Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Santas for 2015 Holiday Season

top 10 sexiest female celebrity santas 2015 holiday season images

top 10 sexiest female celebrity santas 2015 holiday season imagesIt is mere weeks from Christmas. I know it seems like the 2014 version of the holiday season was just a few months ago, but rest assured “it” has arrived again.

Time to panic!

Enjoying the Christmas holiday is not as easy as it once was. As a kid you could hardly wait for the big day when your parents would spend more money than they should have just so you could have the latest gadget or cool toy.

And back in the day Christmas was a relaxing time when friends and family could get together to enjoy each other’s company. Now it seems like Christmas get togethers involve running from house to house to make sure every relative is visited even though that means everyone is in a rush and ends up in a bad mood.

Let’s take a step back for just a moment. Let us forget about the credit card bills that will hit us in the grill come January. Let us ignore the stress from eating a Honey Baked Ham at our step sister’s madhouse of a home.

Instead we should focus on the positives of Christmas. Now, I’m not talking about eggnog and stories by the fire. I know you all are gonna be hitting the Bud Light cans and warming yourselves with the electric thermostat set at 72 degrees.

I want to focus on one of the best parts of Christmas.

Sexy Santa suits. What else?

Here are the hottest celebrity ladies I could find that took the time to dress up like old St. Nick. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

sexy female santas gisele tom brady 201510. Tom Brady lives a truly charmed life. He wins Super Bowls in amazing fashion and will likely be POTUS at some point in the future if he so chooses. And he gets to come home to this…even on the holidays.

sexy female santas victorias secret 20159. This Victoria’s Secret model could have easily made the #1 spot. But since she is not a nationally known celebrity she fell to #9. No shame in that. She just needs to follow the path of Beyonce or Pam Anderson and grab some attention for herself. Congrats, whatever your name may be.

sexy female santas beyonce destinys child 20158. Remember Destiny’s Child? I do, if only vaguely. Of course Beyonce came out of that group to rule the world of Pop. As you can see from the picture, the trio ain’t bad. Beyonce was certainly the centerpiece though.

sexy female santas katy perry 20157. Katy Perry can make any costume look good. Yes, even the ridiculous ensemble she sported at last year’s Super Bowl. When she isn’t selling out concert events or making the guys on College Gameday a nervous wreck, she has no problem making Christmas miracles happen like below.

sexy female santas pamela anderson 20156. Pamela Anderson was one of the hottest women ever. She may not be what she used to be, but time takes a toll on us all. She was not the most gifted actress ever, but she was very gifted with other talents that sometimes ended up on video.

sexy female santas mariah carey5. What can you say about Mariah Carey? The lady seems ageless, has one of the best voices in history, and is the very definition of buxom. I looked it up and found the pic below.

sexy female santas mean girls lindsay lohan 20154. Sure Lindsay Lohan is currently a trainwreck, but not at the time that Mean Girls came out. This group photo of Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert (good Lawd!), and Amanda Seyfried sets the standard for multiple Ms. Clauses.

sexy female santas barbara pelvin 20153. Know who Barbara Palvin is? Neither did I until just now. Glad to meet her! A little more name recognition and she would have been at least number two on the list.

sexy female santas kate upton 20152. Not a full Santa Claus suit? Who cares. It’s Kate Upton and her two best friends.

sexy female santas tyra banks 2015Tyra Banks. Top 10 historically when it comes to pure beauty. She could be wearing a Santa suit or a burlap sack. The resulting drool from guys would be about the same. She tops the list for 2015 even though she is on the backside of a great modeling career.

There you have it folks. Feel free to disagree or simply applaud my efforts. It’s not easy to research hot celebrities wearing Santa suits. It’s been a painstaking process that may take me a few days from which to recover.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!