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Gronk Retires: Rob Gronkowski ready for life after NFL, New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriot's fun-loving tight end, loved by all football player is finished with the NFL. He made it official on Sunday...

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski ready for Patriots vs Jets game

Worry no more New England Patriots fans as both quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski will be tearing up the field against the Jets on Sunday.

Eagles vs Patriots makes an unforgettable Super Bowl 52

Philadelphia Eagles Upset New England Patriots 41-33 in a Super Bowl with a Little Bit of Everything

Nick Foles leads Eagles to Super Bowl 52 victory against Tom Brady’s Patriots 41-33

Underdog quarterback Nick Foles leads the underdog Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl 52 victory outdueling Patriots Tom Brady. What's next when franchise quarterback Carson Wentz takes back the quarterback helm next season?

Fantasy Football 2017: Waiting on quarterback draft pick can be smart choice

Everyone always has a winning strategy when it comes to creating that perfect fantasy football team, but sometimes sticking to the basics can save you time and heartbreak

Tom Brady’s 40 never looked better

Tom Brady is easily (or arguably) the greatest quarterback of all time, and now that 40 is looking him square in the eye, he knows there are others breathing down his neck.

Tom Brady concussion reveal sparks NFL investigation for Patriots

After Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, let it slip that he had played through a concussion last year that the New England Patriots never reported, the NFL has begun a review of the quarterback's medical records.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots jersey conspiracy

Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey is just another conspiracy to keep the NFL story lines rolling. I'm not saying Roger Goodell is the shady figure from The X-Files smoking cigarettes and hating on the Buffalo Bills

Tom Brady turns Patriots into Super Bowl comeback kids

Tom Brady showed that nothing can keep him down. Not DeflateGate, haters and certainly not the Atlanta Falcons.

Will a fifth Super Bowl ring prove Tom Brady the greatest?

New Englad Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady is always able to elicit opposing opinions with everything he does. With Super Bowl 51, many are asking if winning five rings will finally put naysayers to rest.

What kind of People don’t watch the Super Bowl?

While most of the world watches Tom Brady and Matt Ryan in Super Bowl 51, some people won’t be tuning in at all. Shocking I know. Not everyone is into NFL football believe it or not.

Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady: Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 has dream matchups galore, not the least of which being Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan. While everyone is looking forward to Julio Jones versus Malcolm Butler and Dan Quinn matching wits with Bill Belichick, we have to start with the QBs.

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