Biggest Celebrity Gossip To End Summer 2014

halle berry wedding anniversary in hawaii on jetline

prince charles princess diana wedding cake auction

In this week’s celebrity gossip roundup, an online auction resulted in a private collector purchasing a piece of cake that was part of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake…33 years ago. The private collector that purchased it paid $1,375 for the piece of cake, which is still wrapped in the wax paper it was originally waxed in on the couple’s wedding day. The Los Angeles based Nate D. Sanders Auction was responsible for the sale. It was reportedly given to its new owner in the same presentation box that it had been put in the day of the royal couple’s 1981 wedding. On the box, the couple’s first initials are interlocked and there is also a depiction of the feathers belonging to Prince Charles. It even comes complete with the original card attached to the package stating that the card was given to the couple by the Prince & Princess of Wales.

brad pitt angelina jolie wedding

Perhaps the biggest celebrity gossip of the week is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tied the knot in France. Even local officials were not aware that the couple was marrying the day that they did. The couples own an estate in Correns, the Chateau Miraval, where they make their own wine and this is where they choose to hold their wedding.  Ever since the couple bought the estate in 2008 there had been rumors that it is where they eventually had planned to get married. In addition to the estate’s vineyard and its main house it also has a chapel where the wedding was held. To keep everything on the down low, the couple obtained their wedding license in their home state of California. Since they purchased the estate Brad Pitt has reportedly been renovating it in order to incorporate the architecture he loves the most.

joan rivers death

In a continuing story, 81 year old Joan Rivers was having a medical procedure done at an endoscopy center in NYC and suddenly stopped breathing. She was rushed to a full blown hospital in serious condition and was later placed in a medically induced coma. The world was shocked when she died.

miley cyrus date jesse helt had arrest warrant after vmas

Miley Cyrus is in the news again, this time for bringing a date to the Video Music Awards with her that has had a warrant out for his arrest in Oregon, dating back to 2011. Reportedly he is a homeless person who, after attending the awards with Miley, turned himself into Oregon police. He had violated probation and was required to post his $2,500 bail. In the coming weeks he will go in front of a judge in Oregon. Miley reportedly allowed him to accept the video of the year award that she won at the VMAs. The two allegedly met due to her involvement with a homeless center in Hollywood where he was staying while trying to pursue a modeling career. Miley is reportedly going to help him out financially when it comes to his legal expenses.

chelsea clinton leaves nbc for motherhood

Chelsea Clinton of all people is allegedly leaving her job as an NBC news special correspondent in favor of motherhood. She is set to give birth to her first baby with her husband. Chelsea will also spend her time continuing her work with the Clinton Foundation, which has the goal of improving health on a global and domestic level as well as making sure new opportunities for services are available. The foundation is also used to help females reach advanced status in their careers.

gabrielle union marries dwayne wade from miami heat bulge fame

Actress Gabrielle Union has just married Dwayne Wade, a player with the Miami Heat. The wedding was held in Miami and was attended by family and close friends of the couple. Singer John Legend provided entertainment at the couple’s wedding reception. The wedding had an old fashioned 1930s theme which included the serving of Chardonnay in Vanilla Pudding flavor.

halle berry wedding anniversary in hawaii on jetline

In other couple’s news, Halle Berry celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband in Hawaii. The couple’s children were present with them and the family spent a good deal of time exploring Maui. Halle and husband Olivier Martinez even participated in zip-lining and parasailing.

ceelo green pleads not guilty in slipping woman ecstasy pill

CeeLo Green appeared in court on a felony charge for slipping a woman ecstasy in 2012 during a lunch they had together in Los Angeles. He was sentenced to both community service and probation. A special plea was entered by the singer, claiming he is innocent of felony. The plea means that he cannot have it held against him in civil court that he pleaded no contest. However, if he is convicted of an additional drug offense this could be used against him when appearing in criminal court. Part of the agreement he has with the court is that he can receive counseling for a drug and alcohol addiction with a private doctor.

hello kitty not a cat but a girl

Hello Kitty fans were shocked this week to learn after all these years that she is in fact not a kitty at all. According to Sanrio, the company that owns the rights to Hello Kitty, she is actually a young girl who simply enjoys dressing up as a cat.

alan jackson country hall of fame music exhibit

The Country Music Hall of Fame now boasts a brand new attraction for fans of Alan Jackson. Among the items that belong to the exhibit are personal items Jackson has used throughout his life including childhood toys and the plaque he received after having sold 50 million albums. The attraction also includes a handwritten note from George Jones to Allan Jackson. There are also handwritten lyrics and one of his Grammy Awards as well as a jacket that he was wearing when he signed a 1989 record deal. Jackson admitted that his house was much less full now that his exhibit has opened at the museum. This temporary attraction will be available to Country Music Hall of Fame visitors until March of 2015. Jackson is the current HOF artist in residence.