerd kingdom is still surprised at how good the DC-produced Wonder Woman is and we congratulate director Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine for delivering a great film.
lebron james not likely for 3 on 3 action 2020 tokyo

No 3-on-3 action for LeBron James at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

LeBron James Unlikely to Participate in New 3-on-3 Basketball in Tokyo Olympics in 2020