Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrity Santas for 2015 Holiday Season

Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrity Santas for 2015 Holiday Season images collage

Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrity Santas for 2015 Holiday Season images collageTop 10 Sexy Celebrity Men Dressed as Santa

Oh, the holiday season. It brings us so much joy. So much excitement. So much Santa-loving hotness. I mean really, is there anything better than our favorite famous men dressed as Santa? Now there’s a fantasy.

Because I love Christmas and because I can appreciate the beauty of a nice looking man, here is a top ten list of sexy celebrity men dressed wholly or in part as good ole St. Nick. Check out Shane McLendon’s version of the Top 10 Sexy Celebrity Women Dolled Up.

ian somerhalder sexy male santas celebrity 2015Ian Somerhalder

Yes, this Vampire Diaries alum is a beautiful man. Add a Santa hat to his hottness and you have so many reasons to be naughty and nice. He’s super sexy in a “use your imagination” kind of way in the photo, and I love it! That Nikki Reed is one lucky girl.

derrick rose sexy male santa celebrityDerrick Rose

Who doesn’t love a man good with his hands? Add in the fact that he is a super basketball player in one of the most beloved cities in the country and you have a damn good combination. Derrick Rose is hot and even though he may not be having the best couple of seasons, we love him in his Santa hat.

shemar moore sexy male santaShemar Moore

Oh, Shemar. I have loved you since I was six years old watching you on The Young and the Restless. You can really do no wrong so the fact that you are grabbing ass while wearing your Santa hat lets me know that you are more of the naughtier type, which I like.

jared leto sexy male santa celebrities 2015

Jared Leto

Yes, Jared Leto! With his long hair and shirtlessness, who would not love to hear and see him coming down their chimney? Doesn’t hurt that he has the beard to go with it too. He just might be the real Santa Claus after all.

ashton kutcher sexy celebrity santas 2015Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is the kind of Santa that will keep you laughing and smiling among other things. That grin alone lets me know that he is the fun one who is both generous and kind.

ben affleck sexy male celebrity santaBen Affleck

Ben is definitely hot. Yea so maybe he has some issues being faithful from what we can gather from the tabloids and his own admission (kind of), he sure knows how to wear a Santa suit. And he will protect you too. Any Santa that knows how to responsibly handle a weapon is a Santa I can get with.

dwayne rock johnson sexy male santa celebrityDwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Do I really have to explain this one? The Rock, as far as I am concerned (like Shemar Moore) can do no wrong. He is hot, he is a great father, he can pick me up. I mean the guy is a powerhouse. Have you seen him in the last Fast & Furious movie? I am sure he is a no-nonsense Santa and is clear on the importance of getting every little boy and girl’s present to them on time. Such a thoughtful Santa.

nick cannon sexy santa celebrityNick Cannon

I don’t care what people say; Nick Cannon is a sexy guy and from what I can gather, he is a genuinely good guy. He probably should never rap again nor try to come for established rappers that are considered by some to be the greatest of all time, but that doesn’t mean he is not a super cool Santa. He looks so welcoming and jolly in his St. Nick get up. I’d be his Mrs. Claus.

ryan gosling sexy male santa celebrityRyan Gosling

Oh, Ryan. Ryan Gosling. I am a sucker for singers (yes he can blow) and his good guy persona and raw sex appeal is enough to let me know that his Santa is one you can’t be left alone with for too long. I mean, just ask Eva Mendes.

billy bob thornton sexy male santas

Billy Bob Thorton

This list would not be complete without dirty old Santa, which in this case, is sexy “show you new things” Santa. There is something about Billy Bob that draws you to him and his get up as jolly St. Nick and knowing his reputation just gives me the feels.

Christmas is fun, and it’s even more fun to have some eye candy to look at and think about. Well, at least, it is for me.

Not everyone agreed with our Curvy Girl Diva on all her choices (especially Billy Bob Thornton) so here’s some runner-ups the rest of the team here thought were woefully not chosen.

Heath Hutchins sexy hot male celebrity santas 2015Heath Hutchins


Weirdly enough, the picture was very tame, but the great Emperor Google decided that the image was too provocative for their advertisers. Oddly, many other sites have full out nudity using Google Adsense, but we must assume it’s whoever gets the hammer first. Who knew, pg-rated images (with no nudity at all) are now going against Google’s coming puritanical taste levels.

Jake Gyllenhaal

timothy olyphant sexy male celebrity santa 2015 imagesTimothy Olyphant