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Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity Santas: 2016 Holiday Season

After the crazy past year of election time, it's sometimes nice to escape into the holiday season, and nothing says holiday like seeing Santa Claus, but even better is seeing that sexy man celebrity working that red and white outfits in ways that the old guy just can't.

‘No Vote’ Colin Kaepernick might want to revisit Malcolm X and MLK

Emotions are definitely high after an election upset that has the whole nation reeling. Some people are happy about it while most aren’t. The thought of Donald J. Trump being the next president of the United States is mind blowing.

Stevie J Wilds Out with Nick Cannon & RHOA Kenya Moore booty bump

Nick Cannon's playing down an alleged altercation with Stevie J over Mariah Carey sharing, Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore could be pregnant and Taylor Swift just not feeling Kanye West again.

Nick Cannon’s handling of Mariah Carey

Life comes at you quickly, and the outcomes of every situation totally depend on how we respond. With that, I want to talk about Nick Cannon’s response to Mariah Carey’s engagement.

Selena Gomez taking on Orlando Bloom & no more marriage for Nick Cannon

Kicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, John Krasinski admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on a recent episode of her talk show that on his honeymoon with Emily Blunt, they went diving and he had a close encounter with a gray reef shark

Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrity Santas for 2015 Holiday Season

Oh, the holiday season. It brings us so much joy. So much excitement. So much Santa loving hotness. I mean really, is there anything better than our favorite famous men dressed as Santa? Now there’s a fantasy.

‘Chi-Raq’ Movie Review: Spike Lee Gets Lost In His Story

Many have wondered about the validity of Spike Lee’s new movie Chiraq. Now I am the kind of person, for the most part, that gives movies a chance despite what critics and other moviegoers say.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jay Z Duo Done, Diddy Drake & Kanye West Silenced

It’s your midweek gossip round up and Jay Z duo dissed, Diddy plus Drake equals tons of money, Mariah divas up Disneyland and Kanye West gets silenced by someone other than himself.

Mariah Carey Goes For Nick Cannon’s Jugular With INFINITY

At around midnight on Monday night, songstress diva Mariah Carey dropped her brand new song “Infinity” on iTunes. Mariah also released the lyrics video at the same time. It’s clear from the first couple of lines that it’s a nasty little tune sending her soon to be ex-husband on his merry little way.

Nick Cannon & Amber Rose Move Forward Into Each Other

So the story goes, Amber Rose and Nick Cannon have moved on from their exes to each other. In particular, people are saying that Nick left Mariah (the mother of his two adorable twins) for Wiz Khalifa’s baby momma.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Naya Rivera’s Douche, Chris Brown Revoked & Nick Cannon Free

This week’s celebrity gossip news begins with rumors that everybody’s favorite train wreck, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Scott Disick is reportedly drinking and smoking weed again

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Beijing Drug Bust

The first piece of juicy gossip for the week is that action star and actor Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, was detained by Beijing, China authorities over charges related to illegal drugs, as they believe he is not only carrying, but using marijuana

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