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Fantasy football is a game in which the participants serve as the general managers of virtual professional gridiron football teams. The competitors choose their team rosters by participating in a draft in which all players of a real football league are available.

Richard Sherman speaks his truth on fantasy football fans

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman to Fantasy Owners: NFL Players ‘Don’t Care About Your Fantasy Team’

Fantasy Football 2017: Waiting on quarterback draft pick can be smart...

Everyone always has a winning strategy when it comes to creating that perfect fantasy football team, but sometimes sticking to the basics can save you time and heartbreak

2017 Fantasy Football busts: Dak Prescott, Andrew Luck top list

Who to avoid by all means with your 2017 Fantasy Football draft picks including Dak Prescott, Jarvis Landry, Andrew Luck and Carlos Hyde.

Eli Manning, Eric Ebron: Fantasy football draft sleeper picks

Eli Manning, Jamaal Williams, Pierre Garcon and Eric Ebron make up our top sleeper picks for your fantasy football draft picks.

Fantasy Football is nearly here. Are you ready?

It's almost time to get your fantasy football league in gear and focus on minimizing risk. We all know that the biggest and easiest concept to employ with your league.

DraftKings Live App Review: A must for any fantasy football player

Need another app to keep track of all the cash you’re winning on DraftKings? Or losing? There are plenty of choices out there to keep track of real time NFL stats. Still DraftKings Live (DK Live) is worth a look if you play on DK’s platform regularly.

How the DraftKings and FanDuel Merger affects the average Fish

Don’t worry about FanDuel and DraftKings merging. These companies are going to be just fine. They may not be profitable yet, but all those smart investors can’t be wrong….right?

DraftKings Perfect Lineup for Week 10 NFL: Ezekiel Elliott big winner

Looking to make more than 19 cents on DraftKings? Better get familiar with perfection. To win big, you have to get close to that goal of the perfect lineup. Big tournaments are won by taking risks.

DraftKings Perfect Lineup for Week 9 NFL: Melvin Gordon only sure...

You want to talk about a gangly group of guys that equaled perfection on DraftKings this week. It is unthinkable that some average sounding names like Witten and Wallace racked up 257 points.

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 8 NFL: Derek Carr big DFS winner

Making money on DraftKings is a little like a real job. You grind daily and try to figure some tricks to make that work easier. And there’s always the side hustle you try to make happen so you can add to your cash flow.

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 7: A.J. Green big money winner

Biggest Game Check - A.J. Green is not a bad pick on any given Sunday. When he’s up against a Browns defense that’s giving up 286 yards per game, he is a must. Just finding space to fit Green or whoever is facing Cleveland

5 Hidden stats to boost your daily fantasy football

5 Hidden Stats to Help Kill it with your Daily Fantasy Football. Do you have ten hours a week to research every single fantasy football stat category?