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Tag: Joan Rivers

Keyshia Cole finds father and Monica jumps in ring with Nicki Minaj

When you go your whole life wondering who the hell your father is, it doesn’t hurt to know that he’s a pretty big deal when you finally figure out who he is. Singer Keyshia met her biological dad after 34 years

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bruce Jenner Tripping & NeNe Leakes Sue Break

It’s celebrity gossip time and you know we have a lot to report. The rich and famous are always up to some and we should really thank them for keeping us so entertained off the screen just as much as they do on the screen

Biggest Celebrity Gossip To End Summer 2014

In this week’s celebrity gossip roundup, an online auction resulted in a private collector purchasing a piece of cake that was part of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake…33 years ago

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