Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bruce Jenner Tripping & NeNe Leakes Sue Break

Celebrity gossip roundup bruce jenner tripping while nene leakes suing

Celebrity gossip roundup bruce jenner tripping while nene leakes suing

It’s celebrity gossip time and you know we have a lot to report. The rich and famous are always up to some and we should really thank them for keeping us so entertained off the screen just as much as they do on the screen. We have some good stuff to talk about today so here it is.

j cole giving free rent to single mothers gossip 2015

  1. Cole: Free Rent For Ya

You have got to love this guy. I mean he is like the man that women want to be with and the guys other guys want to hang with. At the end of last year he dropped a dope ass album called 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The title pays homage to the house that he grew up in in Fayetteville, NC. There was a time growing up that his mother lost the house and, he being the awesome person he is, bought it back. Now Cole is doing something that is sure to drop the panties of ladies everywhere (I mean for me at least, generosity in a man will get you further in my book than wining and dining) but that’s neither here nor there. He is in the process of getting the house fixed up and livable so that every two years, single mothers can live there RENT FREE! Wow, he’s momma sure did raise him right.

melissa rivers suing yorkville endoscopy over joan rivers death 2015 movie tv tech

Melissa Rivers: You Killed My Momma

Melissa Rivers, daughter of the late comedienne Joan Rivers, is suing the clinic she says caused the death of her mother. The 47 year old claims that while Rivers was sedated, doctors performed unauthorized procedures, took selfies (fa real doe) and failed to act when her vital signs started deteriorating. In fact, one report says that the doctor in charge left the room so that he would not be implicated in the botched procedure. Seriously, what are you a five year old with their hand in the cookie jar hoping to not get caught? The lawsuit filed in a Manhattan State Supreme Court implies that the staff was careless (among other things) and cites their lack of professional as the reason for the 81 year old Rivers’ death.

nene leakes sued over tee shirt movie tv tech geeks 2015

NeNe Leaks: Girl, Bye

Well, this really comes as no surprise to me. Mrs. NeNe Leaks is being sued by a woman who claims she stole the Girl, Bye design t-shirt she created.  According to social media posts and other media outlets, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star is at the dead center of a legal battle between her and the designer who says NeNe tried to sell the shirt as her own. Arsha Jones is saying that she created the t-shirt in April of 2014 and started selling them on her website. She said she was excited to see the RHOA star in the shirt on November 17, 2014 because “I thought my little business would get a boost from her and the shirt was really selling.” Just a few weeks later, according to Jones, NeNe started selling the shirt (without the comma) and believed it was an outright copy of hers. NeNe, however, is not hearing Jones’ claims. I guess she figures since she has been saying it on the show for over two years, it’s her phrase, therefore it’s her shirt. Hmmm, whether or not Jones has a case, it is messed up for NeNe to steal her shine. Why couldn’t she just direct people to the site to help another sista get hers too? I tell you, that’s what wrong with black people today. They don’t want to share any of their success. “This is my livelihood. NeNe is unnecessarily stealing from me,” she told Radar.

kim kardashian says bruce jenner is on trannie journey for 2015 movie tv tech

Bruce Jenner… Is on Journey

So you know how a couple of weeks ago US Weekly put Bruce Jenner on the cover of their magazine with trimmed eyebrows, rouged cheeks, pinks lips and long hair? Well of course the Kardashians came to the rescue of their former step father calling the cover totally inappropriate and bull shit. Well Kim recently stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight (it airs this Sunday) that Bruce is on a “journey” whatever the hell that means. I think we can all safely say that he is making the transition to becoming a woman. Kim says that she supports him “100%.” Hmmm…And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

kanye west shady with kim kardashian boytoys movie tv tech geeks 2015

Kanye West: The Shade Thrower

Kimye attended the 2015 BET honors in Washington DC on January 24th and in classic Kanye style, as he received the Visionary Award, he sent some “shout outs” to Kim’s broke Exes. “They say white girls go out and get a rich black dude. But my wife dated broke black dudes. So it’s not about the money.” Is there no end to Kanye’s cockiness? I mean Kim did date Nick Cannon and Reggie Bush and last I checked, they were doing pretty well for themselves. I guess if your not getting Yezus money, your money is just… funny.

all female ghostbusters kristen wiig for movie tv tech geeks 2015

All Female Ghostbusters Cast

Now this is REAL news to me, or at least to the little girl in me. Ghostbusters is getting a reboot! First of all I loved the movies growing up (number two is the best one). They are a staple of my childhood. Secondly, and maybe even more exciting, is that the reboot is going to be an all-female cast led by Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. Score. Totally stoked to see it, although I’ll be honest and say I will not get my hopes too high for it to live up to the standards of the first ones. You know Hollywood and their reboots.

Just a little bit of what’s going on in the world of the spoiled and overblown.