donald trump keeping msnbc ratings high 2017 images

Donald Trump keeping MSNBC ratings high, opponents happy

Donald Trump may not be the best thing for the United States of America, according to some people, but he's been a boon for cable news ratings.
josh norman feels his bow and arrow being victimized by nfl 2017 images

Josh Norman’s ‘bow and arrow’ being victimized by NFL

Josh Norman Feels Victimized Once Again by NFL
matt ryan pulls back on kyle shanahan super bowl comments 2017 images

Falcons Matt Ryan pulls back on Kyle Shanahan Super Bowl comments

Matt Ryan Walks Back Earlier Comments on Kyle Shanahan’s Super Bowl Play Calling
robert pattion katy perry time 2017 images

Taylor Swift grope action begins while Robert Pattinson has Katy Perry time

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Taylor Swift court case begins, Amber Heard over Elon Musk, Robert Pattinson with Katy Perry, Beyonce, Caitlyn Jenner and Michael Jackson going 3D.
dark tower bombs at box office but sequel moves ahead 2017 images

‘The Dark Tower’ bombs at box office but sequel moving forward

Anyone who has read Stephen King's epic Dark Tower series have all agreed on one thing. It's the least likely of his books that can translate well to either the big or small screen.
jay cutler lands $10 million one year deal with dolphins 2017 images

Jay Cutler lands $10 million one-year deal with Dolphins

It seems that Jay Cutler is suddenly interested in playing football again. Well, maybe getting paid $10 million plus up to $3 million in incentive for one-year is motivating him.
donald trump looks to turn russian probe against democrats 2017 images

Donald Trump looking to turn Russian probe against Democrats

As a business man, Donald Trump was able to turn the tables on his critics by playing the victim, and it looks like he's going the same route with the Russian probe.
la olympics 2028 still up in the air 2017 images

LA Summer Olympics 2028 still up in the air

CNN may have jumped the gun on the Summer Olympics heading to Los Angeles in 2028. They reported that the city had struck a deal with the International Olympic Committee to host the games
donald trump using immigration just to keep his base happy

Is Donald Trump using immigration to keep his base happy?

As Donald Trump's polling numbers continue dropping and the Russian investigation pushes him into a corner, he uses the red meat his base loves. This time he's talking on immigration again.
ian ziering talks sharknado and that cult status 2017 images

Ian Ziering talks ‘Sharknado 5’ and that cult status

Many people may turn their nose up to another entry in the "Sharnado" franchise hitting on Sunday, but stars like Ian Ziering are laughing all the way to the bank.